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You are able to modify your ratings locks and purchase PIN through the settings option within the Shaw High Definition Guide. This will allow you to set a password which will need to be entered before any content can be ordered (purchased). In addition, you can also set a ratings locks which will cause all programming of a user-definable content rating (and higher) to require the same PIN to be entered before the content can be viewed.


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Access Parental Control Settings

Ratings Lock

Purchase PIN Setup

Channel Lock Feature



Access Parental Control Settings

To enable or disable this feature, simply navigate to your settings menu. To do this:

  1. Press the MENU or SETTINGS button on your Shaw remote
  2. Choose the Settings icon from the menu that appears
  3. Select Parental Controls


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Ratings Lock


From this point you will be able to set the ratings lock for both Movies and TV. The ratings go from the highest on the left, to lowest on the right. If, for example, you set the Maximum rating lock on TV for 14+, all shows which are rated 14+ and higher will not be viewable without first entering your PIN.


You can also block non-rated content, which includes “UNRATED” versions of popular movies, music, documentaries, educational programs, and adult content by simply selecting your preference with the and on your Shaw Remote, and then hitting the OK button to confirm your choice.

Parental Control Ratings Lock



Adjusting the Maximum Movie Rating slider will limit the types of videos which appear in Shaw On Demand as well as which Pay Per View titles will display in your guide. For example, if you set your maximum movie rating to 14A, any Shaw On Demand content rated above that (18A, R and A) will display a lock icon next to that content and will require a PIN to access. Any Pay Per View content will also then display "Locked by Rating" in the guide description for any content rated above your preference.


Parental Controls Adult Settings


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Purchase PIN Setup


To set a PIN, simply choose the PIN option from the Parental Controls settings and then slide the Purchase PIN Prompt option to the On position and press OK (on your remote) to confirm your choice (see below). Once this has been done, you can choose the Set Purchase PIN option from the bottom of the screen, and enter in your preferred 4 digit PIN.


You will not be able to disable the purchase PIN requirement without entering your 4 digit pin, and you will need to call Shaw support if you have forgotten your PIN.


Parental Control Forgot PIN


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Channel Lock Feature


With the High Definition Guide you are able to lock individual channels by using the Lock Channel function.

How to lock a Channel

  1. Go to the channel you wish to lock
  2. Press the OK button on your Shaw remote
  3. Select Set Lock


Parental Control Set Lock


  1. You will be presented with the option to Lock this Rating, Lock this Channel or Lock Both of Them. Select your preference then press OK
  2. Enter and confirm your PIN to complete the process. This channel will now be locked and will display the message Locked by Channel next to its name in the guide



How to Unlock a Channel

Navigating to a channel that is currently locked will present you with an option to temporarily unlock the channel by entering in your PIN. If you would prefer to permanently unlock the channel:


  1. Navigate to the channel you would like to unlock in your guide
  2. Press OK on your Shaw remote
  3. Select Set/Remove Lock
  4. Choose Permanently Unlock Channel


Parental Control Permanently Unlock Channel


  1. Enter your PIN then select Unlock. The channel will now be unlocked



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