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Hi I am just wondering if it is possible to record shows and movies to my 1TB external hard drive via USB? If I cannot, can someone tell me what I need to do to gain more recording space. Thank you!
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I am moving at the end of the month and Telus has some good new customer incentives right now. I tried calling Shaw to talk to someone but the prompts they gave didnt get me to the right department and the online chat said I had to call a different number too. Is it worth the run around to talk to someone at Shaw? Telus said they could take care… (Show more)
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Questions or feedback about the Shaw FreeRange TV app? Join the discussion below.
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you offer crave tv ONLY as a package, i have to subscribe with you this should be made available as an APP like Netflix / Youtube OR at the very least allow current subscribers (of CraveTV) to attach their  account with bluesky box   instead you want me to cancel my year subscription with them, sign up again with you, (so you can get get some… (Show more)
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When will shaw broadcast 4k content as Telus does?
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Rogers gives their mobile phone users a discount should they use their internet or home phone services. I'd like to see Shaw do the same with Freedom Mobile too. There should be some perks to being a loyal customer, no?
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Please tell me that Dazn will not be taking NFL Sunday ticket away from Shaw again this year & I for one was not happy when Dazn took NFL Sunday Ticket away from Shaw Last year.
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I added a 2TB eSATA drive to my Gateway several years ago and it worked well. Once I inadvertantly disconnected the drive and got a no no with instructions to dismount the drive in the menu first. However, after some time the Gateway recovered all of the recorded programs. In the repeated power outages in the recent ice storm the external drive… (Show more)
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Hello. I have searched this forum and haven't spotted the answer to my question so apologies if you've answered this before. Currently I have Popular TV and the old movie package. My rates are going up (again) and I find myself in the position of wanting to cut back something to even out the increase.   The Shaw Small TV Bundle offers basic… (Show more)
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