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I lost all the text messages during a system crash. Some of the text messages are very important for me so I need to get them back. I don't know if Shaw had a backup on customer data. If yes, then what to do to get them back? If not, how could I to recover those deleted messages? My phone is Samsung Galaxy S6. thanks
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I was talking to a Shaw CSR a while ago. I was told that there was another method of changing the number of rings before the call is forwarded to voicemail. It was a star (*) number. I wrote the code down but I can't recall what it is.   Upon searching for the code online, I was surprised to see it's not mentioned. Perhaps this code could be… (Show more)
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I just tried accessing the Shaw Phone Portal app on IOS11. It does not appear ti be uograded. Does anyone know when it will be fixed?
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Just discovered my phone line is dead!   We may have had a power outage - maybe Friday (or Thursday) -  I seem to recall one of the clocks needing resetting (all others have battery backup)    I have tried unplugging all the connecting cords to the Arris phone box / modem.  All the lights are on  - except for:  Link    and  Tel 2.       
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Shaw email is telling me that my email box is 95% full. I’ve deleted everything I can & still there! How to deal with this?
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I pay for this phone for MY convenience, not so some clown from Telus can spam me and disturb my home.   Why is 604-310-2255 making it though when its blocked?
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