HD Guide Firmware Update - June 5 - June 15, 2017

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HD Guide Firmware Update  

Affected Hardware: Hardware Information - Motorola DCX3510-M and DCX3200 

Version number: 1.3.18


Upgrade Experience

Customers with HD Guide hardware (DCX 3200 and DCX 3510 hardware) will receive the update to their equipment at a random time between 7:00 AM MT and 10:00 AM MT. Updating equipment will be instructed to reset, which will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.


Enhancements and Updates
  • PVR Recordings Lists
    • The following changes have been made to the PVR recordings lists:

      • Increased the recording list table height to display metadata for at least 10 rows
      • Increased the schedule list table height to display metadata for at least 10 rows.
      • The truncated description has been removed. The customer can see the full description and other full metadata by pressing the INFO button from the remote.
      • The Season or Episode information has been collapsed into a single line.
      • The Original Airing information has been collapsed into a single line with the recording times.
      • Added the display of the number of total recordings i.e. “Space used for X recording(s)”.
  • VOD TV Series Auto-Play
    • HD Guide can auto-play the next TV series episode during VOD playback. When watching a VOD TV series and a next episode in the series exists, then at the end or after pressing EXIT, STOP or LAST within five minutes of the end of the current playing episode then an auto-play dialog is displayed. The auto-play dialog allows the next episode to be played or you can stop and exit to the previous VOD screen.
  • VOD Session Exit Confirmation
    • When watching a VOD asset and you try to stop after the first 5 minutes of playback using EXIT, STOP or the LAST key, then playback is paused and the underlying background VOD video stream is dimmed and an exit VOD confirmation dialog is displayed.
  • PVR Delete Confirmation Dialog Improvements
    • When selecting a recording to delete, the delete confirmation dialog will make it obvious that you are deleting a single recording, entire season or entire series.