BlueSky billing for new Shaw customers

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New customer billing

Learn about BlueSky billing for new customers. Understand the difference between your first BlueSky TV bill and what to expect with future bills.

This article will provide insight into:


Video: New customer billing

This video explains the billing process for a new Shaw customer that is subscribed to BlueSky TV.


New Customer BlueSky TV Billing | Support & How To – BlueSky TV | Shaw

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How your billing cycle works

You pay for your Shaw services at the Start of the Billing cycle, this is known as Advance Billing.

Your billing cycle is the recurring monthly time period during which you are charged for your Shaw services. It runs for one month, starting and ending on your monthly bill date.

For example, if you had services installed on the March 22, your billing cycle will be from the 22nd to the 21st of the next month.


Shaw Bill: Currently Monthly Services

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Your first bill

If you pay your bill at the start of your billing cycle, you will notice.


Shaw Bill: First Bill with Months 1 and 2

When BlueSky TV is installed, a new bill is generated, exactly like that of a new customer, and any outstanding balance or credits from the previous bill will be transferred to the new bill (listed as "Balance Carried Forward" on your bill).


Your first BlueSky TV bill will be broken down into two sections on the Details of Your Current Charges page.

  • Changes Since Your Previous Invoice will show the first month of billing. This is service that you had installed when your BlueSky TV was set up.
  • Current Monthly Services (Date to Date) will show the Advance Bill — the one you will pay for at the start of your next bill.

Together, these are combined to show two months of service. The month you are currently on, and the first advance month.


Shaw Bill: Details of Current Charges

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Billing FAQs

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about Shaw BlueSky TV billing.


Why is my first Shaw bill so high?

Most of our service areas are billed one month in advance, so the first bill you receive will represent two months of service. For example, if your services started on June 1, the bill will cover services for both June and July. Your following bills will show only one month of services.


How can I access my Shaw Bill?

The quickest and easiest way to access your Shaw bill is through the My Shaw app. The My Shaw app can be downloaded for Apple (iOS) and Android devices.


Can I get both a paper bill and an online bill?

Yes. First, sign up for eBill in the My Bills section of My Shaw and then save or print the bills that are stored in My Shaw.


How can I print my Shaw eBill?

You can print your eBill through the My Bills section in My Shaw. You can also use this option to download and save your eBill.


What happens when I order a Pay-Per-View event after my bill is printed?

Additional service charges added to your account will reflect on the next bill.

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