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Shaw Media will continue upgrading its Global Television over-the-air signal from analog to digital in parts of Canada beginning in October 2012. If you are currently viewing your Global station using a rooftop antenna or rabbit ears, your station may be switching channels and you may require equipment changes to continue to receive signal.


The majority of Canadians will not be affected by the transition. That's because more than 90% of Canadians today receive their television signals through a cable or satellite provider.



If you live in Prince George or the surrounding area, you can learn more about Global TV's upgrade to digital over-the-air broadcast by checking out the attached PDF at the bottom of this page.





First, confirm whether your TV has a digital tuner. Many newer TVs already have them built in. Look for the term Digital Tuner, ATSC Tuner or Integrated Tuner on your television or consult your owner's manual. If your TV does have a digital tuner, follow the steps in your manual to set it so that you receive digital signals.


If your TV does not have a digital tuner, you have the following options:


  • Subscribe to a cable or satellite television provider. Find out more about Shaw Cable and Shaw Direct services in your area.
  • Purchase a digital-to-analog converter box and ensure you have a suitable antenna.
  • Purchase a TV with a built-in digital tuner and ensure that you have a suitable antenna.

Learn more about the benefits of Digital TV!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is impacted by this switch?

If you are an "antenna TV" viewer - meaning that you use "Rabbit ears" or a rooftop antenna - AND you currently watch Global BC or Global CHBC television, action on your part will be required.


Cable and satellite subscribers are not impacted.


What is the over-the-air transition to Digital?

Global Television plans to convert all of its over-the-air television transmitters from analog to digital.


If you are a cable television or satellite television subscriber the switch to over-the-air digital does NOT impact you.


This switch to digital over-the-air television provides a much superior picture and improved sound quality to viewers who watch Global television using "rabbit ears" or rooftop antennas.


Global television has 86 television transmitter locations across Canada. 20 locations have already been converted to digital, and 66 more will be converted by August 2016.



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