BlueSky TV: How to set Parental Controls to system default

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Learn how to set parental controls to the system default setting in BlueSky TV. Use these steps to revert back to the default settings for parental controls.

Did You Know


Prior to making any Parental Control settings changes, your BlueSky TV digital box will default to Parental Controls being turned off. Parental Controls limit access to certain features and restrict viewing based on ratings, channel and other criteria.             

Setting parental controls to default settings

If you have enabled Parental Controls and have restricted programming and channels that you now want to access, you will want to reset your Parental Controls. The steps below will assist you if, after turning Parental Controls on, you wish to revert back to the default settings.


  1. Press the Shaw button on your remote controls to access the main menu. 
  2. Use the left arrow or right arrow to highlight Settings (the gear icon). Press OK

    BlueSky TV > Menu > Settings
  3. Use the down arrow button to highlight Parental Controls. Press OK

    BlueSky TV > Settings > Parental Controls
  4. You may be asked to enter your Locks PIN. Use the number pad on the remote control to enter your Locks PIN in the Enter PIN field. 

    BlueSky TV > Menu > Settings > Parental Controls > Enter PIN
  5. Use the down arrow button to highlight Reset Parental Controls. Press OK

    BlueSky TV > Parental Controls > Reset
  6. Use the right arrow button to highlight Confirm. Press OK to reset your Parental Controls. 

    BlueSky TV > Parental Controls > Confirm Reset
  7. Press Exit to return to standard TV viewing. Or,
  8. Press the left arrow button and then press Last to return to the Settings menu. 

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