Shaw Go Gateway App v2.3 - Now with Universal Android support!

Blog Post created by [shaw]ali on Jul 15, 2014

Greetings Shaw Gateway Community Members,


Today we have launched version 2.3 of the Shaw Go Gateway App for Android.


What does this mean? With version 2.3 (Build 401249) you can now run the Shaw Go Gateway App on your Android smartphone handset (ver. 4 and up)!



Version 2.3 - Enhances and fixes:

  • Android Universal support - Now the app can be run on both smartphone and Tablets properly.
  • Android fix -> Fixes to crash bugs found, and fixes to Watch/Play feature taking over a minute to start working.
  • New Feature: Parental Controls now supported within the Apps.


*Note: Version 2.3 for Apple iOS devices will launch once the submission is approved to the iTunes store.


Have fun downloading and using the app on your phone!


Shaw Go Gateway App - Android Phone

Shaw Go Gateway App - Android Tablet



Ali | Shaw Community Moderator