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I have internet 300, and it has been good, until recently; the internet became very slow, on average about 25 mbps. We even called a Shaw technician in to help fix it, but he couldn't figure out what was wrong. Also, the Shaw speed test gives about 150 mbps, but the google one gives 15, and other ones in between those 2. Loading anything with… (Show more)
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Questions regarding BlueCurve Pods.    In the Pods spec sheets on Shaw’s website, it shows pods equipped with Ethernet port. Is this Ethernet port backhaul to router enabled ( using Ethernet cable to communicate rather than wifi )
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Around the beginning of every month I get a marketing e-mail from telling me about all the TV channels they want me to buy.  At the bottom of each e-mail is a link to unsubscribe from it.  I have visited it on multiple occasions but the marketing e-mails don't stop.  I called Shaw support and got someone to manually… (Show more)
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I expected to notice a substantial increase in my overall browsing experience jumping from 150>300 Mbps, but that's not the case. Although speedtest results show our speeds exceeding 300 Mbps, my upload speeds are still pathetic at 15-16 Mbps.   For comparison purposes, I took the same laptop, hardwired (RJ45) it to my friend's Telus router who's… (Show more)
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I recently signed up for internet 150.   I have the Hiltron modem in bridge mode connected to an Apple Airport Extreme router (802.11 b/g/n). All of my devices are connected to that router either by wifi, direct connection or using power line modules (a PS3). My devices are either 802.11 b/g/n or 802.11g ( a PS3).   I have read of an IP… (Show more)
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Hi,    The guest WiFi used to work but suddenly the password appears to be incorrect even though it was never changed. So, I am trying to change the guest WiFi password. However, after I enter the IP address and log into the configuration page, there is no "Wireless" tab that is suppose to be at the top of the page. I have the hitron… (Show more)
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A few weeks ago, I noticed that suddenly emails from March 2019 started to be transferred from my Shaw webmail Inbox to the Trash folder without any sort of notice or warning.  This means that before I empty the Trash folder, I have to check for March 2019 emails that I want to keep and move them back to the Inbox . . . every time.  I don't know… (Show more)
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Our Shaw Fibre Optic internet (up to 300mbps) has been really slow from the start. The last month it's been clocking in speeds of 1-10mbps. Our Netgear r6400 router serves an area of roughly 600 square feet without any obstruction, so the signal shouldn't have an issue going a few meters. We were in touch a lot at the beginning, but our patience… (Show more)
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