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Use Shaw’s Centre Ice TV schedule to find out which NHL games are on tonight. Every game is a home game with NHL Centre Ice. The NHL TV Schedule is updated weekly making it a snap to find the time and channel to watch your favorite team. Be there for puck drop every time your team takes to the ice.


NOTICE: This schedule is provided for informational purposes only and is subject to change without prior given notice, please verify the latest information from within your Digital Cable box guide. All games scheduled, including channel numbers and game times provided within this document are tentative.


Updated: January 22nd, 2018


DayDateVisitorHomeTime (ET)BlueSky TV Channel #Non BlueSky TV Channel #
MonJan 22ColoradoToronto7:00 PM621350
MonJan 22OttawaMinnesota8:00 PM622351
MonJan 22Tampa BayChicago8:30 PM624353
MonJan 22BuffaloCalgary9:00 PM623352
MonJan 22New York IslandersArizona9:00 PM625354
TuesJan 23CarolinaPittsburgh7:00 PM626355
TuesJan 23ColoradoMontreal7:30 PM625354
TuesJan 23PhiladelphiaDetroit7:30 PM627356
TuesJan 23OttawaSt. Louis8:00 PM624353
TuesJan 23Tampa BayNashville8:00 PM628357
TuesJan 23FloridaDallas8:30 PM629358
TuesJan 23BuffaloEdmonton9:00 PM623352
TuesJan 23Los AngelesVancouver10:00 PM621350
TuesJan 23New York RangersAnaheim10:00 PM630359
TuesJan 23WinnipegSan Jose10:30 PM622351
ThuJan 25NashvilleNew Jersey7:00 PM627356
ThuJan 25MinnesotaPittsburgh7:00 PM629358
ThuJan 25CarolinaMontreal7:30 PM626355
ThuJan 25BostonOttawa7:30 PM625354
ThuJan 25ChicagoDetroit7:30 PM628357
ThuJan 25WashingtonFlorida7:30 PM630359
ThuJan 25ColoradoSt. Louis8:00 PM631360
ThuJan 25TorontoDallas8:30 PM624353
ThuJan 25CalgaryEdmonton9:00 PM623352
ThuJan 25ColumbusArizona9:00 PM632361
ThuJan 25BuffaloVancouver10:00 PM621350
ThuJan 25WinnipegAnaheim10:00 PM622351
ThuJan 25New York RangersSan Jose10:30 PM633362
-Jan 26-28All Star WeekendAll Star Weekend---
TuesJan 30AnaheimBoston7:00 PM626355
TuesJan 30New JerseyBuffalo7:00 PM627356
TuesJan 30FloridaNew York Islanders7:00 PM628357
TuesJan 30OttawaCarolina7:00 PM624353
TuesJan 30MinnesotaColumbus7:00 PM629358
TuesJan 30MontrealSt. Louis7:00 PM625354
TuesJan 30ChicagoNashville7:00 PM630359
TuesJan 30Tampa BayWinnipeg7:00 PM622351
TuesJan 30Los AngelesDallas7:00 PM631360
TuesJan 30Las VegasCalgary7:00 PM623352
TuesJan 30ColoradoVancouver7:00 PM621350
WedJan 31San JoseDetroit8:00 PM621350
WedJan 31PhiladelphiaWashington8:00 PM622351
ThuFeb 1AnaheimOttawa7:00 PM626355
ThuFeb 1FloridaBuffalo7:00 PM627356
ThuFeb 1MontrealCarolina7:00 PM625354
ThuFeb 1PhiladelphiaNew Jersey7:00 PM628357
ThuFeb 1TorontoNew York Rangers7:00 PM624353
ThuFeb 1Las VegasWinnipeg8:00 PM622351
ThuFeb 1Los AngelesNashville8:30 PM629358
ThuFeb 1ColoradoEdmonton9:00 PM623352
ThuFeb 1DallasArizona9:00 PM630359
ThuFeb 1ChicagoVancouver10:00 PM621350
FriFeb 2DetroitCarolina7:00 PM621350
FriFeb 2San JoseColumbus7:00 PM622351
FriFeb 2Las VegasMinnesota8:00 PM623352
SatFeb 3AnaheimMontreal1:00 PM621350
SatFeb 3OttawaPhiladelphia1:00 PM622351
SatFeb 3ColumbusNew York Islanders7:00 PM624353
SatFeb 3DetroitFlorida7:00 PM622351
SatFeb 3PittsburghNew Jersey7:00 PM623352
SatFeb 3St. LouisBuffalo7:00 PM621350
SatFeb 3MinnesotaDallas8:00 PM626355
SatFeb 3New York RangersNashville8:00 PM625354
SatFeb 3ArizonaLos Angeles10:30 PM627356
SunFeb 4Las VegasWashington12:30 PM621350
SunFeb 4San JoseCarolina1:00 PM622351
MonFeb 5AnaheimToronto7:00 PM622351
MonFeb 5New York RangersDallas8:30 PM623352
MonFeb 5Tampa BayEdmonton9:00 PM621350
TuesFeb 6AnaheimBuffalo7:00 PM625354
TuesFeb 6PhiladelphiaCarolina7:00 PM627356
TuesFeb 6WashingtonColumbus7:00 PM626355
TuesFeb 6BostonDetroit7:30 PM628357
TuesFeb 6New JerseyOttawa7:30 PM624353
TuesFeb 6VancouverFlorida7:30 PM621350
TuesFeb 6ArizonaWinnipeg8:00 PM622351
TuesFeb 6MinnesotaSt. Louis8:00 PM629358
TuesFeb 6CalgaryChicago8:30 PM623352
TuesFeb 6San JoseColorado9:00 PM630359
WedFeb 7BostonNew York Rangers8:00 PM622351
WedFeb 7EdmontonLos Angeles10:30 PM621350
ThuFeb 8CalgaryNew Jersey7:00 PM621350
ThuFeb 8MontrealPhiladelphia7:00 PM622351
ThuFeb 8New York IslandersBuffalo7:00 PM624353
ThuFeb 8NashvilleOttawa7:30 PM623352
ThuFeb 8ArizonaMinnesota8:00 PM626355
ThuFeb 8ColoradoSt. Louis8:00 PM625354
ThuFeb 8DallasChicago8:30 PM627356
ThuFeb 8Las VegasSan Jose10:30 PM628357
FriFeb 9CalgaryNew York Rangers7:00 PM624353
FriFeb 9ColumbusWashington7:00 PM626355
FriFeb 9DetroitNew York Islanders7:00 PM625354
FriFeb 9Los AngelesFlorida7:30 PM627356
FriFeb 9Vancouverfcarolina7:30 PM621350
FriFeb 9St. LouisWinnipeg8:00 PM622351
FriFeb 9EdmontonAnaheim10:00 PM623352


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