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I have been a Shaw customer at this address since the late 80's.  In October we noticed internet cutting out and pixilated TV.  A new modem/router was installed.  Did not rectify the problems.  Several internal and external service calls later a new modem/router was installed.  Finally at the end of February the problems were resolved.  All along… (Show more)
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including Japan-TV will resume as arranged. Thanks     [Moderator edit: removed personal information]
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I want to remove myself from the Shaw Support forum but can't find out how. I would also like to remove my profile information.
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Since the beginning of the week my internet has been running slow on most sites other than google search. Websites will either take an incredibly long time to load or fail to load at all.   I have ran Internet speed tests resulting in download speeds of anywhere between 100 Mbps to 150 Mbps. However, the upload speed tests have been at most 0.08… (Show more)
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How do I transfer my current email address to another shaw account?
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I'm unsure what I should do. A while ago I had shaw internet. I was moving and tried to get shaw to pick up my router as part of their moving service and they said they wouldn't. They also overcharged me for a bill and I had no money when I moved so I couldn't pay the final bill. I went on my online account to pay it a couple months later and my… (Show more)
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I used to subscribe directly to Beinsports but added to the Blue Sky package along with SportsnetWorld.  Key sports channels are all available on FreeRange except Beinsports.   When I subscribed to Beinsports directly, I could watch it (all channels) remotely.  There's no option to watch it on Freerange and there's no option to get direct access… (Show more)
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