HD Guide Firmware Update - September 18 - September 27, 2017

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HD Guide Firmware Update

Affected Hardware: Hardware Information - Motorola DCX3510-M and DCX3200 

Version number: 1.3.21


Upgrade Experience
Customers with HD Guide hardware (DCX 3200 and DCX 3510 hardware) will be instructed to reload their equipment at a random time while it is idle (not currently being used) between September 18 and September 27. This will not cause any impact to customers.


Enhancements and Updates
  • Series Priority Screen
    • The Series priority screen has had a number of improvements that allows the user to quickly identify many attributes of the series recording. It will be easier to identify if all or new series recordings are being scheduled.  The information display has also been improved for enhanced readability.
  • In-Progress Program Recording Bookmark
    • For an in-progress recording, when the recording options dialog is accessed through the recording list screen, a new “Resume” button is presented which allows user to immediately watch the recording from the point it was left at in the time shift buffer. This will be the percentage of the recording indicated in the recording list.
  • VOD Landing Page
    • On the VOD Landing page you now use the INFO key to activate the order dialog for the displayed hero image asset.
  • Paused Program Resume Play
    • When you use the pause button to pause a live program, pressing pause again will resume playback of the program.
  • SWAP Button Support for non-PVR STBs
    • You can now use the SWAP button on non-PVR STBs to switch between the last 2 watched channels.
  • Changelog Screen
    • There is now a changelog button on the Quick Menu which will allow the user to navigate to a page where the changes that have occurred for each release will be visible. The user will be able to scroll forward or back in the change log and review current or past changes.
  • Enhancements to the Recording and TSB Trick Play Bars
    • The Recording and TSB trick play bars have been enhanced to make them more consistent with the VOD trick play controls. This allows for a consistent and familiar player control display between the various screens.
  • Enhancements to the Full Screen Guide, Traditional Guide and Reminders Page
    • The full screen guide, traditional guide and reminders screen have been enhanced to have a consistent table layout and positioning, and prevents unnecessary image scaling. This allows the traditional guide to have additional room for the program description. These changes apply to both the normal and large text views.
  • VOD Top Navigation Menu Auto-Selection
    • When the VOD top navigation menu is visible and the user stays focused on a particular tab after 5 seconds, the VOD category is auto-selected. Considerations have been given to the VOD dynamic menu structure.
  • Recordings and Settings Top Navigation Menus Auto-Selection
    • When either the Recordings or Settings top navigation menus are visible and the user stays focused on a particular tab after 5 seconds, the screen is auto-selected.
  • All Top Navigation Menus Have a Scrollable Left or Right Wraparound Effect
    • All Top Navigation menus now have a wraparound effect when scrolling left or right and the first or last item in the list is reached. Previously the scrolling would stop not allow you to move last the first or last item in the list.
  • Search Keyword Must Have More Than 2 Characters to Perform Search
    • You must enter more than 2 characters in the search keyword to perform a search. If you have less than 3 characters in your search you cannot move focus to the search results tabs.
  • Column Sorting Persistence Removed from Schedule, Reminders and Search Details Screens
    • When changing the default sorting for the Schedule List, Reminders and Search Details screens, these changes are no longer remembered after the screens are closed. The table’s default sort order will always be consistently ordered by start date/time, earliest first.