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The No Signal, No Source or No Input message will appear on your television screen when the television is not receiving a signal from the Digital Box. This is often a result of either the Digital Box being powered off, not being properly connected to the TV, or if the TV set itself is set to the wrong display input.


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Ensuring that the Digital Box is Powered On

Checking the Input on Your TV

Power Cycling the Digital Box

Connect the Cable to a Different Input

No picture, but I can hear audio





Ensuring that the Digital Box is Powered On


Please ensure that both the Digital Box and the Television Set are powered on. The method for determining if your Digital Box is powered on will depend on which model you are currently using, but all of the units will either display a power light, or the current channel while powered on. To ensure that your box is powered on please:


  1. Use your Shaw Remote and hit the POWER button. Depending on which remote you are using, you may have to hit the CBL button on the top of the remote first
  2. If your Digital Box will not power on please refer to our guide on how to troubleshoot this issue:
    Digital Box will not Power On



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Checking the Input on Your TV


In order for your TV to correctly display a picture from the Digital Box it will need to be on the correct input. Each device you have connected into your TV (DVD Player, Blu-Ray Player, Digital Box) will be connected to a unique input.


  1. Power on both your television set as well as the Digital Box. If you find that your Digital Box powers on while the television is powers off, or vice versa, press the POWER button that is directly on your television set so that they are powered on at the same time
  2. Find the remote control that came with your television set and then locate the INPUT button on it. Depending on the brand of your television, this will either be labeled as: INPUT, SOURCE or TV/VIDEO
  3. Navigate through the list of available inputs on your television by pushing the INPUT button. Each time you press this button, while the input menu is appearing on your TV screen, the highlighted input should change. The name of the input you will need to select depends on the type of cable connection you are using to connect the Digital Box to the TV
      • Coaxial Cable: The Input should be set to TV or Cable. The television set itself must also be set to channel 03. You will need to change the TV to channel 3 by using the remote that came with your television set, or by using the channel up and down buttons that appear on the front of your TV set.
      • HDMI Cable: The input should be set to HDMI1, HDMI2, HDMI3, etc…
      • RCA Cables (Red/White/Yellow): The input should be set to Video1, Video2, Video3, or AV1, AV2, AV3, etc…
      • Component Cables (Red/Green/Blue): Component1, Component2, Component3, etc…


Important Information: If you are using a coaxial cable to connect the Digital Box to your TV, have confirmed that you are on the TV or Cable input, and that your TV is currently tuned to channel 03, then you may have to toggle between antenna and cable mode. This can be done by finding and pressing the ANT/CBL button on your TV’s remote.



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Power Cycling the Digital Box


  1. Power off your Digital Box
  2. Remove the power cable from the back of the unit
  3. Wait 30 seconds and then reconnect the black power cable. It will take about 30 seconds for the Digital Box to reboot
  4. Power on your Digital Box and test it again


Please note: Your guide will say “To Be Announced” for roughly one hour after doing this type of reboot. This information will automatically re-populate over time.



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Connecting the Cable to a Different Input


If your television has a faulty input it will be unable to read the signal from the Digital Box. Try connecting your Digital Box to a different input port on the back of the television. While connecting the Digital Box to a different input port, take note of the name that accompanies the port you have chosen to connect to. This indicates which port you will need to change your TV to when you press the INPUT button.



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No picture but I can hear audio


If you are able to hear audio on certain channels but cannot see the picture it may be because you are trying to view an MPEG4 channel through a box that is not MPEG4 compatible. MPEG4 is a new standard that some HD channels use when broadcasting, and some Shaw Digital Boxes are not able to display picture on these channels because they lack MPEG4 compatibility. If you attempt to view an MPEG4 channel on a box that is not compatible you will see a blank screen or a screen presenting an error message, but will still be able to hear the channels audio feed.


For a list of MPEG4 Channels as well as Digital Boxes that are MPEG4 compatible please see the following document: Guide to MPEG4 Channels and Digital Cable Boxes




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