Understanding your first Shaw Bill

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Learn more about how your first Shaw bill is different than future bills and why it may be higher than what you may expect. This article will provide insight on:

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The billing period (aka billing cycle) is the dates that represent the start date and end date of your billing service. For example, if you had services installed on the 14th of the month, your billing period will be from the 14th to the 13th of the next month.


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Additional charges on my first bill

Your first Shaw bill will be different from your future Shaw bills due to a number of factors including:

  • One-time activation or installation fees (if applicable, for example, if you did not sign up for a 2-year value plan)
  • Advance billing: Most of our service areas are billed one month in advance, so your first bill represents two months of service. 
  • Partial charges: Your first bill includes partial charges that are pro-rated monthly fees for your services for the days prior to your billing date.
  • Extra charges for additional services such as a PPV event or Shaw On Demand rental.

Your first bill includes partial charges which are pro-rated monthly fees for your Shaw services based on when activation/installation took place. For example, if you activated your Shaw services on the 9th and your billing date is the 14th, your first bill will include charges for five days (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th) plus your next month of recurring services.

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Did You Know


You can view past bills and your current bill status using the My Shaw app? Download the My Shaw app on the Apple App Store or get it on Google Play for your Android device.


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Advance billing explained

Most service areas are billed one month in advance, so the first bill you receive will represent two months of service. For example, if your services started on January 14th, the first bill will include services from January 14th to March 13th. The next invoice will show March 14th to April 14th.

Shaw First BillThe first bill is due a month after your services started. A customer who had services installed on January 14th will need to pay by February 13th


Advanced Billing Cycle Example

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Shaw billing FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions specific to your first Shaw bill and changes in your Shaw service. These FAQs will help you understand why your first Shaw bill is different than subsequent bills.


First bill FAQs


My Shaw services were hooked up during last week of the month, why am I being billed for two months?

On your first bill, this amount is added based on a partial cost from your date of activation to your billing date. Shaw uses advance billing so your first bill will be for two months.


Will the total of my Shaw bill decrease after the first bill?

Yes, typically your Shaw bill will decrease based on the services that you have signed up for. Your first Shaw bill may be higher based on one-time activation or installation fees, additional services purchased and partial charges based on your activation/billing period.


Change of Service FAQs

My Shaw bill was lower last month; why did it go up?

This could be a result of any special offers or introductory rates for new services that you have signed up for that may have expired, On Demand purchases for your current billing period or any new service additions for your current billing cycle.


I paid the full amount owing on my bill when I got it, why do I still have a balance carried forward?

The payments made since your previous bill along with a reduction in tax creates a credit amount that will balance against anything carried forward. Please refer to the Total Amount Due on your bill for what you owe currently.


What happens if I change my services part way through my billing period?

Any changes to your Shaw bill will be reflected on your next bill based on your billing period.


I added a new service last month, why do my charges look higher than I was expecting?

Since the bill is sent out one month in advance, you’ve already been billed for your original services for this billing cycle and the following month. When you get your next bill, it will reflect just one month of billing charges, as long as no additional services were added.

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