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Voicemail PIN / Password Reset

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If you have forgotten your Voicemail PIN you can reset it through the Shaw Phone Portal. To access the Shaw Phone Portal please visit phone.shaw.ca, and then login to My Account.

For assistance registering for My Account, please visit the below link: My Account Registration



Reset PIN / Password from the Shaw Phone Portal (phone.shaw.ca)


  1. Login to the Shaw Phone Portal
  2. Click Features
  3. Under the Voicemail tab you will see "Change Pin"
  4. Choose a four to 19 character password, using the same numbers and characters found on your telephone's number pad (0-9, * and #). You must also enter it in the Confirm window
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the page





Additional Note: You can de-select the "Enable PIN authentication" option if you would prefer not to have to enter your pin while accessing your voicemail service from your home phone.


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