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BlueSky TV Setup

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Click to view contentScenario: You want to program your BlueSky TV remote so that you can enable the "aim anywhere" functionality.   Quick Answer: After ensuring that your remote control has batteries and that your BlueSky TV box is turned on, you can program your remote using RF pairing. Press and hold Setup until the remote light changes green Press the Shaw…
Click to view contentLearn which apps are on BlueSky TV as well as how to access the Apps with this Apps overview. BlueSky TV comes with a set of integrated apps that provide an interactive experience while you watch TV. Use your BlueSky TV remote to gain easy access to weather, sports, stock and traffic information right from applications within your BlueSky TV…
Click to view contentUse the accessibility settings feature in BlueSky TV to turn closed captioning on or off and to set your video description preferences. Settings include configuring closed captioning and video descriptions options.    How to access Accessibility Settings How to turn Closed Captioning on/off How to enable Video Description How to turn Voice…