Installing McAfee Internet Security

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McAfee Internet Security is a complete virus and online protection suite which is supported by McAfee and available free of charge as an additional benefit included with your Shaw Internet service. This guide will provide detailed instructions for installing the McAfee Internet Security software (McAfee SecurityCenter). At this time McAfee Internet Security is available only for Windows.


Notice for Windows XP users: McAfee Internet Security and Windows XP


How to Install McAfee Internet Security

To download McAfee Internet Security, login to My Account.


Before You Begin

It is important that you remove any existing antivirus programs from your computer prior to installing McAfee Internet Security. If you have the old version of Shaw Secure (Powered by F-Secure) currently installed on your computer, the following installation process will automatically remove it for you. If you are using a third party antivirus program such as Norton or Microsoft Security Essentials, please consult the support information available on the manufacturers website for further instructions on how to properly remove it from your computer.



1. On the left menu, click Internet and then click Free Download in the "McAfee Internet Security" section.

          Note that if you have already registered for McAfee Internet Security, the button will be labelled "Re-download".


Shaw Secure Free Download McAfee Internet Security

2. If you have not already registered, clicking the Free Download button will expand the McAfee Internet Security subscription window. Enter your first name, last name, and email address, and click the Subscribe button. On the resulting subscription confirmation screen, click the Download button to download McAfee Internet Security.

If you have already registered, you will be taken directly to step 3.



3. You will now be directed to the McAfee website to continue the installation. From the new window, click the red Download button.


Note: If you see a message stating that A system error has occurred. Please try again, you will need to reset your Web browser. To do this, please follow the instructions located at Internet Browser Support



4. You will be prompted to accept a user agreement for the McAfee software. The agreement can be read on-screen or printed if you so choose. When ready, click I Agree to continue


5.  Copy the provided serial number and then click Download to continue


Note: The serial number you see on your screen is only valid for a short period of time and is distinct to your installation


6. Follow the instructions on the download page to begin the installation of McAfee Internet Security on your computer.


7. After McAfee Internet Security scans your computer for threats prior to installation, you will be prompted to enter the serial number you obtained in Step 5. Once the number has been entered, click Next.

Shaw Secure McAfee Software Serial Number



8. When the download has completed you will be asked what type of installation you would like, for the most thorough  coverage, choose Complete


9. If you currently have the Shaw Secure - Powered by F-Secure program installed on your computer McAfee Internet Security will automatically detect the previous installation and remove it for you. This will require a restart of your computer. Once your computer has been restarted, the installation process will continue automatically


10. The McAfee product will now resume its installation process


Installing Shaw Secure McAfee Internet Security


11. The installation will also ask you if you would like to participate in improving the product by sending anonymous usage information to McAfee. Choosing to participate in this program is completely voluntary. If you do not wish to send anonymous usage information to McAfee, simply remove the check mark by clicking on the selection box. Click Next to continue


Shaw Secure McAfee Internet Security


12. When it has finished you will see the "Installation Complete" window appear confirming that the process was completed successfully


13. Click Finish


Installation Complete of Shaw Secure McAfee Internet Security


14. McAfee has now finished installing McAfee Internet Security, the main user menu will now be accessible via a menu bar icon by the date and time on your computer (lower right hand corner of your screen)


Shaw Secure Free Download McAfee Internet Security




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