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Shaw Go MC Android.png


Starting today, Shaw Go Movie Central is now available for Android devices!



Features match those currently in the iOS version of the app, with a couple of new things added for Android users:



  • Resume Watching: A personalized list of partially-watched available content, so you can pick up where you left off
  • Last Chance: A section displaying content that’s expiring soon
  • New poster art to make it faster and easier to get to your favourite content



Additional details, support and login information can be found here: Shaw Go Movie Central for Android.



You can find the new Movie Central Go app in the Google Play store, or click the image below:











Starting March 4th through to March 20th, we’ll be expanding our Multicultural TV services to more regions. In some areas we will launch up to 22 new multicultural channels, with most areas adding between 10 and 15. The following regions can expect to see additional services in the coming weeks:

March 4th

March 6th

March 11th

March 13th

March 18th

Moose Jaw (10)

Campbell River (7)

Brooks (14)

Fernie (9)

Fort McMurray (15)

Prince Albert (10)

Chilliwack (16)

Cranbrook – Kimberley (22)

Kamloops (15)

Lloydminster (12)

Red Deer (17)
(Ponoka – Lacombe)

Courtenay-Comox (15)

Medicine Hat (14)

Kelowna (17)

Pincher Creek (10)
(March 20th)

Sasktatoon (10)

Hope (16)

Prince George (17)

Lethbridge (10)

Winnipeg (4)

Victoria (4)

Nanaimo (12)
(Parksville - Duncan)

Thunder Bay (14)

Penticton (17)




Williams Lake – Quesnel (16)

Vernon (17)





Some services that most areas can expect to see:


                     zee_tv_logo.png  LOGO_140x_aapka_colors.png  120px-PTC_Punjabi.pnggmap.png


Beginning November 5th, 2013 running through to January 7th, 2014, Galaxie Music will be offering 3 holiday music themed channels. The following Galaxie Music channels will transition to a Holiday Music theme: 

Holiday Favourites (replacing Kids’ Stuff):

All your favourite holiday songs on one Galaxie channel. Hear great classic carols along with new takes on traditional songs. Perfect for the whole family!

Franco Fêtes (replacing Mousses Musique):

A return to the holiday of your youth à la française. Complement your evenings with traditional French seasonal music. Nothing but the most popular French holiday songs.

Smooth Jazz Christmas (replacing Smooth Jazz):

Christmas is coated with a splash of stylish contemporary jazz. Bring the instrumental sound of the season to your party. Some of the greatest holiday hits with a jazz twist.


Channel numbers may vary so please visit: www.shaw.ca/yourchannels to confirm the Digital Music channel listings for your area.



Additional Galaxie Music Holiday Channels will be available to you on the GALAXIE Web Player and Mobile app:

Traditional Christmasfamiliar holiday songs from our youth

Contemporary Holidaynew spins on holiday favourites plus a few surprises

Country Christmastaking country to a whole new level

Instrumental Holiday great holiday instrumental songs

Cocktail Christmasnu jazz and lounge

R&B Christmas a variety of R&B and Soul artists

Rat Pack Christmasonly the greats including Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin

Un Noël Franco Retroclassic French holiday music

Un Noël Countrycountry holiday music to sooth the soul

Navidad Latina - Latin and universal Christmas music with a Spanish flavour. A variety of Christmas songs and carols.






With regular season NHL games just around the corner, we are happy to announce that Shaw will once again offer TSN Jets to customers in the Winnipeg Jets broadcast area. You can expect to see 63 Jets games on this channel - including eight all Canadian match-ups.


Price:                    $10.00 per month + applicable tax


Free Preview:       Free preview has now ended


Channel #s:           289 SD / 290 HD


The full TSN Jets broadcast scheduled is available here: Winnipeg Jets Regional Broadcast Schedule



To order TSN Jets, fill out the form below or Contact Us


We are pleased to announce that by end of day October 1st, 2013 we will launch W Network in HD!


