Netflix on BlueSky TV FAQs

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Find answers to frequently asked questions about Netflix on BlueSky TV.



Streaming & Video Quality FAQs
  1. What is the video resolution of Netflix streaming on BlueSky TV?
    • Netflix streams content to BlueSky TV in both standard (SD) and high definition (HD) resolution (defined as 720p or better). To receive HD streaming of Netflix programming on BlueSky TV, make sure you sign up for a service plan from Netflix that includes HD. Learn more about Netflix stream plans or you can change your service plan directly with Netflix.
    • Netflix also offers an Ultra HD (also known as 4K) service plan but please note that at this time BlueSky TV boxes do not support 4K. Attempting to play 4K content will result in an error message.
    • Netflix currently offers three plans (Note: There is no restriction to the number of devices that can be registered to a Netflix account at any time; however the number of screens you can watch at one time is dependent upon your Netflix plan. Each BlueSky TV Box will count as a screen).
      • One Screen: Includes the ability to play one stream at a time up to the SD resolution (480p max).
      • Two Screens + HD Includes the ability to play up to two concurrent streams up to the HD resolution (1080p max).
      • Four Screens + UltraHD Includes the ability to play up to four concurrent streams up to the UHD 4K resolution (2160p max).

    • It is important to understand that like all Internet streaming, the actual resolution of the video Netflix delivers can vary, no matter what your Netflix service plan is. Netflix adjusts the resolution it delivers to achieve the best quality video based on:
      • Your plan, as noted above.
      • The resolution of the device you are using (if BlueSky TV, up to 1080p).
      • The quality of the end-to-end network connection from Netflix's content servers through the Internet to your home through your Shaw Internet connection—it delivers the video to BlueSky TV.
        • Please note: Content for Netflix on BlueSky TV is delivered via the internal modem of the BlueSky TV set-top box. Using the Netflix app does not share bandwidth with the modem provided for your Shaw Internet service, however it does count toward monthly Internet data limits.

    • To learn more about how Netflix determines the video streaming resolution it delivers, see
    • It is important to understand that Netflix is delivered over the Internet and therefore is subject to Shaw Internet data usage policies.

  2. How does streaming Netflix on BlueSky TV work with the Netflix Stream Plans?
    • Streaming content within the Netflix app on a BlueSky TV set-top box will count as one of the simultaneous streams you are allowed under your specific Netflix membership plan.
    • For example, if you're watching Netflix on two separate BlueSky TV portals at the same time, that counts as two streams.
    • To see the number of active streams you can have at any one time, regardless of what device you are watching Netflix on, please visit Netflix Streaming Plans.

  3. Can I watch Netflix in 4K on BlueSky TV?
    • Currently, the BlueSky TV Box does not support any 4K content. Attempting to play 4K content will result in an error message.

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Billing & Account FAQs
  1. How do I get my Netflix Password or Login information?
    • If you have forgotten your password, go to or go to the Netflix app on your BlueSky TV Box and click Forgot Your Password. An email will be sent to the email address you have on file with Netflix.
    • If you do not recall the email and password for your Netflix account, simply go to

  2. What happens to my Netflix account if I move?
    • Unless you make changes directly with Netflix, your account with Netflix will not change, but you may need to change your payment method for Netflix.
    • Your Netflix subscription relationship is with Netflix directly, even if you signed up through BlueSky TV. Because of this, a move will not impact your subscription.
    • If you are moving to another address served by Shaw and would like to transfer your Shaw account to that new address, your Netflix billing and membership will remain as they are currently, but you will need to sign in to Netflix again once you activate the boxes at your new address. For more information on transferring your Shaw service, please see instructions on transferring your Shaw services.

  3. How might Netflix on BlueSky TV affect my Internet Data Usage?
    • Video in the Netflix app on BlueSky TV is streamed over the Internet. For this reason, usage of the Netflix app on BlueSky TV is subject to Shaw Internet data usage policies. It's important to note that customers who use Netflix on a Smart TV or other device or PC are also streaming over the Internet and would be subject to Shaw Internet data usage policies.
    • To determine what amount of usage you can expect for a given hour of streaming, Netflix provides estimates on its website. On this same Netflix help center article you can also read Netflix recommendations on how to control your Netflix data usage.
    • To see your current Internet usage, please sign into My Shaw.

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