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Why are the service outage listings not in affected date order? I don't have to remind Shaw on how illogical it is to post outage information forcing users to go back for planned outages.    I would like to see two categories in the outage listing:  1. current outages 2. planned outages   Is this so hard to ask? 
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The phone call lasted 1hr and 10min which a ridiculous amount of time.  I spoke to one operator initially who took details of my request then referred me to 'billing'.  I waited a long time for a second person, this person took the same details then took an excruciating amount of time to complete the operation.  I requested to speak to a… (Show more)
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Got a bug in win 7 PC, repaired and replaced drive, now I'm Win 10, but with mounds of recovered data.  Can not get my to connect to either the Win 10 mail app or the Outlook 365 app.  I have spent hours now on this page: Setup Email in Windows 10 Mail  No matter how I jig the settings, I can't get any thing to work.  The iPhone thankfully… (Show more)
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Phone Customer Service is very bad. I don't recommend Shaw to anyone. They make you wait for 2 hours and don't help with anything. Is this the END of shaw cable?
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i used to be able to use the app to add demand programs to my wish list and then watch them on the tv. The app stopped working and I don’t think it exists anymore. I can look at my options using the free range app but can’t add them to a wish list. Using the tv remote to browse is inconvenient and time consuming. So what’s the deal? 
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I currently have a Pick and Pay plan. When I signed up for it, I was told that I could easily change my selections, for free, at any time. I envisioned just being able to go online and make new selections, but I can't find any link to do it with. I can find what channels I have, what plan I have, and where to sign up for a new one, but none of… (Show more)
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