Shaw tech update - HD Guide edition 7.19.13

Blog Post created by shaw-sean on Jul 19, 2013

Sorry for the delay in updates, but we've finally got some information to share in regards to our latest firmware build. First off, I wanted to remind you guys that since these feature and issue fixes are still very much in BETA testing, they're all subject to change. I'm posting up the online/offline prompt image in it's current iteration but it could totally end up being on the lower-right side with a pink background and comic-sans font for example (even though I highly doubt it will).


So with that, let's get on with the meat and potatoes.




The interface has been totally revamped and improved upon. What I can share with you guys is that you will no longer have to click "OK" each time it presents itself. You'll now see a dialog box appear that displays "Restoring Connection" in a non intrusive manner. This will display for up to (maximum) 7 seconds or sooner if it re-establishes it’s connection - after either status levels has completed, the dialog will clear.

The new prompt (apologies for the poor quality, but you get the idea):



I've had the dialog display once on my beta machine so far and the new prompt is such a breath of fresh air - I’m sure you guys will really appreciate this change.



We've been able to identify this issue and are working towards a resolution. As beta is now half way through it's testing phase, I don't have enough information back yet to accurately tell you guys if the issue is 100% resolved or not. As soon as I receive confirmation I'll update the post and advise you in the thread.


As these two issues are the main cause of our Communities frustration, I'm only going to touch on these for now. Once we're through the final leg of our BETA and we've verified our team results, I'll be better able to list the other fixes that are happening this release. I'm going to leave comments open in this blog to allow inquiries from you folks on other issues I didn't report on. I'll do my best to get a status on them and update this post.


  • OTHER SHOWTIMES - New Feature? Whoa!

That's right, we've been able to work in a feature that'll make life easier on you should you rather record the program at a different time.

Here's what the early layout will look like:


First Screen:


Second Screen:




“Other Showtimes” is a new option in HD Guide that is similar to the clock icon in the old guide.  The feature allows users to find other showtimes for that program or series, and is designed to allow the user to see if there’s a more convenient time to watch or record their favorite shows.


Thanks for the patience everyone and expect my next update in early August.


*Again, these feature/issue fixes are subject to change*