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Click to view contentI've been having an issue with a huge amount of instability in my internet after swapping to Shaw 150 a couple months ago, and I've seemingly tried every solution I can think of at this point. I've tried swapping coaxial cables, removing splitters, replacing my modem, new ethernet cables, going wireless, testing on different devices, but nothing… (Show more)
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Hi everyone. Is anyone else with a Hitron cable modem / Router having random internet loss. Here's what happens to me. After I exchanged my cable modem (at request of tech support), If I connect the ethernet to the bottom ethernet port on the Hitron, I only get about a 90 mbps connection but if I connect to the ethernet port just above it, I get… (Show more)
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I've switched my Arris XB6 into Bridged Mode but no longer can login. I can get to the website through and try to login with the old password but it gives me accessed is denied. I have don't a factory reset and setup the modem with ensuring the password is correct but once I switch it back to bridge mode I get the accessed is denied.… (Show more)
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Many of our clients that are using email addresses are not receiving emails from our servers.  The bounce back error we are receiving from shaw is:   Delivery to the following recipients failed.   We have removed images, signatures, and everything that we can from our emails and have had no luck. My guess is that Shaw is… (Show more)
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Just wanted everyone to know that if your planning on getting Internet 300 with the XB6 modem. DON'T!! I signed up for internet 300 with the XB6 on a two year contract. From day one, I was getting disconnected when playing online (I had 150 before and never had problem). A tech came out and replaced a new modem with another new modem. The next few… (Show more)
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My internet speed over the past few days has greatly decreased in download rate 2.5 Mbps ( Im currently on the 75 plan). At the same time my upload rate has seemed to get a higher range, approx 8 Mbps. I've tried connecting to the modem with a computer for a speed test and no change in speed was noted, so I know it's not just a wireless issue. My… (Show more)
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I currenly have shaw 150 internet.  With the upgrade shaw has given to double internet speed to 300.  I have power cycled my equipment many times and still seem to be around the 150 mark.  I am checking with a desktop and cat 5e ethernet cable directly to shaw hitron modem. My desktop appears to have a gigabit nic  My wireless runs off the same… (Show more)
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Several times this evening the 5G SSID disappeared from mobile devices while the 2.4 SSID remains on our Hitron CGNM-2250 - SHW.    I restarted the router each time and that seems to have remedied the issue until it returns about an hour later. Has there been a firmware update recently for the router? My router's hardware version is 1A, software… (Show more)
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Hello,   I have a Hitron-2250, and recently had to move modem to main floor of two story house without the option of leaving on second floor anymore.   This created an major issue of wifi on TV's (2nd floor) buffering to much to watch, and wifi slow if not completely dropping out on devices.  (2 Lan connections work awesome)   As i have to… (Show more)
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