• Additional Storage Space

    Hello,   I was wondering with the new cloud PVR enhancements to BlueSky TV will or is there a chance we can obtain additional storage space for recordings? 500GB of storage (especially for HD) is not very much a...
    created by mixar
  • BlueSky TV Stutters

    I have 4 TV's in my home on BlueSky. I have had this setup since the inception of BlueSky - a couple of years maybe... Things have been fine until about 3 weeks ago. Suddenly, when one of the satellite TV's is on, th...
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  • 30 Second Skip working?

    Considering switching to Shaw.  Bluesky sounded great until I read the remote does not offer 30 second skip ahead feature. Someone posted the EXIT EXIT EXIT 0030 key press sequence to add the feature to the page ...
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  • Bluesky vs Optik

      I'm currently a Gateway subscriber (including internet and phone), it's costing me about $200 per month to cover 4 TVs (including various themes).     I'm looking at replacing this with either Bluesky...
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  • Is an App ever coming?

    Left Gateway for BlueSky, still missing the ability to remotely schedule recordings. https://community.shaw.ca/thread/36408 The above thread has mentions of 'late stages of development', but literally years hav...
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  • Bluesky sports app ncaab

    Blue sky sports app doesn't have ncaab! And it's March madness! HELP!
    created by delly47
  • Cloud Based PVR

    After coming home to a frozen BlueSky system at our house we were faced with the prospect of losing all of our recorded shows and schedule. This happened twice before when using Gateway. Shaw technical support is stil...
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  • No signal after power save mode

    Hi, I recently turned on the power save option on my two BlueSky portals to free up tuners when the portals are not being used. After a day without using the portals, I turned on one of the portals, I can see the blue...
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  • BlueSky App Requests

    BlueSky box request for new APPS to go with new  Netflix app     NHL GameCenter app (for those with rogers login or online subscription services)   Crackle App   Youtube App
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  • BlueSky Box Issues

    I was having issues with On Demand and Netflix stuttering so I had a tech visit.  He replaced the box and now the new box is 10 times worse, pixelating on all PVR recordings which was not even an issue.  Wen...
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  • Bluesky stock (Calgary)

    I was scheduled to have my old Gateway system replaced with a Bluesky one today. Last week I got a call informing me that the Calgary outlets are out-of-stock and so I could not be upgraded. I was told that Shaw is wo...
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  • Programming the Bluesky remote to select correct AV input

    I have replaced my Onkyo AV receiver with a Sony STR-DN1080.  I have reprogrammed the Bluesky remote to turn the new AV Receiver on an off and to control the audio volume.  But when I turn on the AV Receiver...
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  • Future "POTENTIAL" of BlueSky?

    I have recently noticed that Shaw has started to follow the path of Xfinity and X1 with BlueSky TV. Though I have one problem and that is when will Shaw reach the full potential of X1 that Xfinity has shown. 1. Apps ...
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  • Bluesky 4k box

    I have contacted Shaw numerous time asking about the Bluesky 4k box and i have been told i have it and Netflix is in 4K   No i do not have it .... but customer service will tell me till their blue in the face t...
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  • Pausing Multiple Channels

    A number of members of this forum have asked this question in the past, including myself, but I've seen no response from Shaw at all on it.  The question is why is it no longer possible to pause a program on one ...
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  • terrible customer service

    dealing with shaw technical support people is truly pathetic. they do not know anything about the problems i call about, one person even laughed at me. most of the time you cannot reach anyone by phone or chat. they s...
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  • epic fail

    I have had a dozen problems with my blue sky box in the last eighteen months and none have been fixed. I have had almost 20 service calls, the box has been changed, my unit was rewired and still have problems. No ma...
    created by mikejbc

    The Blue Sky system has some new good features.... but there are several disappointing differences between it and Gateway... BLUE SKY: 1. For some reason all the Stingray Music channels  are all blank and do no...
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  • How to set up Harmony Ultimate ONE UNIVERSAL REMOTE

    I have just switched over to Bluesky tv from my Shaw PVRs and have been struggling to connect my universal remote. I have added Arris AX014ANM and Shaw AX014ANM A’s devices and synced it to my remote to watch TV...
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  • Bluesky picture quality poor

    Hi everyone   I've been on Bluesky for a week now after 12 years of the good old Motorola boxes. My Moto DCX3400 (and the grey boxes before) was a rock and the picture quality pretty sharp, detailed an...
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