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Shaw Webmail allows you to manage your appointments with the Calendar feature. Set reminders, create events, create multiple calendars to organize your activities, and even tag your events for ease of searchability. For more information about Shaw Webmail, please refer to our overview on Webmail. To access your Webmail Calendar you will need to log into your Webmail account at  


Shaw Webmail Contacts from Top Nav

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How to view your calendar

All of your calendars, including shared calendars, are visible in your Calendar list. Each calendar has a check box to the left of its name; check the boxes for the calendars you want to view. To access your Calendars simply log into your Webmail account at and select Calendar at the top of the page.


Shaw Webmail > Calendar > Month View


The following views are available for the Calendar and listed with their keyboard shortcut:


Calendar ViewKeyboard Shortcut
Day: view your schedule for 1 dayd
Work Week: Monday to Friday*ww
Week: Sunday to Saturdayw
Month: Full monthm
List: Lists appointments between a specified start and end datel


Note: You can customize your Work Week and hours by navigating to Preferences > Calendar > Work week and hours.


Shaw Webmail Preferences


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List View

The List view shows Calendar appointments for the time you specify in the data range. Meetings from all selected calendars are listed by date and time showing details about the meetings, including subject, location, status, whether it is recurring or not and the date and time of the meeting.


Shaw Webmail > List View

(Click image for an enlarged view)

Activate List View

To activate list view, perform one of the following steps:

  1. Right-click any date on the current calendar view
  2. Select View
  3. Select List


Shaw Webmail > Calendars > Activate List View

(Click image for an enlarged view)


Hide/View Columns

You can change the columns that are displayed by right-clicking a column title (e.g. Tag, Status, Location, Calendar) and deselecting the columns you do not want to display. 


Shaw Webmail Calendar > Hide Columns

(Click image for an enlarged view)


Sort Events in List View

You can sort the list by subject, status, calendar or date by clicking on the appropriate column title.


Delete/Move Multiple Appointments
The check box lets you select multiple local appointments to act upon at once. You can delete selected appointments, move appointments to another calendar, or tag appointments.

Did You Know


As a shortcut, within your Calendar, you can press L on your keyword to view the Calendar in List View. 


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Mini Calendar

The Mini Calendar provides you easy access to your schedule and to adding new events to your calendar regardless of whether you are in the Mail, Contacts or Calendar view.


Simply hover your mouse over a date in the Mini calendar and if you have any events scheduled for that date, a list of these events will appear.


Shaw Webmail > Calendar > Mini Calendar


Right-click a date on the mini-calendar (displayed in the bottom-left of Webmail) or the start time in one of the calendar views. You can select to create a New event or a New all day event.

Shaw Webmail > Mini Calendar > Add New Event


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How to create additional calendars

You can create multiple calendars to organize your appointments; each calendar is assigned a colour, so that activities for that calendar are always displayed in the selected colour. This allows you to easily distinguish between your different types of activities which is especially useful when viewing multiple calendars simultaneously.


To create a calendar:

  1. Click the gear icon from the Calendars menu on the left. 

    Shaw Webmail > Calendar > Create a New Calendar                                                                                               (Click image for an enlarged view)
  2. Select New Calendar.
  3. Enter a name for your new calendar and select a colourShaw Webmail > Calendar > Create New Calendar                                                                                                 (Click image for an enlarged view)
  4. Select OK to finish.

Did You Know


As a shortcut, within your Calendar, you can type nl on your keyword to create a new calendar. 



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Delete a calendar

You can delete any calendar in your Calendars list, except your default Calendar.


To delete a calendar:

  1. Right-click on the calendar you would like to delete.
  2. Click Delete.
  3. Select Yes when prompted to confirm.


Shaw Webmail > Calendar > Delete a Calendar


The calendar is moved to the Trash folder. Alternatively, you can drag and drop a calendar on the Calendar list into the Trash folder. The meetings that were created from this calendar are not automatically deleted from the invited attendee's calendars.


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Create an Event

You can create a new Event using any of the following options:

  • Option 1: Click the New button in the Calendar view
  • Option 2: In the Mail, Contacts or Calendar view, click on the drop-down arrow next to New and then select Event
  • Option 3: Enter events directly on the calendar using the QuickAdd Event dialog box below:


Shaw Webmail > Calendar > Quick Add an Event


You can add events to your calendar through QuickAdd by:

  • Double-clicking any date on your calendar
  • Or, dragging through the date and time on a Calendar (see image below)


Shaw Webmail > Calendar > Create a New Event > Click and Drag


  • Option 4Right-click a date on the mini-calendar (displayed in the bottom-left of Webmail) or the start time in one of the calendar views. You can select to create a New Appointment or a New All Day Appointment.

Shaw Webmail > Mini Calendar > Add New Event


  • Option 5: Create a copy of an existing event on your calendar and modify the information. Right-click the event to be copied and select Create a Copy.
  • Option 6: Within an email message, certain text is interpreted as a date and triggers the ability to right-click to create an event. Text such as ”today”, “tomorrow”, a day of the week (i.e. “Thursday”), or an exact date are highlighted in messages. Hover the mouse over this type of text to see if you have an event scheduled. Click on the highlighted text to open your calendar.
  • Option 7: Drag and drop a message, conversation or contact to a date on the mini-calendar (see image below). When you drag and drop a message or conversation, the information in the message is used to populate many of the fields on the Appointment page. Review the details and make any necessary changes.
    • Subject: the subject of the message.
    • Attendees: email addresses in the To and Cc fields of the message or for conversations, the most recent message in a conversation. When you drag a contact from your Contacts list to the mini-calendar, the contact's first email address is added to the attendee field.
    • Text of a message: or the text of all messages in a conversation thread becomes the text of the invitation.



Event Options


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Delete or cancel an event

If you created an event, you can cancel or delete it. If you created a recurring event, you can delete one occurrence or the entire series of events. An email is sent to attendees to inform them of the cancellation.


Note: Only the originator of an event can cancel the event. Attendees can cancel the event on their own calendars, but attendees cannot cancel the entire event.


You can delete a calendar event in two ways:

  • Right-click on the meeting in any calendar view and select Cancel
  • Click a meeting in a calendar and click Delete in the toolbar


If you are cancelling an event to which you invited attendees, the confirmation dialog will give you the opportunity to edit the cancellation message.


Delete an event


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