Shaw tech update - HD Guide edition 5.7.13

Blog Post created by shaw-sean on May 7, 2013

Yesterday morning started out a little slowly for me, real bad case of the Mondays. I managed to survive it though, and now present you folks with the latest HD guide / 3510-M tech update.

First and foremost, I have some great news. The new HD Guide firmware release will be deployed tomorrow evening!


From May 8, 2013 at 10:00 p.m. to May 9 at 11:00 a.m. MDT, your HD Guide unit (DCX 3510-M, DCX 3200-M P2/P3) will be upgraded to the latest software version (11.24/25).

UPDATE: Due to network maintenance (,  we've decided to delay the firmware release so we don't risk impacting our customers hardware. I want to ensure everyone that the firmware is ready to go and will be re-scheduled for deployment as soon as possible.


Update: We're back on for deployment, this will happen overnight between Monday, May 20th and Tuesday May 21st.


What you can expect if you are watching TV when your hardware is updated:


  • HD Guide units update automatically during the time frame above, no further actions are required by you to initiate the download and installation of the update.
  • DCX 3510's will not lose video during the upgrade process as some of you may have already noticed during previous updates, this is due to the unit being equipped with two tuners.
  • DCX 3200 will lose video for the duration of the upgrade (no more than 20 minutes approx)


What has been resolved by the latest firmware release:



PVR recording and playback issues:

  1. Scheduled recording issues
  2. Preventing duplicate recording issues
  3. Playback issue kicking out to live TV after 2+ minutes
Jittery video, major lag and resets during the dayResolved
Elimination of most issues known to disable the menu button Resolved

Majority of ‘kicked out of VOD’ challenges

Several items causing occurrences of offline mode have been addressed (majority have been resolved)Ongoing
Skip key behavior during recording playback


For Galaxie music channels, when user presses any trick play (ex. Forward/Rewind) buttons, the playback menu is suppressed from appearingResolved
Restart from beginning no longer causes a jump to some other program where the video is frozen. Resolved
Program Options - Cancel Series / Delete Series - not working sometimesResolved
Leaving VOD produces black screenResolved
No Audio in recording playbackResolved
Black screen occurring with two simultaneous recordings in progress after power onResolved
Loss of Recordings - if recoverable by power cycle this is resolvedResolved


What you can expect when the update is complete:

  • You should see the unit reboot and come back on with the time displayed. You can power back on at this point.
  • If you see the unit stuck on "APP", please remove the power cord from the unit for 10-15 seconds or hold down the power button on the front of the unit for 15 seconds, then release the button to reboot the unit.
  • If you experience any further issues or error messages, please let us know in the threads mentioned below.


One issue I wanted to expand on a bit was the online/offline prompts you guys have been seeing recently. Our engineering teams are working very hard at eliminating this issue and we've done a lot in the back end to address it. Good news is if you're still seeing this on your end (prompts every 30-60 minutes) we're able to pull valuable data from your hardware to help resolve this issue. So please report any issues - to the email address in our main discussion threads.

We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback from this firmware release. [shaw]ali and I have been running this version for the past three weeks now and we're happy to report only one minor playback freeze (between both of us) that was quickly remedied by pressing the Fast Forward button.


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