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Is there an access code for Canada that a person can use for when calling back to Canada from another country? This way it would be charged to my home phone and avoid using collect calling.
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Is there a way to look at my long distance charges before I get my bill?
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Can I record my voice mail greeting when I set it up?
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Hi there, How do I remove my home address from directories? Can you remove my home address from directories? Thanks
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I want to block someone from calling my house phone.@
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I am going to be in hospital for some time and I want to be able to send and receive phone calls.
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Phone Service Down in Windsor Park Area since 11:30 am
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I lost all the text messages during a system crash. Some of the text messages are very important for me so I need to get them back. I don't know if Shaw had a backup on customer data. If yes, then what to do to get them back? If not, how could I to recover those deleted messages? My phone is Samsung Galaxy S6. thanks
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I've just moved into an apartment and would like to hook up the front door intercom to ring on my cell...I know it can be done as one of the tenants in the building has done it but doesn't remember how he did it...I'd really appreciate some help..thanks
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The power went out. It is back now. My 2 line system has no dialtone. The Shaw modem is in an electrical room in the complex, I have no access to it. I plug in my tester phone (I fix computers for a living), still no dialtone. I phoned helpline, after an hour on hold was told to call Business Help. After 48 minutes dismissing person answers (by… (Show more)
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