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When I had the Gateway system I was at least able to know what I was listening to. Now it's just a blank screen. It would also be nice if the screen saver could be activated as well and if we wanted to know what the music was playing we could get it through information button. I see this has been an issue for quite some time. Is this going to be… (Show more)
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Since the introduction of Crave TV, I have noticed to watch a movie in the movie selection I have to pay $6.99 for HD. However after reviewing past Shaw bills from earlier in the year as a Shaw Friends member I would pay $5.99, a dollar off non-Shaw Friends rates. Has Shaw Friends now ended?   It would appear to me you've stopped the benefits… (Show more)
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Well it looks like SHAW has made some big changes to their TV plans. Not only have the prices gone up ( $ 60/ month for Small TV, $ 80/month for Medium TV and $ 95/month for Large TV ) but now you don't even get to pick your own Theme packs as SHAW has now designated the channels that go into each… (Show more)
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I have a one year old HD Box that seems to have trouble rebooting after updates.  This box is on a tv that in not used often so it's not a huge problem, but after every update it stays on boot for about 2 weeks or so then it is fine.  Now for the past week or so the box cycles between saying boot and a code F5E7.  I have tried unplugging both the… (Show more)
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Why is freerange tv quality so poor? I have internet 300/600 and I can't watch a hockey game without constant image quality issues. It doesn't matter what device I use. It's poor on my desktop, iPad and Google phone. I can watch streams from pretty much any other source without issue. Why does Shaw's service perform so poorly?
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Mods, please message me. There must be a billing error.
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Click to view contentMy FreeRange TV has not worked for over 6 weeks on both my Windows 10 laptop (Chrome and Firefox) and my iPhone. Every time I attempt to sign in, I get the message below. I am able to sign into my account. I have contacted Shaw by phone 3 times to try to resolve the issue. They told me they were going to investigate and get back to me. I have not… (Show more)
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As part of my rental I was offered 1 year free with shaw on a two year contract. I not only double checked when making the apt to have shaw installed but again with the tech who installed it. I was trying to be proactive and make small payments as a single mother so when It did come to having to pay I would have money on it. I had a 400 dollar… (Show more)
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I just got the Blue Sky system 10 days ago and I noticed that on Most sports recordings, the system automatically records for about 2 hours longer than the actual scheduled time... Which is ok, unless you want to record more than 6 programs and the recording times overlap... I've used the "options" thing to change the recording to end 30 minutes… (Show more)
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Subscribed to HBO + Crave + movies. Tried to access a tv series which is locked out and is for crave subscription only. I thought a “Crave plus” subscription allows all crave content to be viewable. Locked out on ipad app and apple tv app.
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