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Cannot open shawmail in normal setting, only in html format ever since the Microsoft updates yesterday
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Why on earth would you have such an offensive person advertising on your IVR - he is 5 times louder than the regular lady and is extremely obnoxious - I just want to hang up but can't cause i have to talk to support...
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Hi I live in a seniors complex -- the facility charges me $40 per month for cable TV. I also pay my monthly "Digital Classic and High-speed" bill to Shaw. Does this sound normal or am I being double dipped? Thank you in advance.
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I want to record the CTV National News daily.  If I set up a normal series recording I get 3 recordings (it appears as New  at 7 and 8 PM (PST) on the CTV News channel, as well as 11PM on CTV Vancouver).  I only want the 7 or 8 PM show so I can watch it a bit later. A manual recording only allows a single recording.   Any ideas?
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I need to use an extender but instructions tell me to enable WPS - how is this done on the Shaw router? 
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