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With BlueSky TV Labs, you can try out new and experimental features of BlueSky TV. Consider these features as being in “demo” mode; as such they may become unavailable or may not work as expected. The features listed below are examples and may be removed from BlueSky TV Labs in the future.


Enable a Labs feature

You can turn on BlueSky TV Labs features by:


  1. Press the Shaw button on the remote.
  2. Use the right or left arrow buttons to navigate to Settings (the gear icon)
  3. Highlight Labs from the BlueSky TV On-Screen Guide main menu. 
    BlueSky TV > Settings > Labs
  4. Use the arrow buttons on your remote to highlight the feature you want and press OK to toggle it on or off. 

  5. Press Exit to return to regular programming.

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Control Panel

Control Panel is a quick access point for BlueSky TV services and frequently used settings. Once you have turned the feature on, simply press the left arrow button on your remote control to open the Control Panel, which includes:

  • Local time
  • Weather
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Start Power Saver


A Today tab that shows your recent notifications (Note: The list will be cleared out after a reboot and will only show the last 20 notifications.)


BlueSky TV Control Panel

Within Control Panel, you can clear all notifications or manually delete individual notifications by choosing Clear selected.

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Recent Searches

Recent Searches displays recently-selected movies, TV series, sports teams and personalities that have been recently clicked on in Search, allowing you to discover personalized content faster than ever.

BlueSky TV > Settings > Labs > Recent Searches

Once you have turned on Recent Searches, searches made on your BlueSky TV box will be tracked and organized by most recent to least recent in a gallery-style row.
BlueSky TV Recent Searches
Press the D button on your remote to delete an item or the entire row of recent searches. Confirm your selection by selecting Just this search, Clear all searches, or Cancel.

Clear History

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Autoplay Next Episode

When the Auto Play Next Episode feature is enabled, and an episode ends, a countdown timer will appear. The next episode will begin playing when the timer is completed. For this feature to work properly, the next sequential episode in a series must be available via Shaw On Demand or stored on your BlueSky TV PVR.

Autoplay Next Episode

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Guide Readability

Learn how to increase the font size and adjust the contrast of the text of your BlueSky TV On-Screen Guide. Four different options are currently available.
BlueSky TV > Settings > Labs > Guide Readability

Related: BlueSky TV Guide Readability

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Auto Pad Recordings

Enabling the Auto Pad Recordings feature will cause all of your scheduled PVR recordings to automatically start one minute before the program begins and end three minutes after it concludes.

BlueSky TV > Settings > Labs > Auto Pad Recordings

Note: You can extend a program longer by managing the Start/Stop times in Recording Options.

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