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I see that in Calgary they are getting the new racing channels i was wondering how long till it comes to Edmonton ?
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Hi,   I signed up for Shaw internet earlier this month.  While I did set up auto payments (via my CIBC Visa card) I wanted to pay the bill a couple of days early.  I have tried to pay it with two credit cards now, both of which are good, and am getting a "We cannot process your payment at this time. Payment was not authorized" error.  Note that… (Show more)
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We are at a loss on what to do, since we got Bluesky back in July we've had nothing but problems. Goes down constantly. One time we went almost 3 weeks with no TV waiting for our tech appointment (yet I pay my bill fully which is also very frustrating). All connections are secure, they've put a booster on the line. Again it's down non stop. I call… (Show more)
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