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The McAfee Shredder tool allows you to delete items securely and permanently that may contain sensitive information. When you delete items from your PC through your files or folders, empty or delete either your Recycle Bin or Temporary Internet Files folder, the items are still recoverable if a proper recovery tool is used. These items can accumulate over time if not permanently deleted, taking up valuable space on your PC and can even slow down its performance.

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What is the McAfee Internet Security Shredder?

Instructions for McAfee Internet Security

Instructions for McAfee Internet Security 12.8



What is the McAfee Internet Security Shredder?


The McAfee Shredder tool allows you to safely and permanently delete unwanted files so that they are unrecoverable.

As you increase the number of times an item is shredded, the difficulty in being able to recover the files is also increased along with the amount of time it takes to complete the process. To ensure that your private information cannot be recovered in the future, select the highest setting: Complete.


Shredable Folders

Shred Count

The McAfee Shredder tool provides the following folders as options to shed:


  • Recycle Bin: items which you have deleted through your files or folders
  • Temporary Internet Files: folder containing browser caches (see description of cache above)
  • Let me choose: select a removable hard drive such as an external hard drive, USB drive, or floppy disk

The McAfee Shredder tool also allows you to specify how many times you would like to shred a folder:


  • Quick: Shreds the selected item once
  • Basic: Shreds the selected item two times
  • Safe: Shreds the selected item five times
  • Comprehensive: Shreds the selected item seven times
  • Complete: Shreds the selected item ten times



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Instructions for McAfee Internet Security


  1. Select Data Protection drawer and then select Shredder

  1. Select a folder to shred.

  1. Select a shred type, then select Shred.

  1. Select Shred again when prompted with this window.

Alternatively, you can access the Shred option when right-clicking any folders on your desktop or through your file folders and selecting “Shred” from the pop-up menu that appears.



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Instructions for McAfee Internet Security 12.8


  1. Open McAfee Internet Security 12.8 on your computer
  2. Select Data Protection and Backup from the start screen


  1. Choose Shredder
  2. Select the folder to shred
      1. Recycle Bin: Shreds all items placed in your recycle bin
      2. Temporary Internet files: Shreds all temporary internet files that you downloaded while surfing the web
      3. Let me choose: Manually select the folder or file that you would like to shred



  1. Select the level of shred
  2. Select Shred to begin the shredding process



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