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Within My Account you can view your Internet data usage, allowing you to monitor the amount of Internet data that you are consuming per billing period, and compare it to previous months. In order to view your Internet data usage, you will need to sign in to My Account. If you have not yet registered for My Account, you can learn more here: Shaw Account Settings (My Account)


Once you have signed in to My Account, follow the directions listed below to view you Internet data usage:


  1. Click on the Internet tab on the left hand side of the page
  2. Your usage will be displayed as a circular graphs comparing your current billing cycle with your Internet data usage from previous billing cycles
  3. Select "view usage history" to see additional details and options related to your Internet data usage


Shaw Internet Usage




Your Internet data usage will be displayed in a ring which will display either as blue, indicating that you are within your monthly allowance, or red, which means that you have exceeded the Internet data included in your Internet package for that billing period.


For more information on Shaw Internet packages and their included data allowances, click here: Broadband & High Speed Internet Plans

Display GB internet usage


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