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I can't watch anything on Shaw On Demand as there is no option to play once I select something, just "cancel" and "add to wishlist". I have an HD digital box, model DCX3200-M, and I've already tried rebooting it but nothing changes.
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I have a program setup as a Series Recording. In my scheduled programs I can see the individual programs that will be recorded. I select one of those programs and I decide that I don't want to watch it. I cancel the one program. When I look at my scheduled programs a day or two later, the program has been rescheduled. Is there a way to permanently… (Show more)
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the box just started rebooting it self, now i have no ip on one of the boxes. we have two. the one on the main floor always has the issue, had this happen before. i have done the reboot 4 times so frustrating. can someone check the signal this is how it was solved last time.  if you need the box number let me know.
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I am not a shaw customer atm but might be in the future. If I get the HDPVR 830 satellite tv receiver installed, can I watch a pre recorded show while recording 2 other shows simultaneously? 
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My dish is mounted on the side of my deck. I would like to install a 6 X 6 post, and raise my dish approximately 8 feet straight up in approximately the same spot. Would this change my satellite settings? What about additional cable, can I use a coupler to attach the additional cable or should I get full length of new cable?
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Can not log into Crave TV through Shaw, as the following error appears: Gateway Timeout the proxy server did not receive a timely response from the upstream server then gives a reference number What is the fix?  Paying for Crave, but can`t access.
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My digital box did not responding to Shaw remote from two weeks ago. All buttons died to the box: power, channel, ok, all of them. But the remote is still working to my LG TV, no problems at all. I did nothing to it, just watched TV as before.   When this happens, I cut the power from the box, after few seconds put it back. Everything comes back… (Show more)
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Questions or feedback about the Shaw FreeRange TV app? Join the discussion below.
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I purchased the fight in standard definition by mistake and I can’t watch it on my HD TV.  I WANT TO WATCH IT IN HD. can I change this?
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MeTV Network (Memorable Entertainment Television) features programming from the 1960’s and 1970’s. More information can be found about it at:   I'm told by the MeTV provider in Spokane WA there is nothing preventing (technical or otherwise) Shaw cable in Alberta carrying MeTV. The fibre lines to Alberta are in place and the… (Show more)
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