• IPv6 Status

    Hi,   It has been about half a year since this was last discussed, and I'm just wondering if there's any progress with IPv6 roll-out for regular customers. If there's a beta program or something I can join, tha...
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  • The worst customer service I've ever seen

    Sunday Mar 26 - completed online order for service and was contacted by rep about setup. Options were wednesday the 5 or self install. I chose self install which she gave me instructions to pick up at Oakridge mall by...
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    i work from home and need the internet for my job, now my internet is not working properly and affecting my ability to do my job. i spoke to a supervisor at technical operations and a foreman and they both tell me eve...
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  • Advanced Wifi Modem & Fibre Building

    I recently upgraded from Internet 15 to Internet 75. In the description for both, the Advanced Wifi Modem rental is included in both plans.   I chatted with Customer Service yesterday and today regarding the new...
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  • Shaw expanding to La Salle?

    I'm just wondering if Shaw will ever expand to La Salle, Manitoba area. Right now the only available provider is MTS and they are ripping the people off. $60 for 7mbps speed (thats the max you can get from them in thi...
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  • How to re-send subscription e-mail?

    I'm trying to create that new Shaw ID.   I put in my e-mail address, and it sent some e-mail there which got eaten by a spam filter.   The pop-up dialog prompt for creating the new account isn't appearing...
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  • Arris XB6 Advanced Wi-Fi Modem Experiences

    I am considering swapping my Hitron modem for the new Arris XB6 modem but I want to make sure that this modem is stable and not worse than the Hitron modem before I swap. Of course Shaw says that this new modem is a "...
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  • When will Shaw Fix the Internet in Manitouwadge?

    I live in a small town off Highway 17 and then down Highway 614 called Manitouwadge. Towns Postal Code P0T-2C0   Sadly your main line is on Highway 17 but no one has ever bothered bring it into the Town. So what...
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  • Internet dropping with Hitron Modem

    For the last ten days or so, my internet connection keeps dieing. Network remains connected, but internet fails. -Hitron modem -making no physical changes -no new software that would be creating problems   ne...
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  • MoCA 2.0 + Shaw Internet & TV

    Hi there, I will preface this with that I know this is not supported by Shaw, but it used to work handsomely up until a month ago, so I am convinced that this can be fixed and back in work in order with a few modifica...
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  • Shaw ID not working as authentication for Shaw Go Wifi

    I was at a Shaw Go Wi-Fi hotspot today and was trying to register my device but for some odd reason it wasn't letting me use my Shaw ID so I had to use a Shaw Email account. The Shaw ID I was using was a Secondary Sha...
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  • port forwarding

    Just have a question about port forwarding - for months, I have been having issues with receiving e-mails from Sony regarding their PlayStation services.  I get some e-mails from them like purchase confirmations,...
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  • Why is my routing in Alberta so bad compared to other provinces?

    For many of the games I play the servers are situated in California. My friends in BC average 50 ping to all of these servers no matter the game, however I average 100+. Is there an underlying issue for this, or is it...
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  • Vulnerable Cisco Devices

    Hello all,   To anyone using a DCP3848V modem provided by Shaw, you are likely vulnerable. An Nmap port scan conducted on these devices reveals that port 7547 is open, listening and publicly available. According...
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  • paying for internet 150 and not getting it

    i have internet 150 and after doing many speed tests on shaw's speed test test it rarely gets up to 150 mbps. i talked to tech support and they gave me some b.s. about it being slow because lots of people are checkin...
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  • Constant disconnects playing Overwatch this week

    Modem: Hitron CGNM-2250 Shaw Internet 75   Hi There,   This past week I've been having ping spikes and constant disconnects when playing Overwatch on PC. I had this issue a few months back which seemed to...
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  • Why does Shaw take pics of my Webmails?

    I noticed that Shaw takes 3 pictures of each Wmail I open via WEB-mail (webmail.shaw.ca).  I asked phone support people, and of the 4 that said they would find out and get back to me, one finally did, a...
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  • What is the difference between DMZ and IP Pass-through?

    I have a PS4 and Xbox One, I'm looking to avoid all NAT issues and possibly improve performance. Would it be better to use a DMZ or use IP Pass-through?
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  • Considering pulling the plug on Shaw...

    On Monday, January 15th, 2018 at approximately 1500 hours I was on the phone with a Shaw representative inquiring about changing my Television, Home Phone and Internet package. I was on the phone for approximately 90 ...
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  • FTTH available in my area by chance?

    Hi, I've read a few posts that indicate that shaw can get you wired up to fibre network instead of coax, but only in certain parts of the province. sometime ago i asked if i could get FTTH to my area and got a call fr...
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