Aug 15 | Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton Shaw TV Decommission

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Last year, the CRTC made changes that recognized that many Canadians have access and choice to more news sources in major metropolitan areas. To keep pace with these changing realities, the CRTC has given television providers like Shaw the flexibility to transfer funds to over the air television stations to support production of local news.  


In recognition of this funding shift as well as customers’ evolving viewing preferences, we made the decision to close our Shaw TV stations in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. To continue our support of community news in these cities, we will be redirecting the funds from these closing stations to the local Global News station.


Shaw TV’s last day on air in these cities will be August 14, 2017.

The remaining 31 Shaw TV stations will continue to shine a spotlight on more than 180 Canadian small and medium-sized communities.



Global News increased coverage

Global News is enhancing its local news coverage and reporting in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary through additional funding provided by Shaw. Global News will use the new funds to support its commitment to the community with programming initiatives to be implemented in the coming year.


This funding will allow Global News to continue to meet the changing needs of its viewers, and help address the current challenges with the traditional advertising revenue model by providing more locally-focused coverage through our award-winning local newscasts as well as online through


If you’re in the Vancouver, Edmonton or Calgary regions, local news is supported via programming on Global, CBC, CTV or City channels.



Frequently Asked Questions - General

Why are you making these changes?

  • The way Canadians are consuming content has changed dramatically over the past few years, with more and more viewers moving away from traditional appointment viewing, and preferring to access the content they want, where and when they want it.
  • This is especially true for customers living in large Canadian urban centres, where the number of print, broadcast and online outlets that provide residents with timely community-focused news – as well as a vibrant digital content sharing environment – is far greater than in smaller cities and towns.
  • An overwhelming majority of viewers no longer turn to community channels to provide them with local stories and content.
  • The changes will reduce duplication of coverage while better enabling Global News to report on even more grassroots community-focused stories.


When will this change take place?

  • Shaw TV stations in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton will close on August 14, 2017.


Are the stations in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton the only stations closing as a result of this change?

  • We will also be closing our regional Shaw TV operations in Abbotsford and Chilliwack as a result of this change.
  • This is due to staffing and production resource limitations that will occur with the closure of Shaw TV Vancouver.


What will happen to the remaining Shaw TV stations in other markets?

  • The remaining 32 Shaw TV stations in small and medium markets across our footprint will continue to develop and air local content and play an active role in supporting their communities.


How many stations does Shaw TV operate in Small and Medium-sized markets?

  • With this change, Shaw TV will continue to operate 32 community stations serving more than 180 communities.


Are you planning to close any additional Shaw TV stations in the future?

  •  We have no plans to close any additional stations.


Do the Shaw TV stations in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton service other communities, and if so, what will the impact on these communities be?

  • Shaw TV’s Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton stations are accessible to some Shaw customers living outside of these metropolitan centres.
  • Most of these communities are serviced by local news outlets, and have full access to multiple TV and Radio outlets broadcasting from Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, including Global News affiliates in all three cities.
  • Regional coverage is also available to BC customers through Global News: BC 1.


How will you be supporting Corus and Global News with their local newsgathering efforts?

  • We will be redirecting funding to Global News to support the evolving news consumption habits of customers in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.
  • Global News will use the new funds to strengthen its commitment to the community with specific programming initiatives to be implemented in the coming year.


How does Shaw TV gather revenue?

  • Shaw TV’s revenue comes from CRTC-mandated contributions that are based on a percentage of Shaw’s previous year’s broadcast revenues.


How is Shaw allowed to shut down three community access stations and transfer funds to another news organization given community access television stations are mandated by the CRTC?

  • Last year the CRTC recognized that news consumption habits are continuing to evolve, and that Canadians living in larger cities have more access to media sources than residents living in smaller towns.
  • Because of this, the CRTC has allowed Shaw to designate our full contributions to local television stations in markets exceeding one million people – which includes Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.
  • April’s announcement recognizes the evolving preferences of viewers and the strength and reach of Global News in these markets, providing local news and stories where it is accessible to the most people.
  • Shaw has a long-standing reputation in recognizing the importance of local news and we hope that today’s move signals our continued dedication to preserving community coverage.


Why have you chosen these three markets and not others?

  • The CRTC has allowed us to designate our full contributions to local television stations in markets exceeding one million people – which includes Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.


Have we communicated this change to the CRTC? If so, what was their response?

  • Yes. The CRTC has been informed about these changes.
  • We are confident that our decision is consistent with the new policy framework for local and community television.


Frequently Asked Questions - Shaw TV Programming

Why close Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton stations? Why not simply innovate as other news outlets have done?

  • Our Shaw TV stations in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton faced significant competition with other television outlets these markets, which has contributed to a substantial average viewership decrease of over 75% over the past six years in these markets.
  • Global News is the most widely-watched news broadcast in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, and we feel supporting their newsgathering efforts, while focusing more on Shaw TV in our smaller communities is the best course of action to take.


What will happen to all the originally-produced and access programming that airs on the Shaw TV stations?

We will be winding down production of all studio-based programming that currently airs on Shaw TV stations in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.


Will the programs that are impacted by the Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton closures be moved to air on Shaw TV channels in your remaining markets?

  • No. Most of the content that airs on Shaw TV stations is highly localized and in many cases would duplicate similar programs already airing in our other markets.


What will happen to the local council content Shaw TV airs, and how will the public in these impacted cities be able to access council meetings after these closures?

  • The vast majority of municipalities already provide their council and community proceedings to the public through livestreams.
  • Moving forward, Global News will be working individually with municipalities to find opportunities to host existing council meeting video and live streamed content through Global News’ digital platforms where possible.
  • Shaw’s support of Global News will also see the creation of new City Hall Bureaus in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton to offer viewers continued coverage of pertinent community news


What will happen to the WHL and local university sports games Shaw TV currently airs?

  • We will no longer be airing WHL and U Sport games on Shaw TV after August 15 due to the closure of production facilities required to produce this content.


What will happen to the Shaw TV channels themselves when the stations close? Will they go dark, and if so, what will happen to them?

  • Shaw TV’s channels in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton will go dark following the closure of our stations.
  • Shaw TV Channel listings will be pulled from all guides so that Shaw viewers are no longer able to access them, meaning customer guides will essentially skip over these channels.



As per CRTC regulations, community channels are also required to provide communities with media training and education opportunities. Will Shaw find another way to fit this requirement in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton?

  • Not in these major markets, no.
  • The CRTC determined in its recent Broadcasting Regulatory Policy (CRTC 2016-224) that as some of Canada’s largest cities, including Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton offer a number of educational institutions and community groups that are able to provide media training for volunteers.
  • Shaw TV will continue to support the development of access content through new volunteer programs in all remaining community stations, and will continue to develop new and relevant online platforms to better deliver the content it produces.


Many charity and community groups in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton have traditionally relied on Shaw TV to raise awareness for their local events. With Shaw TV closing, what options are available to these groups to raise their profile?

  • As part of this change, Global News has committed to hiring community reporters who will work directly with local groups and stakeholders on community events and initiatives.


Will the channel be available in any other format?

  • Not in these regions.


Will there be a replacement channel when the network stops broadcasting?

  • No, after the channel is decommissioned, it will not be replaced.


How will this change affect my bill?

  • There will be no changes to package pricing.


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