• Transaction fee charge

    Hey there, we just recently upgraded to Shaw blu sky and since I’ve got my most recent bill I noticed that Shaw is trying to charge me transaction fees for unreturned equipment. The problem is that the old equip...
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  • Recording Shows - "Keep One" setting

    I used to be able to have the BlueSky PVR set to just keep one show.  This was very useful because I record several shows every day.  If I miss a day of News for example, I'm not going to go and try and watc...
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  • Why won’t BlueSky let me pause and rewind live TV??

    Today I was watching a show and tried to hit pause and rewind a scene, and a message popped saying something like “pause is not available, set top box won’t allow it” and then I would flip to a diffe...
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  • No Dolby Digital on TSN on Bluesky

    I am not getting Dolby Digital audio on TSN on Bluesy, it's just in stereo.  Is anyone else having the same issue?  Every other channel is coming through in Dolby Digital.  Shaw has no idea why it's doi...
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  • I'm wondering when the rest of the Shaw community will have the new HD channels and updated FreeRange TV features (cloud PVR) that other customers have had for some time now?

    I'm wondering when the rest of the Shaw community will be able to have the new HD channels and updated FreeRange TV features (cloud PVR) that other customers have had for some time now? We like having Discovery ID but...
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  • Recording skipping backwards, menu hanging, playback unavailable

    I've started having several problems over the past few days and weeks.   1. I'm watching a recording and during playback the scene pauses then skips back several minutes without me touching the remote.  Thi...
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  • terrible customer service

    I called in to talk to someone in the billing department and they hung up on me. Sadly this is not the first time that i have had really bad service from shaw. They have no respect or regard for  their customers.
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  • recording playback starts 30 seconds in

    For a long time now every time i playback a recording it starts thirty seconds in. The recording starts on time but i then have to rewind thirty seconds to get to the beginning of the recording. This is very annoying ...
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  • Why does my recording or on demand movie just quit and return to the menu?

    Lately, with in the last week and daily, when watching either on my PVR or on demand or steaming the program that I am watching will cut out and return to the menu.  I will try to continue watching and it will ju...
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  • Google Home/Alexa

    Consider adding Google Home/Alexa compatibility to Bluesky cable boxes... Has anyone looked at this? My TV's are all Smart and respond to google home commands, but when it comes time to change the channel, I need...
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  • BlueSky TV - Recordings Vanished

    Let's start with the setup in my household. We have 2 BlueSky TV boxes, each with a 500 Mb drive, giving us a total of 1 Gb of recording space. We have had this setup for close to 2 years now, and have never experienc...
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  • pvr playback problem

    Anytime I playback a recording it starts 30 seconds in. I then have to rewind to the beginning. This has been happening for a long time and shaw does not seem to want to fix this problem. In addition to that I have ha...
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  • Bluesky constantly going down

    We are at a loss on what to do, since we got Bluesky back in July we've had nothing but problems. Goes down constantly. One time we went almost 3 weeks with no TV waiting for our tech appointment (yet I pay my bill fu...
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  • Blue underline on the menu screen disappears

    This seems to happen every now and again and although the currently selected menu title is slightly bolder then the others it is near impossible to tell which option is selected. The fix is rebooting the portal which ...
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  • Channel Surfing/Guide Frustrations

    Just had BlueSky installed and am having some frustration with the guide/channel surfing. I have set the default guide as Free to Me. Shouldn't this allow me to scroll through just the channels that I have access to? ...
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  • Scheduled Recordings Being Skipped

    I have set up a scheduled recording for a TV show as follows: New episodes only, CICTHD Only, Until space is needed, All episodes, On time, On time. My storage space is around 50%. It airs on Tuesdays. Last night, I w...
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  • Series recording repeat episodes

    I have several series recordings set, but lately a few of them have suddenly decided to record all episodes, new and repeat, despite having set to new episodes only.  All of my series recording are set to 'new e...
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  • Bluesky is not worth the money

    I recently went for the Bluesky “deal” and I wish I could go back to the old Gateway.  The previous PVR and remote had faster response, better programmed buttons and superior picture quality. There is...
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  • Does Bluesky allow picture-in-picture (pip)

    I have PIP capability on my TV.    How do I see 2 channels simultaneously with Bluesky ?
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  • Voice fail on the remote

    Solved but only by luck. All of a sudden the voice command would not work on one remote, was the only function on the remote that would not work. tried several resets with tech help on the phone with the remote and wi...
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