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How do I turn off the Shaw spam filter? Every message it has labeled as spam has not been spam. I was not aware of it even happening until I happened to check webmail recently and discovered it. I have no idea how many emails I have missed due to this since I very rarely log into webmail.  I will take care of my own email and do not need Shaw to… (Show more)
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Been here before, still having NAT moderate issues, and UPNP issues with Xbox Live. Was told to go talk to Microsoft support, but I'm back because my router/modem does not have a UPNP switch. HELP ME.
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Over the past couple of days, I have noticed that emails are randomly disappearing from my Trash Folder.  On Tuesday 15 had disappeared, Wednesday another 21 and Today 18 had disappeared.  It's not like the oldest ones are disappearing, it seems to be random dates.  No one else has access to my email, so it's not like someone else is going in and… (Show more)
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I'm having a real tough time with customer service these past 2 weeks. 2 week ago, suddenly my service stopped working properly in the evenings. Buffering badly on TV streams that have worked flawlessly for the past year. Like anyone, I though well maybe its the TV service, or maybe its my wireless. I put into motion numerous steps to test and… (Show more)
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Click to view contentIn January, my household started to have issues with regards to what seemed to just be limited to livestreams on; where before you were able to watch multiple at a time at source quality without buffering, and now a given computer is limited to watch a single stream at 720p (over ethernet) without buffering during non-peak hours. These… (Show more)
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So I moved into a new townhouse in Champlain Heights area in Vancouver. With the move in I was upgraded from a Hitron CGNM-2250 to the new Shaw XB6 Modem. After weeks of trying to connect and multiple routers swaps later Shaw determined that the townhouse complex is 'too old' to support new high bandwidth routers. When I asked the definition of… (Show more)
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I am wondering if Shaw offers any internet security apps for users of Android devices? I know that they offer such software for PC users but what about users of Android devices? 
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Had micro dc issues with following symptoms: Connection drops long enough to drop off games/irc + cause stream buffering, but not long enough to register as lost connection on discord (weird). Random occurence, sometimes hours without occuring, others 3-5x in 45min. Modem doesn't cycle, and various tests register lost tcp packets at the local… (Show more)
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Click to view contentI wanted to share this little utility that I use for testing my WiFi reception around the house. It is easy to set up and use. I found it on the iOS App Store. I beleive it is also aviaible on the Google App Store. Quite helpful for troubleshooting and all round testing.    WiFi Sweet Spots  
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