Shaw tech update - HD Guide edition 4.12.13

Blog Post created by shaw-sean on Apr 12, 2013

To provide you guys with first hand updates on the latest firmware changes, [shaw]ali and I have personally joined the beta testing group so we're better equipped to share our findings with you on possible changes. This also gives us the ability to test some of the challenges reported to us through the Re: Shaw DCX3510-M (500 GB HDPVR) discussion so we can provide further insight regarding these new firmware updates.


For those of you who haven't experienced the new HD guide yet, I thought it would be cool to highlight an innovative feature included in the new HD guide that separates it from its predecessor - it's called "HD Organization" or "Auto HD". The HD version of the channel will appear where the SD channel used to be. You’ll know you’re watching the HD version because there will be an “HD” icon beside the channel listing in your guide.


This feature automatically optimizes picture quality for every channel you subscribe to. For additional information on Auto HD, please check out the detailed article with video HERE.


Now for what we're currently addressing in our upcoming releases.


Listed first is the issue we received directly from Community reports. If you don't see a fix listed for something you've reported, don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you - this is still in beta.


Report from CommunityFirmware FixStatus
Menu button stops working, requires power cycle to fixMenu buttons stops working - Main use caseResolved
Sound drops when playing a recordingNo audio in recording playbackResolved
All recordings appear to be gone. Fix is to start recording live TV and your list will show up againLoss of Recordings - Recoverable via Power CycleIn Progress
Series recording does not stay in effect - red recording indicator disappears after some timePrevious scheduled recordings do not occur, nor appear in scheduleResolved
Skip forward or skip back don't work at all while watching a recordingFirst "SKIP" not moving forwardResolved
Playback for some of my recordings is missing soundNo audio in recording playbackIn Progress
Setup a series recording and it gave an errorRecordings failed for Series - "FAILED_EPG_CHANGED"In Progress


Please understand that we have to be extremely diligent and thorough in our testing process. It does take time to fully test this new firmware so when it is released, we want to ensure we're not causing more issues down the road. As soon as this new software is ready to go - I'll be the first to let you guys know about it.


I'll keep you posted on our progress and also thank everyone for your patience while we make these changes.


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