Shaw tech update - HD Guide edition 3.26.13

Blog Post created by shaw-sean on Mar 26, 2013

These entries will be ongoing and 100% focused on everything HD Guide. The frequency will depend on the amount of new content we have to share. You can expect a new entry from me every one to three weeks.


In this week’s update, we will:


  • Highlight HD Guide support material that you can use to make the most out of your new guide
  • Address some reported issues and introduce a software update designed to resolve them


Okay, now that all the formalities are behind us, let’s get down to business.

Did you know?

There is a variety of HD Guide support documentation right here on this very site. These documents not only help you connect and activate your new HD Guide digital box and configure personalized settings, they will also help you learn about all the innovative features of our most advanced guide yet.

Coming soon.

Thanks to the Community's contributions our team has been able to provide engineering with examples quicker than ever before. We have developed and are beta-testing an HD Guide software update designed to address the following reports we've collected:


geozombie reported: "Just wondering why this new box and guide are so slow? sometimes it does not even load, is there any fix in the future?"

  • Slow guide response time (sluggishness) and unexpected reboots (digital box sometimes powers off and then on again). FIXED

bcb reported: "changing channels while viewing the guide is now broken"

  • Entering a channel while in the guide tunes to the channel instead of jumping to the channel listing inside the guide. FIXED

Reported via front line:

  • While watching buffered TV, initiating other functionality (guide, keypress) causes an unexpected jump to live TV. FIXED

rigamortis reported: "When you have two programs recording then you attempt to turn the cable box on. The screen stays black."

  • Power On/Off during recording causes black screen if two recordings are playing at once. FIXED


When we are confident that these updates will improve your experience with the HD Guide, the new software will be uploaded to all HD Guide equipment. This should be complete within the next two weeks. For those of you who are interested in following our progress, I'll be sure to post about this software update as it occurs here and within our hardware discussion threads.


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Let us know if you are experiencing any issues with your Shaw HD Guide equipment. To join the conversation or submit an issue report to us, please follow the links below:


500 GB PVR:

Shaw DCX3510-M (500 GB HDPVR)


Non-PVR HD guide:

Shaw DCX3200-M (HD Guide)


Continuing to improve your HD Guide experience is one of our top priorities and we will continue to support our customers through every update—every enhancement— every step of the way.

Be sure to join the discussions above, we'll be sure to alert readers of any important updates.