W Network is a specialty channel with content for, by, and about women including films, reality TV, cooking, and makeover series.


As with our other recent launches, MPEG4 capable hardware is required to view this HD channel.


HD Channel #: 252; varies on HD Guide



  • Premier TV
  • HD Plus
  • Best of HD
  • Entertainment 2




2013/2014 NHL Centre Ice

Posted by tyler Sep 12, 2013


Regular season NHL returns on October 1st, and we are happy to announce that we are ready to introduce our NHL Centre Ice package again this season.


NHL Centre Ice is currently available for sale at the lowest price in 5 years!


Package details for 2013/2014

  • Free Preview: October 1st to October 19th
  • Channel Numbers: 350 - 365
  • Requirements: MPEG capable HD hardware
  • Pricing
    • Full Season: $200.00 or four payments of $50 + applicable taxes
      • On-sale now until December 8th, 2013
    • Half Season: $132.00 or four payments of $33 + applicable taxes
      • On-sale December 9th, 2013 to February 8th, 2014
    • Note: Shaw Friends are eligible for an additional 15% off NHL Centre Ice packages

Introducing Hollywood Suite

Posted by tyler Sep 4, 2013

Starting September 17th, we are happy to announce that all four Hollywood Suite channels will join the Shaw HD lineup.


Hollywood Suite will be available as an add-on package for $6 per month. Hollywood Suite is now available!


Channel Numbers:

  • AXN Movies - 289
  • Sony Movie Channel - 290
  • MGM Channel - 291
  • WarnerFilms - 292


  • Note: In Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, Swift Current, Kenora and Thunder Bay, Hollywood Suite will be located on channels 291-294.


As with previous HD launches, Hollywood Suite requires an MPEG4 HD capable set-top box.  Please note, there are no SD channels with this package; MPEG4 HD only. There is no free preview for this launch.


Note: On Demand Content is now available for Hollywood Suite with monthly subscription.


Hollywood Suite Website


Starting today TVtropolis is now DTOUR - Canada's newest lifestyle channel. We are pleased to announce that by end of day September 5th we will add the HD version of the channel to the Shaw lineup.


DTOUR HD will be available in: SPP Entertainment 2, Best of HD, Premier TV & HD Plus


MPEG4 hardware is required to view this new HD channel.


Channel number 269 on Gateway and Legacy; varies by region on HD Guide.


We've got more HD channels on the way!


About the new network:

DTOUR – Canada’s newest lifestyle channel – diverges off the beaten path with eye-opening programming that reveals the drama, entertainment and ideas behind the everyday and the extraordinary. Led by the most engaging personalities, the channel’s exclusive content broadens horizons and fulfills ongoing curiosity. This DTOUR brings those with a lifelong passion for new experiences a fresh perspective on the world they think they know.




We are excited to announce that Encore Avenue 2 HD will join the Shaw HD lineup by end of day Thursday, August 15th.


Encore Avenue 2 HD will be included with the following packages: SPP Movies, Best of HD, Premier TV & HD Plus.


Encore Avenue channels offer a unique selection of movies from the 70s, 80s, 90s and the early 2000s, all commercial-free.


As with our previous HD channel launches, Encore Avenue 2 HD requires MPEG4 hardware to view.


We've got even more HD channel announcements in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!



Encore Avenue 2 HD


Good Afternoon,


We are pleased to announce information regarding NFL Sunday Ticket for the 2013 season.


UPDATE: NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL RedZone will be on free preview this Sunday, September 8th, 2013.


The package looks a little different from previous years, and here's why:

  • Introduction of NFL RedZone in MPEG4 HD - exclusive to NFL Sunday Ticket package
  • Shaw Go NFL Sunday Ticket app will be available for Android and iPhone; previously only for iPad.


