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Understanding Your Bill

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Here you will find a list of the common terms that you may find on your Shaw Bill. Watch the video below, or review the following information for additional assistance.

Video: Understanding Your Bill

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You can click on the Example to see an illustration of a sample bill with relevant information highlighted.



Click Example for preview


Invoice Date

Example. A

The Invoice Date displays the date that your bill was printed

Due Date

Example. B

The Due Date will show you the date that your current bill should be paid by in order to avoid late payment fees and applicable interest

Current Charges

(M/D to M/D, YYYY)

Example. C

The date presented here will show you the start and end date of your most recent billing period

Promotional Price

Example. D

This section will list any introductory offers that you may currently be subscribed to

Total Amount Due

Example. E

This is the total amount of your bill, including any balance that may be carried over from your previous bill

Details of Your Current Charges

Example. F

This section of your bill will list all of the services that you have subscribed to. This may not reflect your most recent account changes if they have been made after the date that your bill was printed

Total Current Monthly Services

Example. G

This is the total amount of your current monthly services, including applicable taxes

Additional Services

Example. H

This section will list all of the services that you have ordered that are not part of your regular monthly services. This includes such things as Shaw Video on Demand and Pay Per View titles

Total Additional Services

Example. I


This will tally your additional services ordered for billing period, and provide you with the total amount

Payment Options

Example. J

On the bottom of your Shaw bill you will see a list of the various ways in which payment can be made. This includes online payment through Online Customer Care, telephone banking, as well as pre-authorized monthly payment plans from your bank account or credit card

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