Shaw Gateway App 'The Wednesday Update'

Blog Post created by shaw-sean on Dec 11, 2013

So let me be straight with you guys,


When Mark originally stated November as the probable release date for the iOS Gateway app, it's exactly how our deployment was scheduled at the time. Unfortunately (I really dislike this word) this was delayed as our decision makers wanted to wait until:


a) The Android version was completed and could be rolled out in unison.

b) Enable the Watch/Play feature that allows tuning or playback of recordings directly to a portal

c) Gather feedback by offering a company wide internal trial.


Now, why Wednesday? Well, what we've been tirelessly working on since posting about the delay was something we thought would really satisfy our (Community only) Gateway owners appetites - our first closed public trial for the iOS app. This has been in the works since early November but since there's so many moving parts I didn't want to announce it just to let everyone down a month+ later. Trust me it's a been a real challenge keeping you guys in the dark about this initiative, seeing how much we've put into making this a reality.


Now since this involves almost every department within Shaw to successfully pull off, the coordination process has been lengthy. We thought today would be the day all the moving parts came together, but we still have some work to do to make this a reality. My promise to you guys is to provide regular updates on our progress and trust me, if this becomes a reality you'll know as soon as we do. Expect another update by the end of this week.