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I replaced one of the phone cords that was chewed by my cat. Since then i can't call out (get a busy signal for a second) and if I receive a call the caller can only hear me for a few seconds before the call cuts out.  I have tried a pinhole reset on my Arris unit but it's still the same.
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can not receive phone calls from some private numbers seems like they are being blocked
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So I have now been with Shaw for the past 3 months, Switched over from Telus as they had tried to bill be for items that where never received, and tried renew my contract with out consent. Anyhow, After switching over our phone line; only receive certain calls from certain numbers.  I have call numerous times for this issue to be fixed. I… (Show more)
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Why does Shaw Cable allow Chinese people to make annoying phone calls playing messages in Mandarin? They are using the phone number ***. Shaw is the provider for this phone number. *** Mod removed phone numbers.
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Made payment arrangements and their automated function put in the wrong payment arrangements who can I get to help with this
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I use a Logitech Harmony remote linked to my Google Home. It works fine with the Bluesky equipment. I cannot setup favourites on the Harmony because the channel lists I can choose from for Vancouver Shaw are not the same as the Bluesky channel lineup. Will Shaw supply the correct channel list to Logitech in the near future?
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Phone Service Down in Windsor Park Area since 11:30 am
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I'm a Telus phone customer. There are at least three people who have told me they can't reach my Calgary phone number. Apparently, the phone just rings and rings without an answering machine pickup. I've had Telus in my house and they say they can't find anything wrong. All three trying to call me are Shaw phone customers. I can phone them from my… (Show more)
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Hi, my senior pal moved within her srs residence & had a Shaw technician reinstate her long-existing no. as the new apt. had another phone number. Yesterday 8 Nov. 2018 the technician came & set up her new phone no. but only in her phone in the living room. The senior said she had a phone in the bedroom but he didn't link it to her proper phone.… (Show more)
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Impossible to  block unwanted  callers,  they  just  spoof  the numbers  and  call again and again and  again.  When   you  don't  recognize  the  call and    not  answer,  they  leave  a robo-message.  There  is no way to  avoid these  calls.  I am  almost at  the  point  of  hanging  up my land  line for good.
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