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Right after I signed a two year contract with Mandarin package....all four channels were not available and it's been two weeks already!! I called a few times but can't even get a precise answer...all I got was kept waiting...??
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We just moved from the Gateway to BlueSky. On the Gateway, we recorded The National once a night off of CBC News Network. It was set to record new episodes only, and to only save one episode. That way, only the most recent airing would be on the PVR.   I set up the same recording on the BlueSky PVR, but it's not working. First off, instead of… (Show more)
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Is there settings to set picture size from cable box. (May have been accidently changed) How do you get to cable box menu from Shaw remote?
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The tv freezes every day which causes us to have to reset the Shaw box quite consistently. Now the remote  control stopped working.
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Canadian loose out on the majority of Auto sports racing due to shaw not carrying the programming !
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19 years of service customer. And I was told I don’t qualify for online deal for blue sky tv because I’m an existing customer.... have to leave for 90 days retarded is that... it’s 2 year contract with Telus lol guess Shaw doesn’t care about loosing a long time good customer.
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If you've got a 4K tv please leave comments on how you would like to see Shaw offer hardware and channel options similar to their competition. Current competitors (Rogers etc..) options are limited to a couple specialty sporting events but the train has left the station.   Please express your interest in testing 4K hardware for Shaw. I know I'm… (Show more)
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It seems that every channel is now forcing us to endure ads even when we have finished with the commercials and are watching our program. The ads that pop up on the bottom of the screen for 5-10 seconds. This is totally unacceptable given the high price I already pay for my services. It was recently reported that cable subscriptions are declining… (Show more)
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