• How to set series recording for SportsCentre?

    On my Gateway, is there a way to set a series recording for TSN's SportsCentre, so that it records every day?  TSN can't seem to make up it's mind to show it on the top of the hour or the half-hour.  So when...
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  • spamgourmet.com emails blocked?

    I haven't been receiving emails forwarded through spamgourmet.com for days now. Is Shaw blocking emails forwarded through Spamgourmet? I have verified that Spamgourmet is still operational. For anybody not familiar wi...
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  • Is it possible to share an email program including "Contacts" between an Ipad and a laptop running windows 10?

    I have a new Ipad and a laptop running windows 10.  I would like to have both machines using the same email program and the  contacts program from the Ipad. Is that possible?
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  • How to view past bills

    Through my.shaw.ca you can manage your Shaw billing including reviewing your past Shaw bills and updating your payment preferences. With My Shaw, you can view past bills of up to 6 months, which allows you to kee...
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  • Passpoint for Android and Windows 10

    When is Passpoint going to be available for Android and Windows 10? Would love to securely use ShawGo with my Android phones and my Windows 10 computer like I do with the iPad. With security being the upmost importa...
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  • Can I connect Bluesky with Cat5 or do I need coaxial cable?

    Considering switching from Telus but I only have cat5 wiring in my house, no coax.  If I switch to Shaw Bluesky would i have to run coax or can it use the cat5 already wired?
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  • Dlink Wireless camera wont connect to Modem

    My Dlink wireless camera will not connect to my nitron modem. Any hints please?
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  • The TV listings on my guide read "to be announced"

    I'm having a problem.  The TV listings on my guide read "to be announced".  As suggested in some of the other posts, I've tried rebooting and unplugged & reattached the cable connections.  The curre...
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  • Gateway search sub menu not working

    The menu function on my Gateway PVR is faulty.  If I search 'more movies', I get sub menus. If I search 'more sports' I get nothing. I used to get Boxing, hockey, football etc.  This no longer works . Searc...
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  • DCT700 does not activate

    My DCT700 will not activate.  When I called to activate a couple of days ago the representative was not able to activate.  They were going to call back in 10 minutes but never did.  Before he hung up th...
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  • Free movies.

    I just recently reconnected with shaw. I used to get lots of free movies with VOD. Now it's all pay per view. Why is this?
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  • Sound

    When I turn on my tv Shaw cable has no sound until I change input and come back to cable. Anyone know why?
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  • Well now.. This aint so good..

    For the past month or so we've noticed our home network has been slow and just not "right"  I've already reinstalled windows on 2 of the machines reconfigured everything reset the modem to default setting's ...
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  • Why is the Doctor Who Christmas Special not listed for the 25th?

    Why is the Doctor Who Christmas Special not listed for the 25th? Space is advertising it, the Space web site says that it is airing at 9 central / 6 pacific. The Shaw schedule say that Pirates of the Caribbean is play...
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  • Omni channel 106

    This Omni channel 106 is supposed to be one of the base channels.   But it is not listed in the "Free to Me" guide.   And when you search from "Free to Me" guide for this channel 106, it says it is not you...
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  • My PS4 loses connections constantly

    I have a Cisco DPC 3825. My wife used to be able to watch Netflix while I played online video games. Now it doesn't matter if anybody is on the internet, my PS4 is losing connections to the server. Port 1 is my wirel...
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  • No B.C. affiliates in HD here in Lillooet, B.C.

    Hello.  The Toronto affiliates are offered in HD while the B.C. based affiliates are only available in SD.  Could someone please reach out to the shaw programming center responsible for Lillooet, B.C. and ha...
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  • Why isn't Shaw available in North Delta?

    Hello, I live in North Delta, British Columbia, and I'm wondering why Shaw hasn't expanded services to this area yet?  Delta Cable is not competitive with TELUS, and if Shaw came to our neighbourhood I know many ...
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  • How to set up email and WiFi - Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge

    Learn how to connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Note Edge phone to WiFi as well as how to setup your Shaw email account through IMAP or an Exchange server. For more information, see Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Product Su...
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  • Email Setup Instructions

    Setup your Phone, Tablet, or Computer with your Shaw Email Address This page provides all of the information needed to create a new email address and accesses it via webmail or through an app on your computer, phone ...
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