Package details

  • Price: $229 one time payment or four payments of $57.25 (plus applicable taxes)
    • Shaw Friends customers save an additional 15% off!
  • Inclusions:
    • NFL RedZone in MPEG4 HD
    • NFL Sunday Ticket in MPEG4 HD
    • Access to Shaw Go NFL Sunday Ticket for Android and iOS
  • On Sale: August 1, 2013
  • Channel Numbers: RedZone: 333 | NFL Sunday Ticket: 334 - 349
  • Requirements:
    • MPEG4 HD hardware
    • Must subscribe to NFL Network (available as a Pick and Pay channel for $3.00 per month; included with SPP Sports 1 and for many customers with our Digital Classic TV product).




If you have any further questions about the NFL Sunday ticket package, Ask a Question in our TV Forum.

Sorry for the delay in updates, but we've finally got some information to share in regards to our latest firmware build. First off, I wanted to remind you guys that since these feature and issue fixes are still very much in BETA testing, they're all subject to change. I'm posting up the online/offline prompt image in it's current iteration but it could totally end up being on the lower-right side with a pink background and comic-sans font for example (even though I highly doubt it will).


So with that, let's get on with the meat and potatoes.



The interface has been totally revamped and improved upon. What I can share with you guys is that you will no longer have to click "OK" each time it presents itself. You'll now see a dialog box appear that displays "Restoring Connection" in a non intrusive manner. This will display for up to (maximum) 7 seconds or sooner if it re-establishes it’s connection - after either status levels has completed, the dialog will clear.

The new prompt (apologies for the poor quality, but you get the idea):



I've had the dialog display once on my beta machine so far and the new prompt is such a breath of fresh air - I’m sure you guys will really appreciate this change.



We've been able to identify this issue and are working towards a resolution. As beta is now half way through it's testing phase, I don't have enough information back yet to accurately tell you guys if the issue is 100% resolved or not. As soon as I receive confirmation I'll update the post and advise you in the thread.


As these two issues are the main cause of our Communities frustration, I'm only going to touch on these for now. Once we're through the final leg of our BETA and we've verified our team results, I'll be better able to list the other fixes that are happening this release. I'm going to leave comments open in this blog to allow inquiries from you folks on other issues I didn't report on. I'll do my best to get a status on them and update this post.


  • OTHER SHOWTIMES - New Feature? Whoa!

That's right, we've been able to work in a feature that'll make life easier on you should you rather record the program at a different time.

Here's what the early layout will look like:


First Screen:


Second Screen:


“Other Showtimes” is a new option in HD Guide that is similar to the clock icon in the old guide.  The feature allows users to find other showtimes for that program or series, and is designed to allow the user to see if there’s a more convenient time to watch or record their favorite shows.


Thanks for the patience everyone and expect my next update in early August.


*Again, these feature/issue fixes are subject to change*




The Shaw HD lineup is growing again!  We are pleased to announce the addition of APTN HD to our lineup starting on July 30th, 2013.


APTN HD is included with all of our TV packages at no additional charge for customers with MPEG4 HD hardware.


This channel will be live by end of day on July 30th in most Shaw markets. The HD channel can be found on 229 for all guide types.


More HD channel announcements to come!


Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN)



Channel Request(s) Form 1.0

Posted by [shaw]sean Jun 12, 2013


(If you are looking to add existing channels - please contact us here or ask a question.)



We've been reading your feedback and decided, why not give folks a direct method of submission for channel requests? We know many of you want specific channels so let's introduce a more efficient way of collecting this data. Starting today, if you have any requests for a channel(s) you'd like to see in our lineup, please email us with the information requested below.




The email address will be monitored by tyler and our product team so we can ensure submissions land right in the lap of those that are part of the decision making. This address is for channel requests only so we're unable to respond to any inquiries. If you do have any further questions, please Ask a question in the TV Forum and we'd be happy to discuss things further.


It's very important you include all of the information requested in this form - if we only receive partial information, we'll be unable to track your request.


Please copy/paste this template and EMAIL US HERE.


