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On my landline, the dial tone is intermittent but there are no messages to retrieve? How do I get this back to a solid tone unless there are messages?
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I am having the same issue "no line" on my vtech phone. Can you help me?
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can I opt out of voicemail and call forwarding with Shaw phone?
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When some callers try to dial our land line, they are connected with a completely different phone number. We have one friend who can call our Shaw land line number and connect with us right away from her mobile, but every time she calls from her home phone (Shaw land line), she's connected with a completely different number.     I've… (Show more)
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So this problem started right after the switch to Daylight Savings time. I noticed that the time for messages received was behind by 1 hour on both my phone and on " My SHAW " page. At first I figured that since the switch to Daylight Savings had just happened it might take a few days to automatically be corrected. After a few more days it still… (Show more)
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I have purchased a new mobile and I am not able to call from Shaw Landline.  The mobile rings then disconnects.  
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Shaw home phone Victoria saying "long distance charges apply" when calling Victoria numbers starting with 236-478.   Why is it long distance?
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Impossible to  block unwanted  callers,  they  just  spoof  the numbers  and  call again and again and  again.  When   you  don't  recognize  the  call and    not  answer,  they  leave  a robo-message.  There  is no way to  avoid these  calls.  I am  almost at  the  point  of  hanging  up my land  line for good.
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everyday I get calls from 780-459- any 4 numbers. there is never anyone at the other end. I call back that number and it is not in service. I am on the do not call list. every day! I am ready to cancel my land line. Any suggestions.
in Phone Forum
can not receive phone calls from some private numbers seems like they are being blocked
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