Getting to Know Your Digital Phone Terminal

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Your Shaw Home Phone service is delivered to your home through a Shaw Digital Phone Terminal (DPT). The DPT is the heart of your home's phone service and needs to be properly connected into your household wiring in order for it to be able to provide a reliable and functional Shaw Home Phone experience.


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Your DPT's Lights

Your Motorola SBV5220 DPT's Lights

Your Arris TM602 DPT's Lights

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Visual Guide To Your DPT's Lights


The lights on your Digital Phone Terminal are a simple way for the DPT to provide the necessary information concerning its active connection, the condition of its backup battery, and even if your phones are actively in use. Knowing whether or not a light is flashing or solid will allow you to better troubleshoot problems with your Home Phone service. Here is a brief explanation for the function of each light and what is being indicated if the light is flashing or solid (on).


Motorola SBV5220


light sequences of the Motorola SBV5220The light sequences of the Motorola SBV5220



Arris TM602


light sequences of the Arris TM602The light sequences of the Arris TM602



For instructions relating to removing the backup battery from your Digital Phone Terminal, please refer to How To Remove the Battery from Your Digital Phone Terminal.



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