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How do I turn off the Shaw spam filter? Every message it has labeled as spam has not been spam. I was not aware of it even happening until I happened to check webmail recently and discovered it. I have no idea how many emails I have missed due to this since I very rarely log into webmail.  I will take care of my own email and do not need Shaw to… (Show more)
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Hello everyone.  I've been trying to troubleshoot an issue I've had since December to no avail.  I've had a wifi extender in my house (D-Link DAP-1720) for almost two years, and it was working flawlessly up until last month.  It seems as though the extender will no longer connect to our Hitron unit.  This led me to wonder if our extender had just… (Show more)
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For the last ten days or so, my internet connection keeps dieing. Network remains connected, but internet fails. -Hitron modem -making no physical changes -no new software that would be creating problems   netowrk trouble shooting alwys reeturns the same response: The DNS Server isnt responding, although it is detected.
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Hey everyone! Just wanted to chime in and make a quick post on how Internet 300 has been so far. I'll keep it brief here, but there's some important information I think people should know if they're switching to Internet 300 right now.   Internet 300 requires you change your Shaw account over to a new internal billing system. There are some… (Show more)
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I recently changed my plan to Shaw 150 and got the new Arris comcast modem this morning. Only after 3-4 hours, I noticed huge lag spikes in games and streaming. I looked up Shaw forums and noticed tons of posts on this buggy chipset used in most of Shaw's modems.    I just wonder if Shaw ever investigates these issues before making the purchase?… (Show more)
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I am subscribed to Internet 150 unlimited. My hitron modem is in bridged mode I have a PC running FreeBSD acting as my Internet router / firewall providing DHCP to my LAN clients and doing NAT etc. Recently I began experiencing intermittent/slow Internet access on all my LAN clients.   I finally isolated the cause as being a bad DHCP option… (Show more)
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My inbox is been full of spam and scam links is there an automated process that gets rid of these messages?
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From my Shaw account, from the "hotspot" manual, I switch the button to "OFF", but when I check my wifi signal, the "hidden wifi" (that is the Shaw Freedom wifi) is still there.   How do I turn it off?   Charles.
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So yeah I recently got shaw 150 and have been having terrible connection drops.  I had aDSL previously and had no issues before.  I've contacted support at least 5+ times to no avail.  I've had a tech guy come which he was supposed to bring maybe a new modem, which didn't happen.      Here is ping logs connecting to google:
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Hi,    I have internet 150 for a while now, but lately I am getting really bad connection. The internet is slow, watching videos on netflix or youtube buffers a lot. Watching live stream buffers a lot too. And most importantly browsing overseas websites, i sometimes get these random white still loading state in my chrome because it is still… (Show more)
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