• My phone isn't working

    My phone isn't working....it keeps saying check phone line and I have checked!
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  • Can't receive calls or call out.

    I replaced one of the phone cords that was chewed by my cat. Since then i can't call out (get a busy signal for a second) and if I receive a call the caller can only hear me for a few seconds before the call cuts out....
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  • Your call can not be completed as Dialed!!!

    So I have now been with Shaw for the past 3 months, Switched over from Telus as they had tried to bill be for items that where never received, and tried renew my contract with out consent. Anyhow, After switching over...
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  • Free long distance calling since I moved.

    My father in law moved from Sooke to Courtenay BC and had all his shaw services ported up island. The new service installation went smoothly. It was after they left that we realized dialling a local Courtenay BC numbe...
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  • Phone and my TV lines are down

    Hi, so I'm not entirely sure what's wrong. My phone line and my TV line is currently down, and has been for a couple of days. Not sure why but I think it has something to do with the line outside. I tried multiple tim...
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  • phone does not work  after power outage

    There was a power outage in Vancouver's West End this afternoon. Power has been restored for at least an hour now but there is still no phone signal.
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  • No dial tone

    Just discovered my phone line is dead!   We may have had a power outage - maybe Friday (or Thursday) -  I seem to recall one of the clocks needing resetting (all others have battery backup)   ...
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  • I'd like to use my phone....

    but its a busy signal. Whats going on?
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  • My phone line is dead - any outages?

    My phone line is dead - no dial-tone on any of the phones (cordless or corded).  Are there any outages?
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  • Dial tone is intermittent.

    Hi, So we had no dial tone... our phones were old so I replaced them - the dial tone worked - then, no dial tone again. Reset dpt - dial tone came back - then no dial tone again. Removed battery from dpt - dial tone ...
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  • No Simultaneous Ring Without +1

    Hi folks,   Simul Ring does NOT ring on cell phone when my home number (780)*** is dialed without +1 in front, but rings when dialed as 1(780)***. Is there any solution for this? Cell is on WIND.   Thanks ...
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  • I have no dial tone.

    I have no dial tone.  I have followed all reset instructions to no avail.  Can you help??
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  • Can we get a serviceman here??

    Can we get a serviceman here??
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  • are phones down in fleetwood

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  • i have got no dial tone. checked motom

    i have got no dial tone. checked motom
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  • busy signal

    why do I get a busy signal in place of a dial tone?
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  • My phone has no dial tone

    My phone is not working and no land line at all!..I check everything possible all connections in my main phone receiver because I'm using cordless one.All there receivers don't have any dial tone.
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  • It seems that every time it rains, my phones do not work.

    It seems that every time it rains, my phones do not work.  I have tried checking the connections and replugging everything - nothing seems to work.  Why would this happen  only when it rains.  I am...
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  • phone ligne is off

    Good morning,   My phone ligne is off and I need it
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  • power went out and so did the network for the phone service

    I recently had a power outage in my area. As a result the Shaw phone network went down in the Thunder Bay Ont north core area on Tuesday April 8th @7PM , This concerns me very much so as the phone service is a vital s...
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