• BlueSky TV Stutters

    I have 4 TV's in my home on BlueSky. I have had this setup since the inception of BlueSky - a couple of years maybe... Things have been fine until about 3 weeks ago. Suddenly, when one of the satellite TV's is on, th...
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  • terrible customer service

    dealing with shaw technical support people is truly pathetic. they do not know anything about the problems i call about, one person even laughed at me. most of the time you cannot reach anyone by phone or chat. they s...
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  • epic fail

    I have had a dozen problems with my blue sky box in the last eighteen months and none have been fixed. I have had almost 20 service calls, the box has been changed, my unit was rewired and still have problems. No ma...
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    The Blue Sky system has some new good features.... but there are several disappointing differences between it and Gateway... BLUE SKY: 1. For some reason all the Stingray Music channels  are all blank and do no...
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  • BlueSky App Requests

    BlueSky box request for new APPS to go with new  Netflix app     NHL GameCenter app (for those with rogers login or online subscription services)   Crackle App   Youtube App
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  • Bluesky vs Optik

      I'm currently a Gateway subscriber (including internet and phone), it's costing me about $200 per month to cover 4 TVs (including various themes).     I'm looking at replacing this with either Bluesky...
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  • How to set up Harmony Ultimate ONE UNIVERSAL REMOTE

    I have just switched over to Bluesky tv from my Shaw PVRs and have been struggling to connect my universal remote. I have added Arris AX014ANM and Shaw AX014ANM A’s devices and synced it to my remote to watch TV...
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  • Bluesky picture quality poor

    Hi everyone   I've been on Bluesky for a week now after 12 years of the good old Motorola boxes. My Moto DCX3400 (and the grey boxes before) was a rock and the picture quality pretty sharp, detailed an...
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  • Need help programming my Logitech Hub Remote to Bluesky XG1V4-A

    Having trouble setting up my Logitech Hub remote to work with my Bluesky XG1V4-A. Tried all my receiver options (including Comcast, Arris, Pace). Still not working on the receiver
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  • Playback problem with CBC Network recordings on BlueSky

    Playback of CBC Network recordings works fine at 1x speed. Fast forwarding at 2x also works, but when increasing to 3x or higher it spasmodically jumps forward and/or crashes.  Rewinding crashes the recording eve...
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  • bluesky not recording CBC properly

    CBC records but does not let me fast forward if I tray to go backwards it takes to the last channel instead
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  • 5 Minute Page Up

     I have a problem with the remote  and they says it's not fixable. The page up and page down just today changed from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. I watch 75%+ of my TV using PVR, so 5 minute skips won't work. &#...
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  • Blue sky iOS / android app for remote recording

    I see about a year ago that Shaw said the app was in development,  A year ago.   I just has Blue sky installed and no one mentioned the the app for setting recordings remotely was M.I.A.     While ...
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  • 4K Box Video Output

    My BlueSky box is apparently 4K compatible (got it in August).  Although there is no 4K content (other than Netflix), I put the video output mode into 4K (settings menu on the BlueSky box).  When doing so, I...
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  • I got this blue sky tv and the picture is absolute crap. The hd looks like standard tv. Not clean at all.

    Does anyone else have the same problem. I feel misled. 
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  • Bluesky is not worth the money

    I recently went for the Bluesky “deal” and I wish I could go back to the old Gateway.  The previous PVR and remote had faster response, better programmed buttons and superior picture quality. There is...
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  • Blackout Blue sky TV and internet

    President Trumps speech to the nation has been blacked out on all our stations as well as internet.No live coverage at all. Only after an hour we were able to see and listen to the speech via cable after we had to reb...
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  • How do we hide subscribed channels in our guide?

    Bluesky: how do I hide channels from my guide (that we don't want to see)? This includes ones that we have subscribed to. I know how to view our "free" ones... but we want to hide some that we are subscribed to but ne...
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  • CraveTV Stutter

    So does anyone else sub to CraveTV using BlueSky?  My wife and I have been trying it for a month free and noticed that most of the time, anytime we are watching a show, the video stutters, like a bad connection t...
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    Every morning when I wake up or come home from work I go to watch TV. I turn on my TV with my Samsung Remote and/or my BlueSky remote but my New BlueSky box doesn't send any video or audio signal when waking it up fro...
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