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I have reset the cable box using the two prescribed methods. I have not reset the Gateway as yet for fear of losing PVR material. We have not observed the guide format to properly reset.
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I should like to cancel my subscription to Sportsnet World on-line. Could you give me pls. a hint as I can not find any place to cancel. Thanks
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In there an easy way, place, to enter this forum/message board?
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I really want internet 300 and blue sky bundle. But why would I switch when I can’t even get the promotion they are currently offering, it really doesn’t make me want to switch and lock in another two years if I can’t get the same thing as the new guy. I might have to look at switching providers, I’m really not enjoying being treated like my… (Show more)
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When I try to "visit the internet section at myshaw, as written on bottom of page, it tells me that this site can't be reached. When I ask for details, it tell me   the connection was reset  try: checking the connection.   then says ERR_CONNECTION_RESET   I do not have a clue how to fix this, but I want to be able to access my webmail on my… (Show more)
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I signed up last year for a student deal to get Shaw internet. Two months ago, that apparently ended and my bill has gone from $42 a month to over a hundred. That obviously is not something I want to pay, and I am wondering if there is a way to get my account switched back, as I am still a student.
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need to switch my email accounts from one shaw account to another
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I'm going to rant slightly as I tell my experience, however, I'm going to ask some questions at the end and hope someone can answer them.    I am extremely frustrated with Shaw. Here's a quick background to set the stage of what happened.    I booked an appointment mid August to get hooked up at the beginning of September, with no problem. The… (Show more)
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I had NAT Type 1 on my Playstation 4 last week with my Hitron router. I had a Shaw customer service rep assign me a second IP and I went to the router settings and put in my PS4's MAC address in IP passthrough.   Now, I have a new Arris SB6 router and the router settings are different. I don't see IP passthrough. I have talked to Shaw customer… (Show more)
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