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I recorded programs on channels I don't have and would like to delete them to free up recording space
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I am using a repeater in my new home with my gateway system. It started out fine now it will not work. I tried a different IR and it doesnt work with the Gateway Unit now either. No issues with the receiver.  Can I switch my main gateway to my bedroom and put one of the other boxes in the closet to see if those units work with the repeater
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i have had pixelation on my tv for six months, i have had around 15 service calls and still it persists. my pvr has been changed twice and my suite was rewired. i get the pixelation on every channel, sometimes it's so bad that the picture breaks up or the screen goes black. every time a tech comes out they tell me that the signal strength is good,… (Show more)
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Sound would randomly turn off in the middle of a program, and this happens on any channel.  It may be due to commercial?  I do notice that it usually happens just before the program goes to commercial, but I can't say for sure.
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I am writing over my concern of your “Blue Sky” remote system which discriminates against persons with disabilities.   One of your technicians informed me that your cable TV system is incompatible with any remotes other than Shaw certified remotes. This is specifically an issue for person’s that have limited arm and finger movements because, in… (Show more)
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So, have just had this Bluesky for just over a week now my box has frozen on a screen 2 times , smaller box in another room has done this once. I can change channels and only audio changes............. picture stuck....   Is this common for Blue Sky ? Did I make a mistake getting this ?   Seems to only way to get service back is to unplug… (Show more)
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I just got bluesky and a brand new Samsung TV. The picture quality isn't as good with bluesky as it was with my gateway box and the new TV. A shaw technician came over and said "the channels are compressed so it won't be as good. That doesn't seem right. Any suggestions? should I ask for a new box? will new HDMI cables help?
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Just saw the most recent list of HD channels available on Shaw Broadcast Services. They are part of the transition to MPEG-4. It would be great to see these on Shaw Cable (the ones currently not carried). These include TCM HD, Gusto HD, ABC Spark HD, Travel & Escape HD, SRC Vancouver etc HD, OWN HD, Crime & Investigation HD, etc. Looks promising… (Show more)
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Apple now has an app avialable on iPad that appears to be an aggregator of networks, tv shows and movies. CBC,City, Crave and Netflix have jumped on board. I tried logging into Global Go to see if that would cause Global to be seen by the TV app but noting happened, the network didn’t show up on the TV app. I suspect the same will be true  looking… (Show more)
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