IR Conflict - Can't Change Channel while TV is Powered On

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Some Televisions have automatic sensors installed which will adjust the contrast and brightness of your TV automatically depending on the ambient light in your viewing space. To do this, your TV utilizes the same IR sensors that remote controls often use, and this can cause a conflict which will prevent the Shaw Remote from being able to function with the Digital Box.



Quick Solve

  1. Power off the TV
  2. Ensure the Digital Box is powered on
  3. Change the channel on the Shaw Remote to 999
  4. Power the TV back on
  5. If the Digital Box was able to successfully tune to channel 999 while the TV was powered off, but still cannot change channels while the TV is powered on this would confirm that an IR conflict is present in your setup
  6. Use the remote control that came with your television set to find and disable the feature. Depending on your brand of TV, this may be labelled differently. Here is a list of the most common ambient light sensors listed by brand, as well as the steps to disable them.



Brand of TV
Feature to Disable
How to Disable Feature
Sharp AquosChange "Picture Mode" to Standard

MENU → Picture → OPC = Off

Sony BraviaTurn off "Light Sensor"

Settings → Setup → Light Sensor = Off

Toshiba REGZATurn off "Auto Brightness Sensor" or "TheaterLink"

MENU → Picture → Advanced Picture Settings → Auto Brightness Sensor = Off.

Samsung LCDTurn off "Power Save" or "Brightness Sensor"

MENU → Picture → Eco Solution → Energy Saver = Off, Eco Sensor = Off

LG Disable/Deselect "Intelligent Sensor"

42LD520: MENU → Picture → Energy Saving = Off, Picture Mode = Standard

EMERSONChange "ECO" mode to OFF

Simply press the "ECO" button (with a leaf icon) on the Emerson remote control to toggle ECO mode Off. If this button doesn't exist, then navigate MENU → Features → ECO = Off.

Panasonic PlasmaSet Picture Mode to Standard and Back Light to Dark

MENU → Picture → Picture

OtherChange "Picture Mode" to Standard (instead of Vivid or Dynamic or Movie)

Refer to Owner's Manual



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Additional Troubleshooting Suggestions

  • For Pace and some Motorola digital boxes, try using the Remote IR that was included in the package and place it in an area that away from the IR input of your television.
  • Position your television so that direct sunlight is not affecting the televisions IR reciever
  • Replace the remote control batteries with fresh ones to boost the signal



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