• Shaw email not secure?

    I just noticed that the padlock next to the email url has a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark. Clicking on that opens up a small window that says wm-no.glb.shawcable.net connection is not secure. I am told that...
    created by lmaille
  • logs xb6

    I am trying to access the XB6 modem logs, any logs, from the last 90 days. However, they are all empty. System logs, device logs, firewall logs, all empty for the last 90 days.     Any chance we can get th...
    created by vanadiel
  • XB6 Modem: Same problems as Hitron and Arris modems

    Shaw was here today to install the "new" XB6 modem to replace the Hitron one that I had. Just a note, Shaw replaced my Arris modem in May because of this same issue. Every time they installed a new modem, my speed sup...
    created by winterpeg
  • CGNM-2250 - how to set up the IP Pass-through to use my own router

    As I am not able to set port forwarding for Xbox and web camera on CGNM-2250 provided by Shaw (refer to this post- Port forward (port 80) with hitron CGNM-2250 router issue), I bought a LinkSys router from Costco. The...
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  • Shaw email users are not receiving our emails

    Many of our customers are using *@shaw.ca email addresses and most of them do not receive our emails.  We do not get an undeliverable message so we have no way of knowing if our customers are receiving our emails...
    last modified by yvrmarc
  • Bridge Modem on the Arris XB6 Advance Modem

    I just got a new ARRIS XB6 Advanced modem and I want to turn off DHCP. I already have a DHCP server. I don't see any specific setting to just turn it off other than by going to Bridge mode. If I change to Bridge mode ...
    last modified by crowesnest
  • Problem with sending email to shaw.ca accounts

    I'm having problems with sending emails to @shaw.ca accounts.  I tried sending an email on Feb 5 and tried again on Feb 6.  I have been in touch with those who didn't receive the emails and the messages are ...
    last modified by stampingwagner
  • WiFi keeps cutting out consistently at night

    I noticed today that my wifi keeps on cutting out every 5-6 minutes for my laptop. What is weird is that only my laptop is affected, no other devices. My family's laptop is okay, and so is my phone. Yet every 5-6 minu...
    created by lamcc88
  • Hidden WiFi Channel

    My Hitron is broadcasting a "hidden WiFi Channel". I suppose this channel is what Shaw uses to support the Freedom Wind cell phone.   How do I stop this "hidden WiFi Channel" from broadcasting? Or better still, ...
    last modified by charlie5229
  • Shaw hotspot

    From my Shaw account, from the "hotspot" manual, I switch the button to "OFF", but when I check my wifi signal, the "hidden wifi" (that is the Shaw Freedom wifi) is still there.   How do I turn it off?   C...
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  • No Secondary IP for Arris XB6

    So I switched from Hitron to the New Arris XB6 last week in order to escape the Puma 6 issue and get IPv6   First of all I just want to let everyone know that the Arris XB6 is Puma 7 based so the Puma 6 issue is...
    last modified by pixielark
  • email account showing as inactive

    Last week I changed my plan to a 2 year value plan. Everything was to remain the same, internet 150 and small tv just a guaranteed rate. Since then its been one problem after another. I immediately started losing int...
    last modified by rob88
  • VPN services for geoblocking?

    I've been considering trying to set up one of the few VPN services that claim to support access to various programs/services in the US (e.g. Netflix) that are compromised due to geo-blocking.  I gave up with eve...
    last modified by jcostello1975
  • We were unable to retrieve your account details error message

    When I try and register my iphone via the wifi app or a computer I receive the error message "We were unable to retrieve your account details". I have tried from my phone, from the app on my phone and on my computer. ...
    last modified by kelros
  • How do I "forget" or turn off "auto-join" for the Passpoint SSID?

    I have used ShawOpen wifi for years, but it is much more complicated now that the ShawPasspoint profile is installed on my smartphone (iPhone 7, iOS 11.4). Although my phone can connect to ShawPasspoint, it doesn...
    last modified by cderksen
  • Internet 300 Experience So Far

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to chime in and make a quick post on how Internet 300 has been so far. I'll keep it brief here, but there's some important information I think people should know if they're switching to Inter...
    last modified by cortexian
  • WIFI Extender Issues with Hitron

    Hello everyone.  I've been trying to troubleshoot an issue I've had since December to no avail.  I've had a wifi extender in my house (D-Link DAP-1720) for almost two years, and it was working flawlessly up ...
    last modified by suite1
  • Any FIX for Double Nats?

    So i have a PC and XBox Running and usually everything is fine, like i'll be using my xbox one and it'll be Open nat, then for no reason it changes to Double Nat after turning it on later. I Have 300mbps(Advanced WI...
    last modified by adikajt
  • Strange email Messages

    Strange email messages. I've been receiving these strange email messages in my junk box on my iphone 6s. The sender is usually someone I know who I have recently sent or recieved but the senders names are usually chan...
    last modified by biglar
  • Nike Website blocked???

    Hi   I have issue reaching Nike website.  Is it blocked by Shaw???   Nike Canada website has been blocked last 2 weeks. I can go to a few pages then when I tried to go to Mens or Boys catagory, I get ...
    last modified by milkshaker