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We are at a loss on what to do, since we got Bluesky back in July we've had nothing but problems. Goes down constantly. One time we went almost 3 weeks with no TV waiting for our tech appointment (yet I pay my bill fully which is also very frustrating). All connections are secure, they've put a booster on the line. Again it's down non stop. I call… (Show more)
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This seems to happen every now and again and although the currently selected menu title is slightly bolder then the others it is near impossible to tell which option is selected. The fix is rebooting the portal which is annoying. I believe it is only happening with one portal but then it is the one we use the most.
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Let's start with the setup in my household. We have 2 BlueSky TV boxes, each with a 500 Mb drive, giving us a total of 1 Gb of recording space. We have had this setup for close to 2 years now, and have never experienced any problems except for an occasional recording not being able to play back (bad sectors on a hard drive???).   My wife and I… (Show more)
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Lately, with in the last week and daily, when watching either on my PVR or on demand or steaming the program that I am watching will cut out and return to the menu.  I will try to continue watching and it will just return to the menu and will not let me return to my program.  At first I thought it was just the one box, but it is all of them and my… (Show more)
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I have set up a scheduled recording for a TV show as follows: New episodes only, CICTHD Only, Until space is needed, All episodes, On time, On time. My storage space is around 50%. It airs on Tuesdays. Last night, I went to my scheduled recordings list, and it wasn't set to record today on the 5th, but it was set to record on the 12th. I had to… (Show more)
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I have several series recordings set, but lately a few of them have suddenly decided to record all episodes, new and repeat, despite having set to new episodes only.  All of my series recording are set to 'new episodes only' as well as set to a specific channel. It seems to have started after the last firmware update. I've tried deleting the… (Show more)
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I am not getting Dolby Digital audio on TSN on Bluesy, it's just in stereo.  Is anyone else having the same issue?  Every other channel is coming through in Dolby Digital.  Shaw has no idea why it's doing this.
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Just had BlueSky installed and am having some frustration with the guide/channel surfing. I have set the default guide as Free to Me. Shouldn't this allow me to scroll through just the channels that I have access to? It appears to do this when there are one or two unsubscribed channels to skip. But whenever there are a large group of unsubscribed… (Show more)
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Solved but only by luck. All of a sudden the voice command would not work on one remote, was the only function on the remote that would not work. tried several resets with tech help on the phone with the remote and with a new one I picked up from the shaw office. Nothing. Service tech booking was made and overnight it started to work again, tech… (Show more)
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I have just switched over to Bluesky tv from my Shaw PVRs and have been struggling to connect my universal remote. I have added Arris AX014ANM and Shaw AX014ANM A’s devices and synced it to my remote to watch TV. I do not have any controls for the box. What am I doing wrong or am I not able to sync the remote to. Ontrol the blue sky box
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