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The latest BlueSky TV release brings a number of exciting new features and changes to BlueSky TV. Use the new Free to Me guide view to see only the channels you're subscribed to, and find all your favourite sports content with the improved Sports guide view. Also included are recording list filters, parental control updates, and the notification centre. This update will be released to customers starting August 1, 2017. It may take several days before it is received and downloaded by all BlueSky TV boxes.


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Learn More: BlueSky TV Remote Control

New Features and changes

Here is a look at some of the new and updated features for BlueSky TV. For additional information visit the Frequently Asked Questions after this section.


Free to Me guide viewAn additional guide view that allows you to view only the channels that you receive as part of your package.
  • The new “Free-to-Me” guide view is grid based and allows you to see only the channels that you have, including premium subscriptions.
  • The new guide view will also be available as an option in the Default Guide View setting.

How to filter your Guide view in BlueSky TV



Recordings list filters

You can now filter your recordings list, to easily find categories of recordings, like kids, sports and more.

  • A “Filter” option will be added to Saved > Recordings.
  • The default view of the Recordings List will continue to be a list of all recordings on the account.

How to access PVR recordings in BlueSky TV



Playlist updates

Watching your favourite playlists has never been easier! Now you can start in the middle of a playlist and still enter playlist mode.

  • Editorial playlists and custom playlists are updated to launch direct playback when pressing OK on a program in the playlist.
  • Pressing Info on a program in the playlist will trigger the action bar.
  • A new play indicator appears on the focus state of a program to inform you that pressing OK on the tile will automatically launch playback and will go into playlist mode.
Application Locks

Application locks have been expanded to give you more controls over what applications are, and are not, locked on BlueSky TV.

  • This has led to the following changes to the Parental Controls menu:
    • The “Feature Locks” menu has been removed
    • Application Locks and On-Demand locks have their own sections on the primary Parental Controls page
    • The “Vidi-Path” lock has been removed from the parental controls UI
  • Currently all apps will appear in the menu list.  If you select the ‘All Applications’ lock, you will lock all of the BlueSky TV apps.

BlueSky TV: Overview of Parental Controls



Sports guide view update

Provides you with a more robust menu of sports content, making it easier for you to access content they are interested in.

  • The format of the Sports guide view will be changing to allow for a top level navigation for easy navigation through all the different sports to know what’s on.
  • The content in Sports guide view will also be the same format as the Sports tile in Sports On Demand (Sports Zone).

How to filter your Guide View in BlueSky TV



Removed functionality of "B" key

The scaled video functionality of the B key has been removed from BlueSky TV to make way for a more beneficial feature in the future.

  • Pressing the “B” key while in a full-screen UI experience will no longer display a video window in the bottom right portion of the screen.

BlueSky TV Remote Control



Notification Centre

From the main menu, you will be able to see when you have new notifications and be able to view a history of your notifications.

  • A new icon for the notification history will be added to the main menu:
    • The icon will be badged with a blue dot when you have new notifications.
    • The blue dot will be removed once the new notifications are read.
    • The default focus of the main menu will still be on Guide.
  • This feature was included with the July 2017 release

BlueSky TV Main Menu Overview



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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions around some of these new BlueSky TV updated and features.


How can I check the firmware version of my BlueSky TV digital box?

  1. Using your BlueSky TV remote control press the Shaw button.
  2. Navigate to Settings icon, press OK
  3. Navigate down to About, and press OK
  4. The firmware will be listed on the screen, "STB Version"


Free to Me guide view

  • What will the guide view look like?
    The guide view will appear as a grid, much like the All Channels Guide View, but only channels the customer is entitled to will appear in the view. Other channels that you are subscribed to will be hidden in this view.
  • What will happen if I search for a channel that is not part of my current TV package?
    If you use search within this guide view and search for a channel that is hidden, the channel will still appear in search, but if channel is selected, you will be presented with a "Switch Guide View" screen (similar to the one used in the HD or Favourites guide view)
  • If I change my subscription, will the change be immediately reflected in the Free To Me Guide view?
    No, not necessarily. It can take a few hours for subscription changes to spread across the entire BlueSky TV ecosystem. Note that there can be a delay before your subscription change is reflected in your Free To Me Guide View.


Recordings list filters

  • The next time I visit my Recordings List, will it remember the last filter that I selected?
    No. For now, each time that the list of recordings list is exited, it will default back to the view of all recordings on the account. The filter will need to be selected again, if you would like to view a specific group of recordings.
  • If I delete a recording while viewing a filtered list, will it delete from the list of all recordings?
    Yes. All PVR functionality will remain the same. The filters simply allow you to view certain groups of recordings rather than the full list.


Playlist updates

  • How can I watch only one program in a Playlist row?
    To only watch one program in a Playlist row, press Info on the remote instead of OK. This will launch the action bar beneath the tile and you can select “Watch” to only watch that particular program.
  • Can I turn playlist functionality off?
    No. Editorial and custom playlists cannot be turned off.


Application locks

  • Are there any applications that the user will not be able lock?
    No, not at this time.
  • Does selecting “Lock All Applications” lock all BlueSky TV apps?
    Yes, currently.
  • Will other applications be added in the future?
    Yes. As new applications are added to BlueSky TV, the “Application Locks” menu will be updated to include new apps.


Sports guide view update

  • What will the guide view look like?
    A top level navigation will include many sports for easy access. Each sports page will feature content from live TV (on now and upcoming) highlights, On Demand and more. 
    BlueSky TV > Sports Guide View
  • Can the content still be filtered?
    No, with the new formatting of the content and the inclusion of personalization, the thought is that the filters previously available would no longer be needed. You can quickly see your teams’ upcoming games in the guide view by favouriting them.


Removed functionality of B key

  • Why was the scaled video feature removed from the B key?
    Due to low feature adoption, and the potential for other opportunities, the scaled video feature was removed from the B key.
  • What will happen when I press the B key?
    For the time being, the B key will not have a function on BlueSky TV. Meaning, BlueSky TV will not have any response to a B key press.
  • What will the B key be used for in the future?
    The future functionality of the B key is still being determined.


Notification Centre

  • Will all notifications show up in the history?
    At launch, all customers will receive new feature updates and tips on how to better use existing BlueSky TV features. Over time we will update notifications to appear in the history and may partner with new senders. Some notifications that are only relevant at the time they’re sent will not be persisted at all.
  • Can I turn off BlueSky TV notifications?
    You can select what kinds of notifications you wish to see from the notifications settings menu. There is a link to this menu at the bottom of the notification history, and it can also be accessed from Settings> Preferences> Notifications.
  • Do notifications appear on all BlueSky TV boxes in the house?
    Some notifications will be targeted to the entire account. If these notifications are read on one cable box, they will be marked as read for the entire account (the blue dot on the main menu will not appear). Some notifications will only be targeted to a single device (ex: replace your remote batteries).

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