Introducing the Shaw HD Guide Forum

Blog Post created by shaw-sean on Aug 2, 2013


After the successful launch of our Shaw Gateway Forum , we've decided it's time to introduce another dedicated sub-forum for our HD guide hardware. We've seen a need to give membership a streamlined process for both feature requests and issue reports - something this new layout will definitely fulfill. Moving forward all future updates on firmware and feature releases will be presented in this forum in an easy to digest format, no more searching through a lengthy thread or waiting on a blog update. If there's news to share, you'll see it here.

Additionally, instead of having customers submit issue reports via an email form, we'll now be asking members to create new discussions instead so we can follow up with your inquiry directly. One of the biggest frustrations we've heard from folks who used this form was not knowing what the result of their report was or if it was read - this is something we want to ensure you're confident we're acting on in a timely manner.

At the end of the day our goal is to ensure you have a positive experience. If you're having any technical issues with your HD Guide equipment, we're committed to getting things resolved and communicating back with our customers ASAP. If you have questions or requests relating to your experience that we're not able to answer, we'll make sure to find the answers and get back to you as quickly as possible. Going forward we want to ensure your voice is being heard, so please submit any feedback you have through our customer advocacy program HERE.

HD Guide Feature Requests:

As feature requests are handled best via email, we still require customers to copy/paste this template and submit it to this EMAIL address.

**All fields are required.

Start of Template


*Subject line*: Shaw HD Guide Feature Request

First, Last Name:

Account Number:

Phone Number:

Feature(s) Requested:

/End of Template

Now that we've got our new process explained - an update on our next firmware release.

Upon reviewing our progress after the BETA 2 phase ended, we've decided that a mid August deployment for the next firmware drop will have to be delayed. We do not want to release anything until we're confident there are no outstanding issues present, or new ones introduced. Please know this is very much a high priority for us, and we're focused on getting it out quickly, but have to ensure it's done right.

BETA 3 is now underway and we'll continue testing throughout the month of August - our efforts are focused on addressing the outstanding concerns customers are experiencing right now as well as introducing new functionality.

As soon as we receive any updates on our progress, we'll be sure to post them here.