Required information in [brackets].



Subject Line: [Channel Request for: City]

Name: [First] [Last]

Account Number: [11 digit Shaw account number]

City: [City],[Province]

Channel(s) Requested: [channel information]





Let's give a warm welcome to the newest channels on the Shaw Network, Lifetime, H2 and Slice!


Shaw and Shaw Direct will be the first providers in Canada with these networks in High Definition. All three services will be on a free preview starting May 29th at 5:00 PM local time until July 15th, 2013 in most markets.

MPEG4 hardware is required.


History 2


Yesterday morning started out a little slowly for me, real bad case of the Mondays. I managed to survive it though, and now present you folks with the latest HD guide / 3510-M tech update.

First and foremost, I have some great news. The new HD Guide firmware release will be deployed tomorrow evening!


From May 8, 2013 at 10:00 p.m. to May 9 at 11:00 a.m. MDT, your HD Guide unit (DCX 3510-M, DCX 3200-M P2/P3) will be upgraded to the latest software version (11.24/25).

UPDATE: Due to network maintenance (https://community.shaw.ca/docs/DOC-1876),  we've decided to delay the firmware release so we don't risk impacting our customers hardware. I want to ensure everyone that the firmware is ready to go and will be re-scheduled for deployment as soon as possible.


Update: We're back on for deployment, this will happen overnight between Monday, May 20th and Tuesday May 21st.


What you can expect if you are watching TV when your hardware is updated:


  • HD Guide units update automatically during the time frame above, no further actions are required by you to initiate the download and installation of the update.
  • DCX 3510's will not lose video during the upgrade process as some of you may have already noticed during previous updates, this is due to the unit being equipped with two tuners.
  • DCX 3200 will lose video for the duration of the upgrade (no more than 20 minutes approx)


What has been resolved by the latest firmware release:



PVR recording and playback issues:

  1. Scheduled recording issues
  2. Preventing duplicate recording issues
  3. Playback issue kicking out to live TV after 2+ minutes
Jittery video, major lag and resets during the dayResolved
Elimination of most issues known to disable the menu button Resolved

Majority of ‘kicked out of VOD’ challenges

Several items causing occurrences of offline mode have been addressed (majority have been resolved)Ongoing
Skip key behavior during recording playback


For Galaxie music channels, when user presses any trick play (ex. Forward/Rewind) buttons, the playback menu is suppressed from appearingResolved
Restart from beginning no longer causes a jump to some other program where the video is frozen. Resolved
Program Options - Cancel Series / Delete Series - not working sometimesResolved
Leaving VOD produces black screenResolved
No Audio in recording playbackResolved
Black screen occurring with two simultaneous recordings in progress after power onResolved
Loss of Recordings - if recoverable by power cycle this is resolvedResolved


What you can expect when the update is complete:

  • You should see the unit reboot and come back on with the time displayed. You can power back on at this point.
  • If you see the unit stuck on "APP", please remove the power cord from the unit for 10-15 seconds or hold down the power button on the front of the unit for 15 seconds, then release the button to reboot the unit.
  • If you experience any further issues or error messages, please let us know in the threads mentioned below.


One issue I wanted to expand on a bit was the online/offline prompts you guys have been seeing recently. Our engineering teams are working very hard at eliminating this issue and we've done a lot in the back end to address it. Good news is if you're still seeing this on your end (prompts every 30-60 minutes) we're able to pull valuable data from your hardware to help resolve this issue. So please report any issues - to the email address in our main discussion threads.

We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback from this firmware release. [shaw]ali and I have been running this version for the past three weeks now and we're happy to report only one minor playback freeze (between both of us) that was quickly remedied by pressing the Fast Forward button.


Join the discussion:

Let us know if you are experiencing any issues with your Shaw HD Guide equipment. To join the conversation or report an issue to us, please follow the links below:


500 GB PVR:



Non-PVR HD guide: