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Learn more about your Shaw bill with our FAQs


Learn about your Shaw bill including how to access your bill and check your account balance, how to set up for Shaw eBill and other billing topics with our frequently asked questions.

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The quickest and easiest way to view your current balance and pay your Shaw bill is through My Shaw. Download the My Shaw app today.


Download: My Shaw app for iOS or My Shaw app for Android devices



Understanding your first bill

Here are some common questions and answers around your first Shaw bill.


Why is my first bill so high?
Most of our service areas are billed one month in advance, so the first bill you receive will represent two months of services. For example, if your services started on October 1, the bill will cover services for both October and November. The following bills will show only one month of services.


I moved, why does my first bill show two months now?
The area you moved to is likely an advanced-billing area, where payment is due at the beginning of your billing period instead of at the end of your billing period.The first bill is the only time you will see two months of services on one bill. For example, if you moved in October, your next bill will include services for October and the billing period after.


When is my next bill due?
Your next bill is due a month after the first bill’s due date. For example, if you started your services on October 1, your first bill is due November 1, and your second is due on December 1.


My Shaw services were hooked up during last week of the month, why am I being billed for two months?
On your first bill, this amount is added based on a partial cost from your date of activation to your billing date. Shaw uses advanced billing so your first bill will be for two months.


First Bill Diagram

The first bill is due a month after your services started. If you had services installed on January 14th, you will need to pay by February 13th.  Learn more with Understanding your Shaw Bill.


How do I find how much I currently owe on my Shaw bill?
See the Total Amount Due section of either your Paper bill or your eBill.

Shaw Invoice

Learn more about Understanding your Shaw Bill.

Did You Know


You can set up a Shaw ID to ensure that you have a single login for Shaw products such as My Shaw, FreeRange TV, Shaw Go WiFi and more.


Learn More: Shaw ID Overview


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Billing basics

Here are some common questions and answers around your Shaw bill.

What is a billing cycle?
Your billing cycle is the recurring monthly time period during which you are charged for your Shaw services. It runs for one month, starting and ending on your monthly bill date. For example, if you had services installed on the 14th of the month, your billing cycle will be from the 14th to the 13th of the next month.

Can I get both a paper bill and an online bill?
Yes. First, sign up for eBill in the My Bills section of My Shaw and then save or print the bills that are stored in My Shaw.


How can I pay my Shaw bill?

There are a number of options for paying your Shaw bill including via My Shaw and the My Shaw app, via Internet or telephone banking, through Shaw's automated telephone service, in-person at your bank or via cheque.

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Billing how-to's

The following FAQs provide insight into how to change how you access, view and print your Shaw bills.

How do I switch from paper billing to online billing (eBill)?
You can sign up for Shaw eBill through My Shaw. To do this:

  1. Sign in to My Shaw.
  2. Click My Bills.
  3. In the “eBill” section, click Set up.
  4. Enter your email address in the field provided.
  5. Click Save and a confirmation email will be sent to you.

How do I view my eBill?
You can view your eBill in the My Bills section in My Shaw.

How can I print my Shaw eBill?
You can print your eBill through the My Bills section in My My Shaw. You can also use this option to download and save your eBill.

How do I view previous bills online?
You can view your previous Shaw bills through the My Bills section of My Shaw. To do this:

  1. Sign in to My Shaw.
  2. Click My Bills
  3. In the Account History section, click View bill beside the month you want to view.


Shaw Bill > Account History > Previous Bills

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Billing FAQs

The following frequently asked questions will help you understand billing issues that sometimes arise.

Why haven’t I received an email notification that my eBill is ready?
You may not be receiving eBill emails from us for the following reasons.

  1. The email has been marked as spam or junk. Log in to your email application and check your Spam or Junk folder for the eBill notification email. Make sure to mark the email as Not spam so that you'll receive future bill notifications in your inbox.
  2. Your monthly eBill isn’t ready yet. Once you sign up for eBill, you'll receive an email each month when your latest bill is ready. Typically, you should receive your eBill email the day that it is generated (based on your billing cycle). Note: If you are subscribed to paper billing, you will not receive an email notification for your eBill.
  3. You recently changed your email address but haven't updated your eBill email in My Shaw. To update your email address, see changing your email address in Shaw eBill or:
    1. Sign in to My Shaw
    2. Click My Bills
    3. In the “eBill” section, select Edit Email Address
    4. Enter your new email address at which you would like to receive your Shaw bill


I made a change to my services, but I don’t see it reflected on my bill?
Any changes to your Shaw bill will be reflected on your next bill based on your billing cycle. You may have made these changes after your current bill was printed or made available online. If you made changes part way through your previous billing cycle you may have seen a credit on your last bill. This adjustment would have been listed under the Changes Since Your Previous Invoice section on the bill.


My Shaw bill was lower last month; why did it go up?
This could be a result of any special offers or introductory rates for new services that you have signed up for that may have expired, On Demand purchases for your current billing cycle or any new service additions for your current billing cycle.


I added a new service last month, why do my charges look higher than I was expecting?
Since the bill is sent out one month in advance, you’ve already been billed for your original services for this billing cycle and the following month. When you get your next bill, it will reflect just one month of billing charges, as long as no additional services were added.


I paid my bill, why is it still showing past due?

This occurs if you pay the amount owing after the bill has already been printed. Your next bill will show the accurate total. You can also view your current account balance in My Shaw or through the My Shaw app.


What should I do if I haven’t received my latest bill?
Paper billing: Check your last Shaw bill statement for your billing date. Your Shaw bill should arrive in your mail approximately 10 business days after the bill has been generated and 10 business days prior to your billing due date. 
eBill: If you haven’t received your eBill email, see the troubleshooting steps above.

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