• Can't receive calls or call out.

    I replaced one of the phone cords that was chewed by my cat. Since then i can't call out (get a busy signal for a second) and if I receive a call the caller can only hear me for a few seconds before the call cuts out....
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  • Your call can not be completed as Dialed!!!

    So I have now been with Shaw for the past 3 months, Switched over from Telus as they had tried to bill be for items that where never received, and tried renew my contract with out consent. Anyhow, After switching over...
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  • Phone and my TV lines are down

    Hi, so I'm not entirely sure what's wrong. My phone line and my TV line is currently down, and has been for a couple of days. Not sure why but I think it has something to do with the line outside. I tried multiple tim...
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  • phone does not work  after power outage

    There was a power outage in Vancouver's West End this afternoon. Power has been restored for at least an hour now but there is still no phone signal.
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  • No dial tone

    Just discovered my phone line is dead!   We may have had a power outage - maybe Friday (or Thursday) -  I seem to recall one of the clocks needing resetting (all others have battery backup)   ...
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  • I'd like to use my phone....

    but its a busy signal. Whats going on?
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  • My phone line is dead - any outages?

    My phone line is dead - no dial-tone on any of the phones (cordless or corded).  Are there any outages?
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  • Dial tone is intermittent.

    Hi, So we had no dial tone... our phones were old so I replaced them - the dial tone worked - then, no dial tone again. Reset dpt - dial tone came back - then no dial tone again. Removed battery from dpt - dial tone ...
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