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Troubleshoot Webmail issues and learn more about Shaw Webmail with our list of FAQs. Our frequently asked questions cover topics including accessing your Webmail, setup, setting preferences and managing your Webmail account. This article includes:


Did You Know


Shaw Webmail is the latest version of Shaw's web-based email client. Visit to sign in and access your Shaw email.



Webmail setup FAQs

How do I access my Shaw Webmail?

From your laptop, computer or mobile device, visit from your internet browser and log in with your email and password to sign in and access your Shaw email. 


How do import my email contacts into Shaw Webmail?

This can be done through Preferences > Import/Export.  Full instructions can be found in our article: Import/Export in Webmail

Shaw Webmail > Import/Export Settings


How do I change my Webmail password?

Your Webmail password can be changed through My Shaw. If you would like to change the password for one of your Shaw email accounts, you can do so by signing into and navigating to the "@Shaw Email Accounts" section in the Internet menu. Please note that this is also the password that you use to log into


Change Email Password from My Shaw Desktop

For additional details please see How to change your Email and Webmail password.


How do I get Webmail on my phone or other devices?

To access Webmail via your phone:

  1. On your phone or mobile device use an Internet browser and go to
  2. Log in with your Shaw email address (example:
  3. Enter your email password

Note: You can access Webmail via Shaw Go WiFi. You can manage which devices are assigned to your account through your My Shaw profile. Depending on your Internet service with Shaw, you can register your device(s) to auto-connect between 3 and 10 devices on Shaw Go WiFi.


How do I enable the HTML interface through Webmail settings?

You can choose to use the "HTML" interface as your default by changing the “Default Client” preference located in Preferences > General > Sign In.


Can I use HTML in my signature?

Yes, you can set up email signatures in HTML.


How do I set up an email signature in Shaw Webmail?

  1. Login to your webmail account
  2. Click Preferences
  3. Click Signatures from the left menu
  4. Give your signature a name (for example Sig #1)
  5. Create your signature. (Options are Format as Plain Text or Format as HTML) 
  6. Under Using Signatures set which signature you want to use for New Messages or for Replies & Forwards


How do I set up an Out of Office Reply in Shaw Webmail?

Once logged into your Webmail account you can set an out of office reply by going to Preferences and selecting Out of Office from the left menu. Create your message and either click the checkbox to Send auto-reply message or set a specific time period when you want to send the auto-reply. For additional details see our article on How to send an auto-reply (vacation) message in Webmail.


How do I set up a spam filter in Shaw Webmail?

After logging into your Webmail account, click on Preferences and select Filters from the left menu. You can select either Incoming Message Filters or Outgoing Message Filters.  Select Create Filter and proceed with the steps to set up your spam filter. For additional information see our article on Webmail: Filters and Spam Settings.

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General Webmail FAQs

Here is some additional insight based on some frequently asked questions about Shaw Webmail.


What is the difference between using Shaw email on my phone/tablet/computer vs. using Shaw Webmail?

When you use Shaw email and you receive an email, it is stored on the Shaw Email Server, just like a post office would store your letter. When you click Send/Receive on your email, your phone, tablet, or computer will download the email from the server. With Webmail, instead of downloading, Shaw Webmail allows you to directly view and reply to the emails on the Shaw Email Server. This can be useful for checking your email while on vacation or on computers that you don’t want to download your emails to.

How do I change my font size in Webmail?
After logging into your Shaw Webmail account, click Preferences > General.  Under Appearance, you can set your font, font size for viewing and print font size.

I am unable to send emails. How do I fix this?
There are a variety of reasons that an email client may stop sending or receiving emails including connection problems, folder corruption, and server setting issues. First, check to see if you have an Internet connection. If you recently changed your email password, you will want to ensure that you have logged in with the proper credentials. If you are still unable to send email, you may need to confirm your email server settings. Please see this article on Send/Receive Troubleshooting for additional information.

Why won't Webmail load for me?
If Webmail will not load within your browser, it is possible that your internet browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari) is attempting to load the Webmail page with outdated data, which it has stored in its cache. Please visit Internet Browser Support, and select your browser from the listing to see specific instructions for clearing your cache and cookies. 

Where can I find my Read Receipt settings?
After logging into your Shaw Webmail account, click Preferences > Mail.  Under Receiving Messages, navigate to the Read Receipt section.


Shaw Webmail > Read Receipt Options


How do I edit contact information for a person in my Contact list?
After logging into your Shaw Webmail account, click Contacts. Select the checkbox beside the email contact that you would like to edit.  Click Edit and make the necessary updates or changes. For additional information on managing your email contacts in Webmail see our article on Webmail Contacts.


Edit Contact Option in Webmail

How do I delete emails from Webmail?
There are a couple of ways that you can delete emails from Webmail:

  1. From your email inbox, highlight the message that you would like to delete and perform one of the following:
    1. Right click on the email and select Delete from the options menu
    2. Highlight the email and select the Delete option from the top menu 

      Shaw Webmail > Delete Email from Top Menu
  2. You can set up a filter to automatically delete or sort messages from a specific sender. This is done through Preferences > Filters > Create Filter. For additional details see Automatically delete or sort messages from a specific folder.


Note: You can delete multiple emails by clicking the checkbox beside each email in your Inbox or email folder that you wish to delete emails from. Deleting emails in this manner places them in your Trash folder. To permanently delete these emails you will need to click the drop-down on the Trash folder (or right-click the Trash folder) and select Empty Trash


More on How to delete emails in Webmail.

I deleted emails and cleared my trash from my laptop. The next day when I logged into Webmail the emails are still there.  How do I ensure that the emails will be deleted?
This issue stems from the email server settings that you may have set up. To ensure that you delete email from both your regular email and your web-based email (Webmail) you will need to properly sync your email and leverage the proper email server settings (Depending on your email client, either ActiveSync or IMAP server settings can be used to sync email). See our article on Email Setup Instructions for details. For more information on setting up email on mobile devices see Setting up email on an Android device or Setting up email on an iOs (Apple) device.


Information on How to recover deleted emails in Webmail.

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