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I haven't been receiving emails forwarded through for days now. Is Shaw blocking emails forwarded through Spamgourmet? I have verified that Spamgourmet is still operational. For anybody not familiar with this, it is a semi-disposable anti-spam email address service that allows you to give out a unique email address to any site that… (Show more)
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I have a new Ipad and a laptop running windows 10.  I would like to have both machines using the same email program and the  contacts program from the Ipad. Is that possible?
in Internet Forum
My Dlink wireless camera will not connect to my nitron modem. Any hints please?
in Internet Forum
For the past month or so we've noticed our home network has been slow and just not "right"  I've already reinstalled windows on 2 of the machines reconfigured everything reset the modem to default setting's  Another machine was found with a bitcoin miner running in the background somehow got by our firewall + malwarebytes and Avast..   In the… (Show more)
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I have a Cisco DPC 3825. My wife used to be able to watch Netflix while I played online video games. Now it doesn't matter if anybody is on the internet, my PS4 is losing connections to the server. Port 1 is my wireless router (Archer C7). 2 cell phones are connected wirelessly Laptop Port 2 is my PC. Port 3 is my PS4. I used to have both… (Show more)
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When is Passpoint going to be available for Android and Windows 10? Would love to securely use ShawGo with my Android phones and my Windows 10 computer like I do with the iPad. With security being the upmost importance in today's economy, this should be top priority to reach the masses. The priority of 'Anything Apple' and leaving the rest… (Show more)
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Hi my name is Shawndrea Lisowick and I have had Shaw in the past and I think I have an old bill and would like to clear that up so I can Have Shaw service again How much if I owe?
in Internet Forum
I want to use passthrough mode on port 4. Doesn't seem to work. Do I need to get my secondary IP address activated by Shaw? Do I even get a 2nd one? Thanks
in Internet Forum
My internet works fine during the day and then the last two nights it keeps going on and off.  Is there a problem with it?  I have disconnected and reconnected both the router and modem.  Is this just me or anyone else having this problem?
in Internet Forum
Hello, my wifi connection is often slow, and I continually get low speed test scores. Any suggestions?
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