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If you find that your Digital Box is not powering on please try the following steps to discover the source of the issue and correct the problem. Most commonly, this can be caused by power supply, remote control or TV setting issues.



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Powering On The Digital Box Without The Remote Control

Checking Your Power Outlet/Power Bar

Reprogramming Your Remote Control

Checking Your TV Settings For Dynamic, Ambient, Or Light Sensors





The "CBL" Button On Your Shaw Remote Control


Some Shaw remote controls have mode buttons at the top (CBL, TV, VCR, AUX, AUD, DVD)  which allow you to select different types of hardware which have been programmed with the remote, thereby allowing you to power them on independently. If you have accidentally selected one of these other functions, you may need to select the CBL button and then press the Power Button again to turn on your Shaw Digital Box.


CBL button on Shaw Remote Control


The CBL button



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Powering On The Digital Box Without The Remote Control


Try powering on the Digital Box with the physical power button located on the front of the unit. All of the Shaw Digital Boxes have a power button on the front of the unit, with the exceptions of the DCT 700 and Gateway Portal.


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Replacing The Batteries In Your Remote Control


If you are able to power the Digital Box using the power button on the front of the unit, or you are currently using a Digital Box that does not have one of these buttons, please try replacing the batteries in your Shaw remote control, or ensuring that they have been inserted correctly.


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Checking Your Power Outlet / Power Bar


Check the power outlet you have your Digital Box plugged into and ensure that the breaker has not flipped, thus cutting the supply of power. Try other nearby outlets to see if you are able to power on the Digital Box while plugged into an alternative power supply. If you are using a power bar you can try temporarily bypassing it and plugging your Digital Box directly into a power outlet on the wall.


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Resetting Your Digital Box


  1. Unplug the Power Cable on the back of your Digital Box
  2. Wait 30 seconds
  3. Reconnect the Power Cable back into the Digital Box
  4. After a few minutes you can attempt to power on your Digital Box


If you are using a Shaw Gateway, please see the following article:  Shaw Gateway - How to Reset


Please Note: After performing a reset to your Digital Box your guide will need to reset, and will temporarily show "To Be Announced." This will automatically re-populate and may take up to 45 minutes to do so.


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Reprogramming Your Remote Control


Your remote may have become deprogrammed. To resolve this, please follow the directions listed below for the Atlas remote. If you are not using an Atlas remote control please contact a Shaw representative for further instructions.


Reprogramming Your Remote Control


Atlas Remote:

  1. Press the CBL button on the Remote
  2. Press and hold the Setup button until the CBL button flashes twice in a row
  3. Enter 1376, CBL should flash twice
  4. Press Power on the remote to test it


For more information on how to program your Shaw remote control, click here!


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Checking Your TV Settings for Dynamic, Ambient or Light Sensor


Some Televisions have automatic sensors installed which will adjust the contrast and brightness of your TV automatically depending on the ambient light in your viewing space. To do this, your TV utilizes the same IR sensors that remote controls often use, and this can cause a conflict which will prevent the Shaw Remote from being able to function with the Digital Box.


  1. Power off the TV
  2. Attempt to power on your Digital Box with the Shaw Remote Control while the TV is powered off. If successful, this would indicate that your TV may have an ambient sensor installed that is interfering with the remote.
  3. Use the remote control that came with your television set to find and disable the feature. Depending on your brand of TV, this may be labelled differently. Here is a list of the most common ambient light sensors listed by brand, as well as the steps to disable them.



Brand of TV
Feature to Disable
How to Disable
Sharp AquosChange "Picture Mode" to Standard

MENU → Picture → OPC = Off

Sony BraviaTurn off "Light Sensor"

Settings → Setup → Light Sensor = Off

Toshiba REGZATurn off "Auto Brightness Sensor" or "TheaterLink"

MENU → Picture → Advanced Picture Settings → Auto Brightness Sensor = Off.

Samsung LCDTurn off "Power Save" or "Brightness Sensor"

MENU → Picture → Eco Solution → Energy Saver = Off, Eco Sensor = Off

LG Disable/Deselect "Intelligent Sensor"

42LD520: MENU → Picture → Energy Saving = Off, Picture Mode = Standard

EMERSONChange "ECO" mode to OFF

Simply press the "ECO" button (with a leaf icon) on the Emerson remote control to toggle ECO mode Off. If this button doesn't exist, then navigate MENU → Features → ECO = Off.

Panasonic PlasmaSet Picture Mode to Standard and Back Light to Dark

MENU → Picture → Picture

OtherChange "Picture Mode" to Standard (instead of Vivid or Dynamic or Movie)

Refer to Owner's Manual




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