What is an Email Server?

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Learn about email servers and why it is important to configure an email server when setting up your Shaw email. A mail server is just like an electronic post office. Every email that is sent passed through a series of email servers from your computer to its recipient. Even though sending an email happens in an instant, there are a lot of steps your message takes along the way.


Mail Servers

When an email message is sent to you it is received at the incoming mail server, where it waits for you to collect it, just as if it were a letter in your physical mailbox. When you send an email message, that message is transferred from your computer or mobile device to the outgoing mail server, which then passes it to the incoming mail server of the recipient.


If your computer or mobile device is configured to check your email account it will do so automatically when connected to the Internet. In the case of a computer, you may need to open the mail program before it will check your email.



Email Servers sending and receiving

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Did You Know


An IP Address is temporary, unique ID for your internet device. It allows your computer, mobile phone, or tablet to make requests for webpages and other online information from web servers. An example of an IP address is


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