How to Change Your Email Password

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If you would like to change the password for your Shaw email account you can do so by logging into and accessing the "Email and Webspace" menu within "My Profile".

Changing Your Email Password

If you have not yet registered for My Account, please click on the following to get started: Shaw Account Settings (My Account)


Once completed, see either the quick steps or full guide (with images) below for details on how to update your email password.


  1. Sign in to My Account
  2. Click My Profile from the left menu


shaw myaccount profile settings


  1. Scroll to Email and Webspace

shaw My Account email and webspace settings


  1. Click Edit next to the email account for which you wish to change the password


shaw email and webspace settings


  1. Enter your new password when in the fields provided. Your password must score Okay or better to be accepted. Enter your password a second time for confirmation.


shaw email address password reset



  1. Finally, Click Update Email and Webspace to save your new password.


Your password has now been successfully changed, please remember this password for future logins.



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