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We have had Blue Sky since we moved to Qualicum Beach in August 2017 and have had nothing but problems with the sound being out of sync with the picture. Have called numerous times, had tech's out and the problem still persists. We have tried everything, changing boxes, power off and back on which fixes the problem for a short time but it always… (Show more)
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Blue sky sports app doesn't have ncaab! And it's March madness! HELP!
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Hi, I recently turned on the power save option on my two BlueSky portals to free up tuners when the portals are not being used. After a day without using the portals, I turned on one of the portals, I can see the blue light lit up on the portal and was responding to the remote (the blue light blinks) but the TV says no signal. The portal is… (Show more)
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After coming home to a frozen BlueSky system at our house we were faced with the prospect of losing all of our recorded shows and schedule. This happened twice before when using Gateway. Shaw technical support is still working on the problem and thus far we were able to salvage the recordings schedule but the shows appear to have been lost for the… (Show more)
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BlueSky box request for new APPS to go with new  Netflix app     NHL GameCenter app (for those with rogers login or online subscription services)   Crackle App   Youtube App
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I have 4 TV's in my home on BlueSky. I have had this setup since the inception of BlueSky - a couple of years maybe... Things have been fine until about 3 weeks ago. Suddenly, when one of the satellite TV's is on, the main TV in the media room experiences a stutter every 10 seconds or so. When the TV in the satellite room (bedroom etc) is… (Show more)
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No matter which channel we watch, for the past few weeks (more than a month now), my spouse and I have found that every day, no matter what time, the TV pauses, cuts out, pixelates, and appears to jump. I've tried unplugging and re-plugging in the Box. That has not worked - we even bought a new HDMI cord hoping that could help - it didn't.  We're… (Show more)
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My channel listing does not show the BlueSky channel numbers as it should, but the old ones which don't apply to my Blue Sky service. How can this be fixed?
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I’ve read that BlueSky can record 6 shows at at time. I can only record 4 and on top of that,I can’t watch a different show while the others are recording . Any ideas?
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Can BlueSky TV be fixed so that all shows set to record all new shows doesn't now also record all shows from channel too.
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