• Webmail problems

    Can't get my Shaw.ca emails
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  • Wireless Printer Won't Connect To Hitron

    Previously, my Epson Artisan 730, which appears to only support 2.4g, was connected wirelessly to my Cisco E4200 router and worked like a champ. After my Blue Sky installation, the printer can see my new network, but ...
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  • How do I setup printer with disabled Hitron?

    Shaw up/down-graded my router for a Hitron. Now I can't print. The Hitron has two USB ports for show. After an hours and bit searching, discovered they are disabled. What - did some kid choke on one?   We h...
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  • Email address only

    does shaw have a service where I pay a fee to keep my email addresses only ? as shaw does not have a reliable 150 service I was going to switch to telus for internet only but want to keep my email addresses and tv pa...
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  • Ping spiking constantly in online games (CS:GO)

    Shaw plan: Broadband 150 Modem: Hitron CGNM-2250   I play CS:GO at a semi-professional level, and I am having a very significant issue while playing online matches and with other online games as well. While my ...
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  • paying for internet 150 and not getting it

    i have internet 150 and after doing many speed tests on shaw's speed test test it rarely gets up to 150 mbps. i talked to tech support and they gave me some b.s. about it being slow because lots of people are checkin...
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  • HITRON problems

    Ok  I have had my Facebook drop off for some time now. Never get to where I left off the day before. Never thought much about it.  Now I just spent 9 hours and 2 days trying to link to a  Home baby moni...
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  • Webmail appears empty (inc. Trash) but quota still full.

    Hi,   My Shaw Webmail quota has nearly been reached, so I created a locally stored archive folder in Windows Live Mail in and moved all emails from Inbox into this folder.* After logging into Shaw Webmail, the e...
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  • Hitron Modem Issues / Rant

    I really wish I could keep recommending Shaw as an ISP to my clients, but after my experience lately I cant. Sorry for the long story, but its needed for context.   It all started a few months ago when TELUS ins...
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  • Constant disconnects playing Overwatch this week

    Modem: Hitron CGNM-2250 Shaw Internet 75   Hi There,   This past week I've been having ping spikes and constant disconnects when playing Overwatch on PC. I had this issue a few months back which seemed to...
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  • Emails from NHL are being marked as spam

    Whenever I receive emails from the NHL they are marked as spam by Shaw's spam filter. Not exactly sure why as these email messages are legitimate.
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  • Internet Data Usage - Unusual Spike in Use

    Last November I noticed that my internet plan was nearing the monthly cap so I upgraded to the next plan (Internet 75). To my surprise the data usage appears to have more than trebled from an average 125GB/month to 45...
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  • Getting wired connection from wi fi Hitron modem

    I have wifi modem on 2nd floor and also wired cat ports in house. I want to connect device on main floor with wired connection. I wires in basement. How can I do this with wifi modem.
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  • Can't connect to internet

    I am a new shaw customer. I ordered a Self-install kit and followed the installation instructions but have not been able to connect to the Internet. Am connected to the wifi network but the online light won't stop bli...
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  • I just deleted an email but now I regret it. Could Shaw recover it?

    I just deleted an email message from my @shaw.ca email but now I regret deleting the message. Could it be recovered?
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  • Sporadic Internet Drops

    I've been dealing with Shaw support for over 6 months and been experiencing these issues for about a year now. I've used Shaw for over 10 years and never had the issues like this previously. I'm working from home more...
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  • SHAW150 hardware

    So I am considering upgrading to the SHAW150 but will need new hardware. I have read of the serious issues shaw is having with actually providing 150. I am really thinking of PureFiber not that my apartment has it BUT...
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  • Too weak and/or too strong signal

    We have Internet 150 and BlueSky TV on a 2-year contract, and since moved to our new house we had 3 technicians from Shaw, and 3 outages for 3-5 days each within 2 weeks! The incoming signal has been too weak and too...
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  • WIFI Extender Issues with Hitron

    Hello everyone.  I've been trying to troubleshoot an issue I've had since December to no avail.  I've had a wifi extender in my house (D-Link DAP-1720) for almost two years, and it was working flawlessly up ...
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  • Hitron modem problems

    About 3 months ago I switched from a motorola modem to the Hitron in order to get the 150mb speed.  The first couple of months were great, and now in the last month just about every morning I have to reboot my a...
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