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Blog Post created by [shaw]ali on May 4, 2014

Greetings to all our fellow Shaw Gateway Community Members,


Starting May 5th, 2014 you can look forward to improvements on your Gateway Whole Home HDPVR. Our resident Community Guru and all around Gateway expert mark_vse has taken some video's to show off some of the new enhancements and features coming in the 7.1.7 firmware update. Head over to this thread to check them out: Gateway Version


For a full overview of the Upgrade Schedule - please see the Community Bulletin.


Overview of Features and Enhancements


  • TV Roaming
  • One-Click Recording
  • Grid Guide Colour-coded Content (Kids: Orange, Sports: Green, News: Grey, Movies: Purple)
  • Channel Number Navigation Within Guide Filters
  • Descriptive Video Service (DVS)
  • Easy Closed Caption (CC) Toggle
  • Main Menu Customizations
  • Sort Order Live TV Channels
  • PVR Recordings Sort Options
  • PPV and Linear TV Reminders
  • EDID Support

Fixes and further enhancements within this release (Personal Observation)

  • Grid Guide menu episode information now correctly displays information.  If it hits the case that it detects a channel does not have the complete info, it refreshes to show the correct info.
  • Clicking on search doesn't have a 3 second delay to display the keypad anymore.
  • Enhancements to installer menu.  Connection status reports if the moca signals per device is Good, Poor, Not connected.
  • Enhancements to SMART scanning of internal and external hard drives for detecting bad block
  • VOD titles with disabled trickmodes will now display an icon on the flip bar.
  • Flip Bar information should now represent the proper programming.
  • Recorded content that had delays showing up in the PVR menu has been resolved.
  • "keep or delete note" not always showing up at the end of program has been resolved.
  • After a program has been recorded, the recording icon may still persist.  This issues has been resolved.



Question: Can we force the update starting Monday or do we have to wait?
Answer: It can can be forced (for those that know how to) if your box is targeted to receive it that day.  Its a lottery process that randomly chooses people to receive the code. The process of the updates propagating to all the boxes will take up to 2 weeks (gateway firmware).  The modem firmware will follow that afterwards and get updated.

Question: I notice that the aspect ratio on my standard definition channels has changed, and some SD channels look different.
Answer: You can change this back to your previous setting by going to Settings > Aspect Ratio > TV Type (16:9) > Stretch. Note: Letterboxing will still occur on SD channels when the original source was filmed in HD, see mark_vse's post here (with videos) for reference and explanation: https://community.shaw.ca/message/74093#74093.

Question: How do I tell if I have received the updated software?
Answer: You can verify by the software version (for those that know how to check):


Updated Firmware version numbers:


MP2000 Portal:

MP2150 Portal:


Cable Modem: 7.14.57


Or simply pull up the Grid Guide by pressing the "C" button on your Gateway remote, and you will see "Colour Coded" Guide Cells now:




Look forward to your feedback.



Shaw Community Team