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CBC records but does not let me fast forward if I tray to go backwards it takes to the last channel instead
in BlueSky TV Forum
I see about a year ago that Shaw said the app was in development,  A year ago.   I just has Blue sky installed and no one mentioned the the app for setting recordings remotely was M.I.A.     While Blue sky has a better menu its missing live buffering and the remote app for iOS and android.  Can some one give us an update as to an ETA. FYI this… (Show more)
in BlueSky TV Forum
Playback of CBC Network recordings works fine at 1x speed. Fast forwarding at 2x also works, but when increasing to 3x or higher it spasmodically jumps forward and/or crashes.  Rewinding crashes the recording every time, wherein the playback is closed and an error message pops up asking if I want to record the next occurrence of the program. This… (Show more)
in BlueSky TV Forum
My BlueSky box is apparently 4K compatible (got it in August).  Although there is no 4K content (other than Netflix), I put the video output mode into 4K (settings menu on the BlueSky box).  When doing so, I noticed the picture quality sucked - choppy, notably for sports.  As a result, I've kept the video output setting to 1080p.   Anyone else… (Show more)
in BlueSky TV Forum
I recently went for the Bluesky “deal” and I wish I could go back to the old Gateway.  The previous PVR and remote had faster response, better programmed buttons and superior picture quality. There is a lag with Bluetooth, fast forward/rewind is laggy, puts a big arrow in the middle of the screen, disappoints all around. How is this an improvement… (Show more)
in BlueSky TV Forum
I am having BlueSky installed in a week's time.  In the meantime, I have a question.  I have been using Apple TV because it accesses Netflix and You Tube -- and also to display on my TV the photographs which reside on my iMac.  I don't really use Apple TV for any other reason.  If BlueSky can do that, I am wondering why I need to bother with Apple… (Show more)
in BlueSky TV Forum
President Trumps speech to the nation has been blacked out on all our stations as well as internet.No live coverage at all. Only after an hour we were able to see and listen to the speech via cable after we had to reboot our system up.We only got to see and hear the repeated speech there after. No live coverage on utube or internet either. We have… (Show more)
in BlueSky TV Forum
Bluesky: how do I hide channels from my guide (that we don't want to see)? This includes ones that we have subscribed to. I know how to view our "free" ones... but we want to hide some that we are subscribed to but never watch. Used to be able to do this with Gateway, but can't seem to do it with Bluesky guide. Help!
in BlueSky TV Forum
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