Shaw On Demand and Rovi (Classic) Guide enhancements

Blog Post created by tyler on Oct 14, 2014

We’re happy to announce that starting October 14th, we’ll begin updating our legacy Motorola hardware running Rovi (Classic) Guide.  The focus of this update is on Shaw On Demand, but we’ve also included a few Rovi (Classic) Guide enhancements.


Here’s what you can expect to see over the next few weeks:

Shaw On Demand Updates

  • Search the entire Shaw On Demand catalogue using your remote control – that’s over 10,000 titles! Look for “Search” appearing in your Shaw On Demand main menu soon*. In addition to paid movies, search will only return results for the programs and networks that you subscribe to.
  • “Available Until” information has been added to all titles so you know when your favourite show may be leaving our on-demand store
  • Pressing “INFO” twice during playback will now display extended information about the title you’re watching without interrupting viewing – just in case it’s driving you crazy that you can’t remember one of the actor’s names
  • Higher resolution graphics and text, plus updated colours and indicators
  • Updated loading, information and order screens (Shaw On Demand launcher is now transparent to background video)

*Search is already available on DCX3400 and DCX3200 models.

Rovi (Classic) Guide Updates

  • Stability and performance improvements
  • Available PVR disk space will now correctly reflect internal and expander drives
  • Manage closed captioning settings from within the guide menus

What set-top boxes are being updated?

We’ll be updating almost all of our legacy Motorola set-top boxes – Pace equipment isn’t included in this update:


(Rovi Guide)

When is the update happening and what can I expect?

We’ll be completing these updates nationally starting October 14th. Updates will roll-out regionally by set-top box family in the early morning hours (2am to 4am local time). Some set-tops will experience an interruption to video during these hours – If PVR recordings are in progress, they will be interrupted during the update time.  If you are able to view video during this update, you will not have access to the Guide or to Shaw On Demand – parental controls will continue to operate normally.

Completed Updates (as of December 8th, 2014)

  • Ontario and Manitoba - DCX3400, DCX3200, DCT700, DCT2500
  • BC Lower Mainland - DCX3400, DCX3200, DCT700, DCT2500
  • Alberta and Saskatchewan - DCT700, DCT2500
  • Remainder of British Columbia - DCT700, DCT2500

Shaw On Demand Images

New VOD Loading Screen.png

VOD Extended Information.png

New VOD Search.png

New VOD Progress Bar.png