• Disconnection Issues with XB6 Modem

    I am on Shaw 300 Internet, I switched over from Shaw 150.   Upon switching I had to get the new router/modem the Arris XB6.   I have had no issues with speeds whatsoever (like many others had had in the fo...
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  • No internet/phone during power outage even with UPS/battery

    Power went out this morning for a big portion of North Vancouver.   My UPS kept power on for my cable modem, wifi and phone. Internet and IP phone kept working for about five minutes before it stopped working. &...
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  • Changing Default Username on Arris XB6

    I'm trying to change the default username on my Arris XB6 from "admin" but customer support said that it couldn't be done. That seems like a completely absurd thing to do and I don't believe them but, at the same time...
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    HI    I had 2 cameras setup on the old hitron router using the wan address and port numbers that worked on my android phone when i was connected to the internet or data using the wan address and port  ...
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  • Recently upgraded to 300 with Arris XB6 problems

    As a forefront, I use my connection for PS4 gaming and VPN passthrough using a Cisco router and the XB6 is in bridgemode this is the same setup that I used with the previous Hitron modem and everything was fine. ...
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  • Passpoint no work after upgrade to iOS 11.0.3

    My phone was no problem with passpoint before upgrade to ios11.0.3...after upgrade can’t connect to passpoint...keep running the page out the title show passpoint password....but the page show need username...do...
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  • Hitron port forwarding

    I am trying to get port forwarding going on my router/modem.  As far as I can tell, the best way is to set up an IP passthrough and get a 2nd dynamic IP address.  I've been waiting in front of my computer fo...
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  • how to block specific website on shaw hitron 2250 router

    How to block specific website on shaw hitron 2250 router? Blocking keywords did not work. Tried Keyword, and full website with and without http and https
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  • Shaw's Routing - Through European Servers to US from Calgary ??

    So is it normal to have my routing through servers in EUROPE from Calgary when I am connecting to my broker which is located in the United States?   Here is my traceroute   Tracing route to cdc1.ibllc...
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  • How do I get Internet Here

    Hello.   First of all, I used to have Shaw and loved it to Death, But I moved far away to 100 Mile House, BC We have to use Xplornet 25mb (Although I've never seen it go any higher than 8mb.) The town has Shaw...
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  • How to make Guest access secure?

    Guest network setup.  I am trying to setup a secure Guest network that requires a password to log on.  I followed the instructions on how to setup the Guest but after I saved the changes (password saved too)...
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  • Has Shaw been doing maintenance every night at around 1-2am? My internet keeps dropping around that time.

    I will notice the speed lagging a bit then the modem will start flashing amber, and doesn’t come out of it, even if I unplug the modem.     It’s particularly annoying because I can’t even ...
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  • Poor Connection to Seattle

    On the Internet 150 plan. Not the account owner, but a tenant. Recently accessing some websites (namely Reddit) became incredibly slow. I tested a bit on 2 devices (Windows laptop and iPhone) and I think the issu...
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  • Remote desktop not connecting after switching to Hitron router

    I access a remote desktop for work, and never had an issue until I swapped to the Hitron CGNM-2250 - now I can't connect (Error on windows PC says can't connect due to one of three reasons - remote access to server is...
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  • Arris XB6 Advanced Wi-Fi Modem Experiences

    I am considering swapping my Hitron modem for the new Arris XB6 modem but I want to make sure that this modem is stable and not worse than the Hitron modem before I swap. Of course Shaw says that this new modem is a "...
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  • xb6 is constantly disconnecting a LAN connected Xbox One ,,, why??

    We have the following: Shaw 150 with Arris XB6 with 2 IP addresses Xbox One  Connected via LAN XB6 has MOCA off , and ports for XBOX are forwarded.   BUT IT KEEPS DROPPING THE GAME CONNECTIONS !!!!! ...
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  • Windows Insider Program - I can't use spaces when I reply to a post using Edge.

    When I try to post a reply using Edge, as soon as I type a space, the page re-loads. I am using build 14328. It also happened on previous builds. Regular W10 works OK. The problem only happens with replies.
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  • Can't sign-in, 310shaw wont work, 611 wont work

    My shaw account says  Invalid Shaw ID or password. Please try again or reset your password..   https://signin.shaw.ca/idp/SSO.saml2   I try to phone 310-shaw, number not in service, 611 number not in ...
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  • The worst customer service I've ever seen

    Sunday Mar 26 - completed online order for service and was contacted by rep about setup. Options were wednesday the 5 or self install. I chose self install which she gave me instructions to pick up at Oakridge mall by...
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  • Bridged Arris XB6: Is a MoCA filter required upstream of the arris for internet only (no TV package) required?

    I have a MoCA filter installed upstream of my bridged Arris XB6 modem. Is it required?
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