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My PVR boxes are set one hour back from the actual time and because of that the guide isn't working properly. How do I fix this? I tried unplugging for a minute and plugging back in, but that didn't work.
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this just started to happen in February and only on the half hour comedies on ABC and it is not My Blue-sky or My TV doing it .
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Tried all the codes, Shaw’s help code list, tried codes on the internet, even spent 20 minutes with Shaw support, remote will only acess channel and guide, on-off, volume, input buttons not functional. Anyone else buy one of these TV’s and have a program code that works, Please Post it, I only have a few more hairs left to pull of my head. Thanks… (Show more)
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So I see on the " Service Outages and Updates " page that a few areas will start getting some of their SD channels upgraded to HD:   Any word on when ( or if ) Vancouver will get some of these new HD channels ????
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Looking for help with Shaw Freerange using Google Chrome.  I have the latest updates for Google Chrome browser but can't get it to load Shaw Freerane website.  Originally had issues with Flash but have set that to allow.  Now the website start to load and the address bar briefly shows addingdevice but then once that disappears it says Now… (Show more)
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Starting last night , the guide slowly disappeared , with all channels showing "no current program".I apparently made the mistake of resetting my shaw HD box.Now , it's stuck in a loop of PSLd on the front of the box , then a login error....after a few mins , it goes to setting up offline environment ,then I can watch TV again , until it goes back… (Show more)
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Just got a Mate 20 Pro. I can login to the app, see the Shaw logo and a loading circle, but then the screen turns gray and nothing happens. Any ideas? Never had an issue with the app before, so not sure what is going on. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling. 
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Hi, I live on Vancouver Island, and have been watching TCM for the past 3 years.  Where I live TCM shows up as channel 35, and it is not HD.   For the past years I've noticed that movies that: * movies that had aspect ratio 3x4 filled the screen vertically but not horizontally which was normal.  * movies that had aspect ration 9x16 were cropped… (Show more)
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Prior to the recent changes to Gateway I was able to stop a PVR Recording that I was watching and later restart the PVR Recording and resume watching the recorded program from the exact spot where I stopped the recording.  Now the recording reverts to live if the recorded program hasn't finished.  In short, whether I use Pause of Stop the PVR… (Show more)
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