How to Create a New email Account using My Account

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In order to create a new email account, you can log into My Account (


If you have not yet registered through Shaw “My Account”, click on the following link to learn how to register: Shaw Account Settings (My Account).


If you are accessing Shaw “My Account” from your home, you will be asked to provide your phone number.


If you are accessing Shaw “My Account” from outside of your home such as, your office, you will be required to provide the following criteria:


  1. Your Shaw Account Number
  2. Phone number registered on your Shaw Account
  3. Postal Code


Learn how to Create a New Shaw Email Account in My Account in the video above.

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How to Create a New email Account using My Account

Once you have registered through My Account and have successfully logged into your account, you may create a new Shaw email account by following these simple steps:


  1. Click on My Profile in the menu on the left-hand side

  2. Scroll down until you reach the "Shaw Email & Webspace" section

  3. Click on Create email address. You may create up to 10 unique email accounts



  1. Once on the "Manage your email accounts here" section, enter the following information:
      1. First name
      2. Last name
      3. Username: Usernames must begin with a letter. Numbers or symbols will not be accepted as a first character
      4. Password: Choose a password of your choice. See requirements here: Password Requirements for My Account and Email Accounts
      5. Re-enter your password for verification
  2. Click on Submit


If the username you have chosen is available and the information has been entered correctly, you should see a confirmation that "Your new email address is created." Visit to access your e-mail account in order to begin sending and receiving messages.


Alternatively, please refer to the Email Setup page for instructions on how to set-up your email account on an email application such as Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail, or a mobile device such as an iPhone or Android device.


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