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recently found out that Shaw and Rogers land line can phone me but JUST NOT TELUS? error said invalid number and dial tone is disconnnected! thx
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Dual SIM is the thing I am considering seriously when making a purchase and that's the main reason keeping me buying an iPhone in the past. So the iPhone Xs Max will be my next device. What is your choice?
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please discontinue Personal Phone Voicemail and Call Waiting which is costing me $6.00 and we don't use this service
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Hi,   I've got update v10 installed on my cubot. I noticed very big battery drain through the night - sometimes even 30%! I installed an app which checks if the phone goes in to deep sleep and found out that cpu is working on 1040mhz almost all the time. For 77 hours of working, 1040 is working for about 53 hours and sleep is only almost 10… (Show more)
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Hi, so I'm not entirely sure what's wrong. My phone line and my TV line is currently down, and has been for a couple of days. Not sure why but I think it has something to do with the line outside. I tried multiple times to reboot the power on the cable box and the phone as instructed on the phone to shaw as well as youtube videos which helped with… (Show more)
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Our house was built about 10 years ago and all the phone lines were wired with CAT 5e. I was thinking of changing over all the phone jacks to ethernet and switching over to ethernet phones like the Cisco SPA502G. Are these compatible with the Shaw home phone service or do I have to keep the antiquated RJ11 jacks?
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If she is paying for an unlisted number why is she getting calls from telemarketers and other undesirables.
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My father in law moved from Sooke to Courtenay BC and had all his shaw services ported up island. The new service installation went smoothly. It was after they left that we realized dialling a local Courtenay BC number required a 1 prefix to make an outgoing call to any areas on the Courtenay exchange.    After numerous calls and various… (Show more)
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Thank you for visiting The correction and addition services are not offered by Yellow Pages Group. To edit your listing, please contact your local telephone provider. The change will be reflected on within one to two months, depending on when the change was made during the month by your telephone services provider.… (Show more)
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I also accidentally a message from today...  (One should never double-click '7'...)  Can it be retrieved...?
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