• What is the difference between DMZ and IP Pass-through?

    I have a PS4 and Xbox One, I'm looking to avoid all NAT issues and possibly improve performance. Would it be better to use a DMZ or use IP Pass-through?
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  • MoCA 2.0 + Shaw Internet & TV

    Hi there, I will preface this with that I know this is not supported by Shaw, but it used to work handsomely up until a month ago, so I am convinced that this can be fixed and back in work in order with a few modifica...
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  • Considering pulling the plug on Shaw...

    On Monday, January 15th, 2018 at approximately 1500 hours I was on the phone with a Shaw representative inquiring about changing my Television, Home Phone and Internet package. I was on the phone for approximately 90 ...
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  • FTTH available in my area by chance?

    Hi, I've read a few posts that indicate that shaw can get you wired up to fibre network instead of coax, but only in certain parts of the province. sometime ago i asked if i could get FTTH to my area and got a call fr...
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  • Not impressed with who ever installer did this ...

    Really not impressed Shaw ! Like what stupid installer would pull a paying active customers line ! And the kicker ... Have to wait till wed for a for sure appointment...    Meanwhile my service is out 1...
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  • Hello, I have a hitron wifi modem but it won't let me change the network password from my mobile phone. Can someone do it for me or is there a different way? I don't have a computer btw.

    It won't save the changes I made to the passphrase or the ssid.
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  • When will Manitouwadge get new Microwave link Installed?

    I'm buying a home in 2018 in Manitouwadge in 2018. I'm looking forward to it but the entire town seems to be up in arms about their Internet connection. I did a lot of work investigating and it all comes down to ...
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  • IPv6 Status

    Hi,   It has been about half a year since this was last discussed, and I'm just wondering if there's any progress with IPv6 roll-out for regular customers. If there's a beta program or something I can join, tha...
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  • Why is my routing in Alberta so bad compared to other provinces?

    For many of the games I play the servers are situated in California. My friends in BC average 50 ping to all of these servers no matter the game, however I average 100+. Is there an underlying issue for this, or is it...
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  • How do I watch Shaw On Demand on my laptop? There used to be the option to watch on TV or on Computer but this option is not there now.

    There appears to be only the option of watching Shaw On Demand on TV. How do I get it on my computer(laptop)?
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  • Any word on when Arris XB6 Advanced WiFi Modem will be available to all Shaw internet customers?

    When will the Arris XB6 Advanced WiFi Modem be available to all Shaw internet customers?
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  • Can't get DD-WRT router to acquire my 2nd IP

    I had this working for about 18 months or so, then last week we had some internet access issues and shaw recommended replacing the Hitron 2250 cable modem.  Now I can't get my DD-WRT router to connect through thi...
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  • Hitron cgnm-2250 5g not showing up

    So I just got a new Hitron cgnm-2250 router from shaw and its supposed to have a 2.4g connection and a 5g connection. The problem I'm having is the 5g connection wont show up in the list of network connections on...
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  • Is anyone having problems with ShawPasspoint after updating to iOS 11.2?

    After updating my iPhone to iOS 11.2 when I try connecting to ShawPasspoint it asks me for a Username and Password even though the profile is installed. I’ve tried removing the profile and installing it again bu...
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  • Internet dropping with Hitron Modem

    For the last ten days or so, my internet connection keeps dieing. Network remains connected, but internet fails. -Hitron modem -making no physical changes -no new software that would be creating problems   ne...
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  • Routing issue with 1 game resulting in high ping

    Ping issues with Rainbow 6 Siege. I have upwards of 120+ ping in this game while 50 and below in League of Legends, CS:GO and Overwatch. I have port-forwarded even and that had no effect. I believe it is a routing iss...
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  • Why is my internet lagging on me while I'm playing online?.

    I'm have your lowest Internet service, but playing online is lagging, for example Star Wars the Old Republic seems to lag when I play.     also when I play Videos online it lags as well.     LW
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  • a question on upgrading

    I have an old (10yr plus) home internet plan.....I wanted to know if I have to have a new wifi enabled modem or is my old modem ok to upgrade to a faster plan? eg. going from internet 15 to internet 150. I only ask t...
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  • paying for internet 150 and not getting it

    i have internet 150 and after doing many speed tests on shaw's speed test test it rarely gets up to 150 mbps. i talked to tech support and they gave me some b.s. about it being slow because lots of people are checkin...
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  • Random packet loss starting a couple days ago (Internet 150/Hitron)

    Lately I've been experiencing random spikes of packet loss which is VERY annoying when it comes to internet heavy applications such as gaming and streaming. I've had it good until recently and was wondering if there a...
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