• I am having trouble receiving email in my Outlook account.  Emails are received through Shaw webmail but not through Outlook.  I have checked the account settings and they appear to be correct.  Any thoughts?

    I am having trouble receiving email in my Outlook account. Emails are received through Shaw webmail but not through Outlook. I have checked the account settings and they appear to be correct. Any thoughts?
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  • How to enable second ip on the pass through port for CGNM-2250

    I have a pfsense box that is connected via pass through to the mentioned modem. I would like to have the pfsense box assigned the external ip address. How to?
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  • How can I get my Arris XB6 exchanged for the Technicolor

    shaw-moderator What is the process or what do I need to do to get my POS Arris XB6 modem swapped for the Technicolor one?   Can an arrangement be made to ship me one?
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  • Can I use cgnm-2250 as just a router/switch (not a modem)?

    I have pfsense box set up in a way that its in IP Passthrough and DMZ and have a desktop directly connected to the pfsense. I didn't have a wifi router so I have my daily devices connected to the shaw provided cgnm-22...
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  • Can someone from Shaw look into routes to blizzard?

    I've been unable to play blizzard games for the better part of 2 years if not more now due to packet loss on your modems, and once I fixed that, there were issues with the routing to blizzard servers. With your routin...
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  • Playstation 4 repeated connection drops

    Over the past few months, my daughter has tried to play online games through the PlayStation 4 (online multiplayer from a game title we purchased). She has repeatedly complained about connection issues when playing. T...
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  • ARRIS XB6 Modem Issues

    Hello;   I am having significant issues since upgrading from Shaw 300 to Shaw 600 and replacing the older modem (hitron?) with an Arris XB6 Modem.    I have a steady and strong download/upload speed a...
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  • High Ping & Packet Loss

    For the past 3-4 months I've been experiencing huge latency and packet loss problems during peak hours, usually between 6 to 10PM MST. Ping in games during non-peak hours typically ranges between 60-90ms, during these...
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  • @shaw.ca customers not getting my email

    Hi there, I work in retail for office supplies Some of my clients have @shaw.ca emails and our current email network is under GMAIL   For the past week, customers that use shaw.ca email address have not been...
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  • Can BlueSky Download A Browser? 

    My dear Nonna wants to watch a Italian show . We tried using the USB stick on the TV, we have the show on the drive but it only shows music and pictures, but no movies. I don't know what's going on with that. So we th...
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  • When does Shaw 300 arrive? January 19 today.

    I had Shaw 150, but I'm told I now have Shaw 300. I've powered cycled my modem and router per Shaw's instructions, but my speed hasn't increased. What I'm I doing wrong?
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  • Seperate Wifi Networks

    I currently have a Cisco DPC3825 Modem set up in bridge mode with an ASUS wireless router providing the wifi in my home. I installed a VPN on my ASUS router and it is working with no issues.   I would like...
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  • XB6 Red Light of death...

    So ive been loving shaw since 2012 but ever since ive upgraded to this XB6 Drcember 1st 2018 internet with shaw has been a constant headache. Have had the XB6 replaced twice. Once or twice a week I have to take a pin...
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  • Transfer email address from one Shaw account to another Shaw account

    Hello, I would like to transfer five email addresses from one Shaw account to another Shaw account. I am currently managing both accounts. Please advise the procedure. Thanks, Kevin
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  • I think its everywhere from what the forum is saying

    Since the announced doubling for free of shaw internet speeds, there are randoms time when the internet is next to  useless,  just walk away, it might return later.  I am in Nelson BC.    see...
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  • Former Tenant's bill keeps coming to my house.

    Hi, I'm not a Shaw customer, but a former tenant of mine's Shaw bill keeps coming to the house. I've been sending the mail back to Shaw, but I've keep receiving it. Is there a way for Shaw to stop sending these bills ...
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  • 300 - Nice while it lasted?

    The 150 service we had before the "upgrade" routinely delivered 170-180. After the upgrade it shot up to 320+ for a while. For the last week we've been getting 90-95. Nothing changed on our end. What's up?  As a ...
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  • Hitron WiFi performance?

    So I'm finally in the process of switching over from team green to blue...just curious should I be looking right away at purchasing a better wireless router? Also my understanding is the USB ports for media on Hitron ...
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  • VPN issues

    I'm looking to VPN to my work server but I'm receiving an error message
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  • Shaw service outage page does not render properly on slow machines.

    Hello,   Shaw is my transit provider (I use a third-party ISP), and my Internet went out unexpectedly for planned maintenance. Apparently a notice was posted on the 14th.   Signing up for e-mail notificati...
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