Understanding Your Bill

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Here you will find a list of the common terms that you may find on your Shaw Bill. Watch the video below, or review the following information for additional assistance.


Learn more about how your Shaw bill is organized in the video above.

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Understanding Your Bill

Your Shaw bill will include at least two pages. The first offers a general overview of your charges and billing dates, while any additional pages provide a detailed breakdown of the charges for that billing period. See below for an explanation of the terms used in your Shaw bill.



Billing Term


Invoice Date

Example: A

The Invoice Date displays the date that your bill was printed

Due Date

Example: B

The Due Date will show you the date that your current bill should be paid by in order to avoid late payment fees and applicable interest

Summary of Your Account

Example: C

Displays previous charges and payments made, as well as any balance carried forward from a previous bill that will be added to your total amount due

Current Charges


Example: D

The date presented here will show you the start and end date of your most recent billing period. This section totals your current monthly services, as well as any additional charges (for example: Video On Demand and Long Distance charges)


This section lists any special offers or introductory rates for new services that you have signed up for

Total Amount Due

Example: E

This is the total amount due for this billing period, including any balance that may be carried over from your previous bill

Amount Due to be Withdrawn on DD-MM-YYYYIf you have set up pre-authorized payment on your account, this section will list your total amount due to be withdrawn on your due date (appears instead of Total Amount Due)

Current Monthly Services

Example: F

This is the total amount of your current monthly services, including applicable taxes

Pay Per View / Video On Demand

Example: G

Pay Per View and Video On Demand charges that you have made during this billing period will be displayed here, along with a summary of the total Pay Per View/Video On Demand charges

Long Distance Charges

Example: H

This section will appear on your bill if you have any long distance charges included in this billing cycle
Payment Options

On the bottom of your Shaw bill you will see a list of the various ways in which payment can be made


For more information on how you can pay your bill, please see: Self Serve Payment Options



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