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Blog Post created by mark_vse on Sep 27, 2013

Hello Shaw Gateway Community Members,


We wanted to provide a brief update on the upcoming code release  As mentioned in our previous blog, this version mainly is in preparation for the Mobile app for remote recording.


The Scheduled release date is on September 30th, 2013 and will be targeted at boxes over several days.


The following changes are in this release:


  • PPV will support a new mode of ordering events.  This should lessen/eliminate ordering issues experienced for events like UFC.
  • SuperTicker icon has been updated. (Sports stats are available in SuperTicker for NHL, CFL, NFL, MLB, PGA etc.)
  • Added support for upcoming remote recording mobile app
  • Fix for Cable Card validation issues experienced



The way to know if you have received the software is the following version numbers (for those who know how to check):


MP2000 Portal:

MP2150 Portal:


Cable modem firmware is unchanged: 7.12.118



Another method of visually seeing if you have the new version, is to check to see if you have the new SuperTicker icon within the menu as shown below.


photo 3.JPG